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  1. 2,616 downloads

    This is a reskin of DT85's Luke model to make it look like Luke from Return of the Jedi. This comes with the flap and non-flap version. The textures themselves were made by Graphicsgod from an old JK2 skin that I really liked, so I used them for my base, and reworked them a bit. Turned out alright. It comes with a hilt made by Khaliban. There are 2 files in the ZIP. One is just the skin and saber with full MP support. The other is the skin with MP support and it replaces the default Luke in the game with this one. So if you hate the default Luke model as much as I do, that one's for you.
  2. 2,693 downloads

    This is my depiction of Luke in Jedi Master robes. There have been a lot of requests floating around over the years asking for this, and it was done with the default JA model, but using the Toshi model would be a much better and accurate choice. This one isn't perfect, but I think it turned out pretty good. To use in SP: npc spawn master_luke npc spawn master_luke_robe npc spawn master_luke_hood Credits: Toshi for the model and original textures. Khaliban for the hilt.
  3. 3,027 downloads

    Author: Spanki This is a reskin of HapSlash's Anakin model. When I was looking at the textures of the SP_MaceWindu_v2 skin, it forced me thinking more and more about it. Finally I replaced almost everything with new textures, and the skin is more looking like the movie, now. There is a default, an unrobed, a hooded, and a completely new sith windu . . . and of course team colour and siege skins. And as some bonus material for everyone who needs a hologram of Mace Windu, there is one included. Thats not all. Have you ever imagined how Mace could have looked like when he was younger and
  4. Version 1.0


    ****************************************** JEDI KNIGHT III : Jedi Academy MODIFICATION ****************************************** Title : Ki-Adi-Mundi Authors : Psyk0Sith, Grafox, Neomarz E-Mails : psykopat@geocities.com Websites : http://psyko3d.50webs.com/ File Name : PSKkMundiJA.pk3 File Size : 3.62MB Date released : 07/28/2014 Revamped textures/Meshes/Shaders: Psyk0Sith Description: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Ki-Adi-Mundi was a male Cerean Jedi Master of the Jedi Order who served on the High Council in the twilight years of the Gala
  5. Version 2


    Author: Spanki Here comes the second version of my RPG charakter Aviar Lord. This is a reskin of Haps Hs_anakin model like the previous version has been. Its been a long time now since the release of the first version. Meanwhile I changed many things to the previous version. Aviar comes with shaved hair and some deleted scars. Besides I created a new mask for the skin that bases on the Mask of Victor van Doom, that I originally created for the past heroes & villian contest in April/May 2007. But realizing that I couldnt make it in time for the contest I borrowed the mask to the Aviar v2
  6. Version 2.0


    This is a mod that combines my skins of DT's Luke model into one pack with SP species support, due to some demand. It also includes DT's models, with permission. It has Luke from A New Hope (Tatooine outfit and Pilot outfit, Empire Strikes Back (Bespin outfit and Dagobah outfit, and Return of the Jedi (pre and post Vader duel). This also comes with both of Luke's lightsaber hilts, that also has menu support. The ROTJ one has a brand new sound from the official Star Wars soundboard (no background noise). The sabers are made by Khaliban. For the original skins with full MP and NPC support:
  7. 874 downloads

    This is a reskin of DT's ESB Luke model. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to take advantage of because he used the default Jedi model and most JA models are very similar. It wasn't very hard but it's not perfect. The chest console isn't modeled so it doesn't look accurate. It's the best we'll get until a real model is made. It comes with a hilt like in my previous Luke skin packs. There is team support and NPC support: npc spawn luke_pilot playermodel luke_pilot saber lukeE4 Credits: DT85 for the wonderful model. Toshi for the original head model and skin. ShadowX for the h
  8. Dalendrion



    If you're like me, and you like the Mirialan race, then this reskin of one of Spanki's Jedi Customization PLUS skins is for you! Thanks to Jelly for recolouring the skin. Dalendrion (I) edited the clothes and the face to add Mirialan' signature tattoos. There are three models included. A default version, a robed version and a hooded version. Only the default version is accessible through the multiplayer profile menu. The others can only be selected with their corresponding console names. the console names are: - model dalendrion - model dalendrion/robe - model dalendrion/robe_hood CRED
  9. Version 1.0


    yea Master Vandar its a great jedi ... possibly of all star wars universe.. just reason for create this skin, in fact its a reskin of Toshi's Master Yoda model, and I work to make it look like Master Vandar from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The saber hilt included is the original Toshi's saber with a little skin modification. I really hope to enjoy that adorable skin, it look good NPC support Reskin for: Toshi Saber and master Yoda model
  10. Boothand



    This is a model I've made myself of a duck with lengthy arms and legs. It makes duckyish sounds, also recorded myself. This is my first real model for JK2, and I'm very proud of it. It can be a bot, and it has a red and blue color version as well. Should be fairly fun to run around as a duck. At least, it's the skin I'll be using myself for most of my JK2 days, so can be nice to see me like that if you play with me a lot! UPDATE: Added JA compatible version in the download, so JA players will hear the model's real sounds. Please re-download!
  11. Version 1.5


    A'Sharad Hett reskin. Included are two versions, default (my personal variation) and classic (Hett's design in the comics). Both versions have a hood down and hood up version. Also added two Tusken masked variants. To either spawn A'Sharad Hett as an NPC or play as A'Sharad Hett use the following commands: npc spawn / playermodel - asharad_hett asharad_hooded asharad_classic asharad_classic_hooded asharad_tusken asharad_tusken2
  12. ravz


    Version 1


    Trandoshian reskin for Shading Ravz
  13. 163 downloads

    Author Zicmak This is Luke, yet again with a armour chestplate, gloves and boots , except with different colors: White, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Black and Red, as well as a full armour Luke and a "Battle Damaged Luke".
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