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  1. 330 downloads

    UNDERWORLD MOD CONTEST 2022 WINNER Inspired by Bladerunner. This is a Free for All map that has items and weapons, but there is also a duel variant that removes all of that. got as much done as I could before time ran out ; this map is not finished. .bsp names: underworld underworld_duel
  2. 166 downloads

    A recreation of parts of the Cavrilhu Pirates Base, based on the description from Specter of the Past by Timothy Zahn. It is an asteroid in the Amorris system, in the Kauron asteroid field. It features a landing pad, quite a few corridors, a trap (recreated as best I could from the description from Specter of the Past, but thank multiplayer for having to downgrade it!), a warehouse and several rooms. I included the map file and script sources, in case anyone wanted to take a look. I didn't find any bug, although I may have missed a couple of caulked spots here and there. To install, unpack the file Cavrilhu.pk3 in your GameData/Base folder. To uninstall, remove Cavrilhu.pk3 from your GameData/Base folder.
  3. 232 downloads

    UNDERWORLD MOD CONTEST 2022 WINNER Are you tired of every bounty hunter model being a re-color of Boba Fett? If you are, then this model was made for you! In 2015 the game Star Wars Uprising was released for mobile devices, it was set shortly after the end of Return of the Jedi and its story was focused on a bunch of misfit rogues trying to rebel against the empire's grip on the Anoat sector (where Bespin is located). This model is based on concept art by Brian Matyas. Back in the day I used to play Star Wars Uprising with my youngest sibling. Coincidentally, This was the outfit that my character wore. Bot: No. NPC: Yes LODs: Yes Team Skins: No. SP: No. Installation: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Simply extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory. Special thanks to: AshuraDX, who pushed me to learn more about 3D modelling and texturing. Somaz & Mat Gaunt, who gave me feedback while working on this project. Zander_Nao, for helping me keep a high morale. Credits: Most of the modelwork here is my own, with the exception of the cape, which is a heavily modified version of Hapslash's Dooku's cape which was also retextured by me, and the base of the model which was done using kyle's model as a reference (this was it also keeps a general aesthetic with the game). License: As with all my work, you're free to do whatever you want with this file. If you want to incorporate it to your own projects, you're free to do so, but I'd appreciate if you let me know so that I can play your mod!
  4. Version 0.1


    ==The Pyke Pack 2== 3D models by Phazzer https://www.cgtrader.com/phazzzer Project commissioned and organized by Zander_Nao Based on unused concept art for "Solo: A Star Wars Story" by Jake Lunt Davies Converted and rigged for Jedi Academy by Noodle --NPC Support-- PykeA - Pyke Civilian Scientist [Yellow] PykeB - Pyke Servant [Brown] PykeC - Pyke Steward [Purple]
  5. Version 1.0


    This mod gives Boba Fett a voice more accurate to Temuera Morrison's voice heard in the movies and shows. I was never truly happy with Boba's voice in the original game, as it's not the voice I grew up with. It's not a bad impression of his original voice from 1980, but I did always prefer the newer one. And so, I give to all of you, a really damn good voice impression done by the Shape Shifter VA! You may recognize his work in many Star Wars fan-films involving either clones or Boba Fett himself. It was a pleasure to work with this legend in the making of this mod. Features included in this mod: - All of Boba Fett's voice lines redone. - New voice lines reacting to the player detonating the bombs and other interactions. - A new animation of Boba cautiously pointing his blaster at you after killing you. You can never be too careful with Jedi. - 15 possible voice lines after killing you (some being alternate takes, others completely original). - (Optional) Custom dynamic music from Empire Strikes Back to make the level's music feel unique and more appropriate to Boba Fett. - Bug-fixes for the level: * Fix in the opening cutscene where Boba would shoot his blaster, but no fire sound would play. * Fix for the start of the level where Boba would be grounded, but his jetpack would still be active. This simply deactivates his jetpack when starting. - Known bugs: * About 20 seconds after you die, Boba will just pop out of existence. I tried doing all sorts of shenanigans with scripting to make it more exciting and cinematic, but nothing I tried worked. Note that this is a problem already in the vanilla game. Please let me know if you find any more bugs!
  6. Version 1.1


    Teamwork brings fruition. I co-worked on this one with Mat Gaunt/Mandalorian who was responsible for the amazing head mesh, then I kitbashed many parts from different creators. I also did additional rigging, added LODs and did some of the textures. I recorded and edited voicelines from Star Wars: Galaxies and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Enjoy! Team Skins: No Shaders: Yes Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No NPC Support: Yes
  7. Version 1


    Just a kitbash I put together and some big edits to meshes and textures for the Gladiator Wookiee, Black Krrsantan . Thought of doing it because I hadn't seen a model of him yet around here, and I saw the Underworld Contest and thought, "What's a better time than now?". So, have fun! Happy hunting. Might do an update later on for him if need be. ---------------------------------------------- Features: Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes BOT Support: No ---------------------------------------------- To use the model, type this into your console (or select the Icon in the player select screen): "/model Krrsantan" To spawn him as an NPC, type this into your console: "/npc spawn Krrsantan" ---------------------------------------------- External Content Used / Credits: Scerendo-- Hair braids (Quinlan Vos model) Bactaboy-- Shoulder armor, spikes & center pieces Star Wars: Force Arena-- Chewbacca body mesh
  8. 327 downloads

    SUMMER MOD CONTEST 2021 WINNER This map was made for the 2021 JKhub summer contest and based off Final Fantasy 7 references to Costa del sol from the original game and Crisis Core. Also took influence from the Final Fantasy 7 remake. Some areas in this map are never seen in any version of the Final Fantasy games so that’s where I took some creative liberties. Couple picks ups to be found and some jump challenges for strafers. Map is also fun to fly on or other events. Lighting not fully done...wanted to use external light maps and blend the terrain more but ran out of time. https://jawaclan.com/profile/4229-sephff/ MJT: https://jkhub.org/profile/4531-mjt/ ----------------------------------------------------------- Map Info: Map Name: costadelsol Released: Sept 14th Filesize: bsp 20mb Version: 1.0 Build Time: 6 weeks Brush Count: 9121 ----------------------------------------------------------- Features: FFA / TFFA / Duel Botrouting: no New Music: Yes (Best to play map with music on!!!!) New Textures: Yes New Shaders: Yes New Sounds: No New Models: Yes New NPC: Yes <---- had to remove last min too buggy New Skybox: Yes ----------------------------------------------------------- ***********IMPORTANT*********** Source .MAP file inside the pk3. Feel free to use anything SephFF or MJT has made in this map for your own maps made for Jedi Academy. I only ask that you give proper credit. If you want to port the map for a different game, you will need to request permission. Tho boat sometimes does not move so requires a map restart to work also if a player blocks the boats movment it will mess up the animations for a full loop cycle of the animation intill it resets on its own. ***********IMPORTANT*********** ----------------------------------------------------------- Programs Used: NetRadiant -20210105 Photoshop2021 Blender ----------------------------------------------------------- Credits: SephFF Brush work, patches, skybox, custom textures, layout of lvl and structural brushes/details, player spawns, TFFA spawns, transition cam and lots of testing and compiling. MJT (CO-Author): Made barrel npc/model light maps and helped with countless shaders, and building tips remaps. Made the terrain and added waterfall and textured itmes in blender for smooth transitions....this dude does black magic. mrwonko: Blender tools and Animation/scripting using ROFF in blender of the boat in the water like a boss (black magic) Ashurdax: helped clip impossible to clip stairs with their 3ds max plugin Somaz: Blender tools and mapping tips Niger: Helped with showing me some alpha shader tips and sky box is based a person named ydnar off his shaderlabs 1337 DarthLekku: Shared with me the shader to get the fish to look all fish like. Helena Ravan: Mapping tips and testing found all kinds of things for me to fix Shadow: helped with roof and bollard's on the dock and testing Szico: Horizon blending / alpha shader tutorial found on JKhub https://jkhub.org/forums/topic/10100-horizon-blending/ Also some ground grass and rock textures came from textures.com ----------------------------------------------------------- Installation: Place the costadelsol.pk3 into your gamedata/base folder. ----------------------------------------------------------- Run map commands: To play this map not a server pull down the console with (shift + `) then type /devmap costadelsol To spawn NPC /npc spawn barrel_costa
  9. 85 downloads

    A simple island map with palms and bushes. I had really little time to work on it these months, so it's not as fully developed as I would have wanted, but I really wanted to bring out something for the contest and overall I feel like it's a nice map to relax to the sweet music of Manaan and the sounds of ocean waves. The most glaring issue is the lack of any lighting (the island shadows are baked on the terrain model), and the trees don't have collisions. It's really mostly for eyecandy with all the trees and for sniping from treacherous bushes or unsuspecting horsetails. An issue I can't really fix is with tree LODs, which are broken in singleplayer. I also included the original .map file, in case anyone wanted to mess around with it. To install, unpack the file sc_island.pk3 into your GameData/Base folder. To uninstall, remove the file sc_island.pk3 from the GameData/Base folder. Feel free to use any of the trees and bushes in this map - that's also a reason I wanted to bring this out, in case anyone was interested.
  10. Version 1.01


    ************************************* THERMAL BEACH BALL ************************************* by ksgwxfan (submission for 2021 summer contest) - Just place the file 'zzz_thermal_beachball.pk3' in your base folder and play! CREDITS: - Created by me using Blender v2.79b (using Mr. Wonko's tools) USE: - how ever you like; no attribution sought for
  11. biggs


    Version 1.2


    Kame House from Dragonball. This is something I've thrown together for the Summer-themed Mod Contest. Credits are inside the .pk3
  12. 149 downloads

    Credits: Special thanks to noodle for all his testing help, as well as the community in whole for technical support Description: An ice spider from "The Mandalorian" series. Replaces the rancor (for now). Modelled and animated in Softimage, sculpted in ZBrush, and textured in Substance Painter. New Sounds: No Rend2 support Vehicle support Npc Spawn List: rancor rancor_vehicle Known Bugs: Still having issues with his web shooter as a vehicle, will try to fix in future updates. Pretty sure this destroys the mutant rancor, but will look into fixing that in future updates Comments: Let me know if there are any other issues. Watch out, he will eat you. * How to install * Just extract the .pk3 into the GameData/base in your game directory, and it is selectable among the usual Multiplayer MODS.
  13. biggs



    The inner sanctum of the walled city, Calodan, from the series The Mandalorian. Created for The Mandalorian contest. This is 1v1 Duel/Power duel map, but it also works in FFA and TEAM FFA gamemodes.
  14. 1,965 downloads

    Din Djarin from The Mandalorian. Tested in JASP, JAMP and OpenJK. To use in single player, type the following in the console: playermodel dindjarin Comes with his IB-94 blaster pistol and his Amban Pulse Rifle. Known Issues: Sounds may not play correctly in single player. Programs used: Blender 2.91 Substance Painter Huge thanks to AshuraDX for helping me out with various things.
  15. 153 downloads

    Watch me fail at trying to texture faces lmao. Nightsister Zombie as seen in The Clone Wars. model ns_zombie No custom sounds or stuff, couldn't properly finish it before the deadline. merry spookyness
  16. Ramikad



    The Cube from the movie itself. It is designed for MP and with coop in mind. The goal is to navigate through a maze of similar-looking cubes, most of which filled with deadly traps. Due to time constraints I wasn't able to make the traps as nice as I hoped, so at least for this release they simply kill you on touch. It contains two NPCs, used for the hatch animations. I also included the original .map file, in case anyone wanted to mess around with it. Touch it at your own risk. To install, unpack the file cube.pk3 into your GameData/Base folder. To uninstall, remove the file cube.pk3 from the GameData/Base folder.
  17. Ramikad



    Several player models of aliens frequently reported and described in literature or depicted in movies. Go abduct an unsuspecting player! Included are NPC files with accurate height. NPC names are gray, gray2, gray3, gray_doctor, gray_walton, gray_female, slave, orange, orange2, orange3, nordic. To install, unpack the file z_Aliens.pk3 into your GameData/Base folder. To uninstall, remove the file z_Aliens.pk3 from the GameData/Base folder.
  18. 184 downloads

    Hi! I'm taking part in your Halloween! I have long wanted to make a map from Unreal Tournament 99. Story: The Peragus was not a well researched planet. In the depths of planet, ancient civilizations created temples of light and darkness. The power of the surrounding temple is so great that after the explosion the temples were left unharmed. They time after time call adepts of light and dark side of force in eternal battle. New textures: Yes! New effects: Yes! New music: Yes! New sounds: Yes! New md3 models: Yes! Botroutes: Yes! IBI script: YES! (Thanks @NAB622) My first almost serious work. Hope you like it ? Music on the Halloween theme map is owned by Dave Wave (Thanks much!) Video
  19. 18 downloads

    My submission to the April Fool's contest. It's straight-forward. It inverses the sound and animation of Force Push and Pull, as well as swaps their respective logos. So when you pull an object, you make the Push animation and sound and the same in reverse. Though most people use key bindings, I found having this still throws you off your game and it's fun to sneak into a skin pack!
  20. Version v0.01


    A quick dirty 30 minute job of an April Fool's joke, in which He-Man from Master's of the Universe takes up the role of Rosh Penin. Includes some new voice lines for singeplayer, a terrible skin, icons, and a set of voice sounds carefully selected from the Cartoon and cut for your lolz, and other miscellaneous jokes thrown in. Replaces Rosh entirely, though not every line of dialogue has yet been converted to He-Man appropriate phrases. Some semblance of the JKA singleplayer story has been attempted. Remember, "I HAVE THE POWER!" For more information about He-Man, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/He-Man_and_the_Masters_of_the_Universe
  21. 71 downloads

    Laugh Animation Description : What better way to celebrate April's Fools than with an animation created to help mock the scrubs you've beaten in battle. It replaces the /gloat animation of blue style (can be used with guns too) and it also contains the source file you can mix with your own _humanoid.gla for maximum comfiness. Enjoy!
  22. 54 downloads

    A quick remodel of the old Jedi Outcast Tavion into the feared Chicken-Duck-Woman Thing that Ben Kenobi mentions in the "Bushes of Love" music video. No known bug or issue, except maybe some possible compenetrations with certain animations. Also, it was basically slapped together in a short time, so the quality of the model isn't that great. But at least now you can worry all day about what's waiting in the Bushes of Love. To install, as usual, put the file ChickenDuckWomanThing.pk3 inside your GameData/Base folder. Just as usual, to uninstall, delete that file.
  23. 511 downloads

    Description: *Chinese New Year Contest 2018 Entry* This is an FFA map modeled after various examples of Chinese/Asian architecture. The layout is heavily inspired by the temple in Dragon Valley from Battlefield 4. There are guns, ammo, and health pickups set up around the map for actual weapons FFAs. I've also added a duel area you can reach by pressing use on the middle obelisk next to the upper building. There are no secrets on this map, and the FPS can drop quite a bit, depending on your computer and game settings. I'd like to give a huge thanks to Bucky for compiling the map, taking screenshots that weren't from a potato resolution, and providing words of encouragement for the past month. Without him, this map would probably have taken 8 days to compile on my computer (if I even got that far!). Also, thanks to Wolf for testing the map in its early stages. Bugs and other things (full list in readme): -Because the map is essentially a large, open box, FPS isn't great. Dynamic glow will tank it. So even though things look really cool with glow turned on, I wouldn't recommend playing with it. -The lighting is a little bit... weird. I made the lights too bright and it shows. -There is actually botrouting on this map, but it wasn't really tested. -I only tested the map in MP, so if someone really wants it in SP and it doesn't work, let me know.
  24. Version beta1


    Japanese Patch/Overhaul mod for Jedi Academy beta1 -===- Instructions -===- Place .pk3 files into base. To enable go into Setup then Sound and Change Text to nihongo (will be in kanji) To have Japanese names or Japanese in chat. It only works as binds at the moment. Make a .cfg but change encoding to Japanese Shift-JIS before adding the japanese characters then save. In game type /exec configname.cfg An example cfg will be bundled in the zip file! ジェダイ・アカデミー日本語版パッチ/オーバーホールMOD -===- 使い方 -=== -===- .pk3ファイルをBASE置にきます。 設定」→「サウンド」→「テキストを日本語に変更(漢字になります)」で有効になります。 日本語の名前やチャットで日本語を使うことができます。今のところ、バインドでしか使えません。 .cfgを作成し、日本語の文字を追加する前にエンコーディングを日本語のShift-JISに変更して保存します。ゲーム内で /exec configname.cfg と入力してください。 cfgの例はZIPファイルに同梱されています。 -===- Known Bugs -===- Console can sometimes break if you open before you join in a server. Stull looking for a fix but you try /clear or changing language to English then back to Japanese. -===- Testers -===- Special thanks to those for testing: Dubby, HiddenSpy, BI_uNT, Saito Hajime, TriForce, Padatwo
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