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  1. I did a quick mock-up of what I'm after, pay close attention to Kyle's movement when he approaches the player. The waypoints in the map are strung together in a perfectly straight line and the navgoal which Kyle is running to from his starting position further down the corridor (there is only 1 navgoal, the one he's running to) is also sat along this straight line. If the player hits the trigger close to the edge of the corridor, Kyle just runs straight up and stands normally. If the player approaches the trigger via the center of the corridor, he does that weird turn upon approaching the player. Does anyone know if this is purely a distance thing, or am I not doing something right? Thank you!
  2. Hello Fellas. Since I started with BehavED once more I have a problem with vehicle scripting. I made a little ROFF sequence where my ship (e.g. xwing) just fly straight and then going down to the landing pad. All works fine but now I need to know how I can initiate the landing sequence (closing the s-foils). So maybe theres a command via BehavED who can be used or other techniques. At the moment this is my IBI script:
  3. Hey guys, I've recently made a mod for Manual Blocking in BaseJA using the +Block command, but I'm thinking about editing some code. These are the things I want to do: Make Swinging take Force EnergyMake Kicking take a lot of Force Energy (possibly all energy)Make Running gradually take Force Energy, you must walk.Make Blocking give you Force EnergyIf you don't have enough Force Energy, you can't swing, you must blockIf possible, I also want NPCs to block sometimesMaybe make g_autoblocking and +block work for MultiplayerIf possible, maybe make it so that these things only happen if g_autoblocking is set to 0I'm attempting to learn how to code at the moment. For now, I just want to know how to do something like this and be pointed in the right direction. Obviously, this is inspired by MBII, but it is clearly different, too. I don't even know if I have everything installed in the right place or anything, so there's probably gonna be some errors. If it's somehow possible to just do this with a script instead of code, than that'll be even better (I honestly have no idea how to do either.)
  4. I've recently come back to Jedi Academy and have been looking for new character mods to play with. One such mod was Revan Knight's Kylo Ren [https://jkhub.org/files/file/2626-kylo-ren/].I noticed it didn't come with the cross-guard lightsaber, so I installed DarthMatyr's version [https://jkhub.org/files/file/2609-kylo-rens-lightsaber/] of the saber, as Revan Knight's mod suggested, in the hopes that any Kylo bots would spawn and wield that lightsaber. But for some reason, the bots do not spawn with the saber- they instead spawn with what appears to be the Firebrand hilt. My question is: is there any way that I can edit the Kylo Ren mod so that the bots spawn using the cross-guard saber?
  5. So I've made a big ass door that I'd like to remain opened once used by trigger_once (not pressed as a button). I've been experimenting with "Delay" and "Wait" values, but it seems it won't do the trick, the door keeps closing. One other thing that I noticed is if you use trigger_once or trigger_multiple by pressing it to open a door with a Wait of 0, it stays opened or closed. It depends on how you press it. I wanted to do the same thing for non-button pressing trigger_once, but I guess that's not it. Suggestions/Examples?
  6. My end goal here is so that, when no players are active for maybe an hour or so, that the map rotation restarts. I have no plugins, or experience with plugins for that matter, but any help I can get is useful to me. I would like to either implement a rotation restart after server inactivity, or, if that's not possible, have the server automatically restart every 24 hours. Is that possible? My server is hosted through BFS. It's NA. Thank you!
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering if it was possible to make edits to the weapons.dat file affect Multiplayer like it does with Single Player? Thanks
  8. Okay, so I've been attempting to add Voice Chat to Single Player. Don't ask why, I just am. But for some reason, whenever I open it, this floods the console: https://ibb.co/dWbC7k Here's the vchat.menu file: Any ideas on what could be causing it? BTW I used the /play command because /voice_cmd doesn't work in Single Player. EDIT: For some reason It's too long to put in here, even with a spoiler :/
  9. Dear All, I have no experience in modding. I have no experience in asking for help. I can not really draw well I have some simple experiences with making banners/avatars/logos, cutting backgrounds, so let us say I have no experience at all. What I would like to create: That one could come in handy as a reference to what we would be creating - in term of the shape precisely. Author of the above is Mr. Andre Kirk. Thank You for Your work. The final effect might be more like: Model would have support for dismemberment - that is the part of fun too!(So I saw this Droid once (and it got stuck in my head, for good) in Star Wars Clone Wars rude Maul sliced them to bits. These Droids had some interesting sounds "I want a scan of the entire perimeter", "You are coming with us", "halt" "*siren sound", "intruder", "where are You". Anyway, it would make a damn fine asset to the Trooper Class for Movie Battles. Rebels, badly need some Droids too). What can I provide as for now: I have some original sounds ready, the ones quoted earlier. I could also provide sounds to other skins you are currently working on, or refresh the sounds of an old skin. Might be even a few of them - your choice. What else can I say to You people of JKHub... Soldier class in MB2 is the very first step in to the game, it is a great chance to get to understand the basics and appreciate having 3 lives over next seconds (from my experience). Having a wider choice of Soldier class characters would most certainly encourage people to loosen up a little trying so hard on Jedi and instead allow them to focus on team play as a Soldier resulting in improvement of lots of things. I can bet, Your finger, anyone of us saw that one guy saying "If You are a newcomer, do not take Jedi" do not destroy my fun dying in first 30 seconds - I am sure he meant. There is a lot of truth in that (I suck as Jedi, but I am still playing it for Kanan, Ezra and Starkiller skins as for my case and that lightsaber and powers of course, others might be picking that Jedi/Sith becuse even if it is hard to learn it is most rewarding and fun to play (also, these classes offer a quite wide choice of skins*). Brand new face, like our little Droid would be really appreciated in a long term by new and old players alike. I am well aware we all have our lives and other things to do I would help out with something that does not include playing with models if it was possible. So if You have anything on Your mind, please share. Please help me out - You are my only hope, Sincerly, K_4.
  10. In one of the rooms (I'm sure you can guess which one) I have two NPCs practising their lightsaber techniques against one another. When I walk around the temple, I can hear their occasional taunt, jump and clash and grunt. The area is completely sealed with an area portal, so I'm not sure why this is. Are the sounds global or something? I can hear them from the other side of the map. If that's the case, is there anything I can do about it? I have this problem on the original Yavin Temple in Jedi Outcast too. Is the only solution to rig it in such a way that they despawn/spawn when you leave and enter the said area?
  11. I've recently been doing a little scripting using animations for cut-scenes and background characters and such, and I have a kinda trivial question. Are there dancing animations for like a cantina dancer in base JA or any mods that you know of? I cannot find any. If not, what are some animations in base game that could be linked together to kinda look like a dance? I wonder if someone has done this before. One last thing, I'm sure I'd figure it out, but how would you link together different animations like that to make it like a continuous dance that they won't stop doing. Use a loop? I'm very new to icarus scripting so any other advice would be helpful!
  12. Heya guys! I am working on a character for JKA and will be making more in the future. I am currently in the process of sculpting detail into a high poly version of the player model and am going to bake an ambient occlusion map onto the base mesh that will be going in-game. Ambient occlusion on its own looks fine, and definitely adds to the detail and realism I'm working on, but also being able to add a normal map would make it looks amazing! Unfortunately, I read that normal mapping in JKA is not supported. I am wondering if there is perhaps a work-around or some kind of scripting way to be able to add a normal map to a player model. I'm looking for any help that could allow me to do this. Thanks! ooeJack
  13. While in the process of populating Yavin IV with NPCs, I came across this conundrum: They'll quite cheerfully slash at one another until they're at a great distance or the pillar obstructs their vision of one another. I added //(BHVD) set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_LOOK_FOR_ENEMIES", "true" ); and that seems to have overcome the distance issue, but not the line of sight one. I assume this is something that waypoints help with. Does anyone happen to have any advice on how this works? EDIT: Any recommendations on how to keep them quiet would be good too. They already have... //(BHVD) set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_NO_COMBAT_TALK", /*@BOOL_TYPES*/ "true" ); //(BHVD) set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_IGNOREPAIN", /*@BOOL_TYPES*/ "true" );//(BHVD) set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_NO_ALERT_TALK", /*@BOOL_TYPES*/ "true" ); They don't complain when they wallop each other, but there's only so many times you can hear the words "Let the Force flow through you!"
  14. In an attempt to make the Yavin Temple a bit more lively, I've put two NPCs in front of the movable blocks. The NPCs push the blocks just fine, but they cannot pull them back. Their Force Pull level is set to level 3. In the video, mine is set to level 1. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to amend this problem? https://youtu.be/2GkXKr82XTU
  15. This is a request for some modding assistance.. And is mainly directed at any and all coders, mappers and anyone who's worked on designing maps for Single Player. Myself and @@Tompa9 are working on the "MD2 Remastered" mod, found here: https://jkhub.org/topic/9062-star-wars-movie-duels-ii-remastered-current-wip/ However, we're currently looking into updating the music tracks that were used in the original mod, as we've come to the decision that there are a number of tracks that aren't very accurate or are out of place and feels very "unpolished" and messy. What we actually need to know, is how to change this music, to our updated versions.. Do the maps have a specific "load/play" line, within them (in GTKRadiant/Blender or whatever program it is) that tells the map or cut-scene to trigger a certain music track? @@Asgarath83 mentioned about using the dms.dat file from the base game for this type of thing. However, the original mod doesn't include or use any "dms.dat" file, but the specified music still plays on the specific cut-scenes or levels that it's attached to. So I was wondering what methods will work, for changing and editing the music into cut-scenes and maps and such.. @@GPChannel @@Asgarath83 @@therfiles @@ensiform @@RJA @@Fighter @Circa Can anyone offer assistance with this? Thanks
  16. hello folks ! While I'm working on a mod called Epic Challenge Mod III, I am already thinking about the fourth one. I have a precise idea of what I'm gonna do, and it gonna be REALLY different than the other ones. That's why I am creating this subject, I need to recrute a coder, who can add some things to the SP Game. Basically, all the things will be like: - Adding new saber colors - Adding new weapons (I already have the .glm files) - Adding new force powers i provide sounds, gfx and models but definitly can't deal with the code at the moment. The question: Is someone interested ? ^^ It would be really nice to share my work with another person. Thanks for reading me.
  17. I have a pretty basic scripted elevator set up, so that it will move from a ref_tag at the bottom to a ref_tag at the top and back when activated. My script seems to work fine; I can see it execute properly in the console with developer mode on. However, no matter what I seem to do, I'm getting the message ERROR: Unable to find tag "elv_up" for ent 40! ERROR: Unable to find tag "elv_dn" for ent 40! (ent 40 is identified as my elevator) It then defaults the coordinate locations to (0,0,0) and my elevator moves to the world origin. Any ideas? EDIT Never mind, I was just being stupid and not triple-checking my entity names!
  18. Hello, I am new to modeling for jedi academy, I recent frankensteined me a model out of practice, I've been having a hard time trying to get the facial textures for this model to work, I had it setup in the model_default but everytime i test my model, I still can't get the textures to display. and everytime i try to fix it in and launch it in modview I get this type of error: oh and i'm having eye problems too If you know how I can fix this, please let me know, i will be forever grateful because this is irritating
  19. Hey, everyone! I've a few questions but some context always helps, so let me explain what I want to create! For the the single player level I am currently working on, I would like the player to have the option to spar with up to five other students positioned around the arena. While you're not sparring, I'd like for two random NPCs to put on a display of swordsmanship. I made two friendly NPCs and gave them a command to attack one another, and they obeyed. But without any more specific directions, it turned into the pair of them just kicking each other over constantly. They would also have a tendency to wander into one corner of the arena and stay there, or drift apart to the point they just looked at one another. I assume waypoints are a key thing here, but I don't completely understand how they work, so some advice in that area would be helpful. The second problem I'm having is with a pair of students who I simply wanted to behave as if they were talking to one another, moving through the different talk animations one after the other. I've done a lot of edits to that script, but the most recent one is below: Every time I update this, something different happens. Most recently, one just wound up jogging on the spot, which'd look great if I was planning to put Wii Fit on a tele infront of her of course, but that might be a tad inappropriate for the setting! Another question down the line is going to be about how to appropriately spawn all of the characters around the map. For instance, Luke is in the main hall. I could set him to spawn when the door is triggered and then despawn the next time, but then you could trick it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the "if" statement would be the appropriate thing to use here? If anyone with the capacity to help me out could drop a line here, it would be greatly appreciated! EDIT: One of course realises AFTER creating his topic that there is, of course, a forum marked as "Coding & Scripting" so if you feel obliged to relocate this, I'll understand!
  20. Ok so when it comes to coding i have next to no experience so i am in need of help. First off we all know that jedi knight outcast is a great game, but if you can make a great thjing even greater than why not I wanted Kyle to be a bit more acrobatic so I have managed to make it so Kyle (or whichever protagonist skin you use) does flips and cartwheels in SP and MP instead of the regular roll and that was easy enough. now however i would like to make it so you could both roll AND cartwheel (on different key/gamepad binds) as i feel it would introduce a new element to gameplay being able to chose to dodge low or high. The only way I could get the cartwheels to cover the approriate distance properly and still look nnatural was to swap out the roll animation for the arial cartwheel animation, in the animation.cfg file (don't worry i saved the original file), consequently Kyle can no longer roll. But i was wondering if there was a way to create an executable custom.cfg file which would swap my modified animations back to the original animations while via the console i was IN GAME. That way i could key bind that executable file and effectively toggle custom animations on/off? would something like this be possible??? or am i barking up the wrong tree here is there an easier way to do this?? also i am a new member here so hi everyone been a massive fan of this game all my life and only recently got into modding
  21. I know you guys must be sick of all my questions by now, but I'm getting close to the end of my project, so just bear with me a bit longer, please I've run into a couple of issues with regards to NPC's in my SP map. The first one is that I can't seem to use targetnames to spawn NPC's, without the associated scripts with them ceasing to work - meaning I basically have to spawn all my NPC's at the start of the map (and perhaps make them invisible), or have them spawn at the right time (like when entering a room), but just stand completely still. Is there a workaround to this problem, or am I just doing something fundamentally wrong? The second problem, and the much larger one at this point, is one I'm having with routing! Now, I have no problems getting NPC's to follow a set of waypoints to a navgoal, and I've also figured out how to make them stop doing this when spotting the player, using SET_ANGERSCRIPT, but I can't get them to go to any combat_points after that - they either keep going to the previously set navpoint (albeit with the new parameters of the angerscript, such as running instead of walking), or, if I use the term "SET_NAVGOAL" "null", they stand completely still! I've tried adding in SET_USE_CP_NEAREST, but it doesn't seem to have any effect! What am doing wrong here? Thanks again!
  22. I was using the jedi enhanced mod and noticed in the settings you could enable weapon holstering (on your waist). It works really well, but is there a way to do this outside of the mod? I've looked around and haven't been able to find much about it. Help would be appreciated.
  23. Sorry, you guys. Back again with another question. I've completed the majority of the mapping for a singleplayer project I'm working on, and I've now gotten to the scripting part, where I've started to run into some new problems. Now, I've always been primarily focused on the mapping itself, and whatever limited experience I had with everything else, such as scripting, has been erased from my memory at this point. I've looked at a couple of tutorials to reacquaint myself with the basics, but here's where I'm stuck... I'm currently working on a cinematic, that has two characters sit and talk to each other. I've gotten the cameras and all that working, but the animations are giving me problems. I figured it would be pretty dull to look at two completely motionless characters talking for upwards of a minute, so I want to add different animations to accompany their dialogue, but the problem is, that these animations are quite jittery whenever they switch from one to the next, and include some weird things in between. I've added a short video below of what I mean (but mind you, the angles, models, etc., are temporary, so it'll be a bit different in the final version): https://youtu.be/DK2OfuUfG00 I guess the problem lies in the way I write my scripts, which I assume is amateurish / not the right way, so perhaps you guys can tell me how to properly do this stuff? I've been over various tutorials and such, but couldn't find anything on this particular subject. Here's what it looks like now: I've highlighted the pertinent parts (I think). Any obvious faults in what I've been doing so far? And I do apologize for being so utterly helpless all the time Hopefully, I get to repay you all soon for your help, by giving you a kick-ass singleplayer mod!
  24. I have finished my map with the help of many great Tutorials on JK Hub. Though the final step of making my map a .pk3 Is a tough one for me. I have put the corresponding GameData/Base folders into the Pakscape folders. I have followed instructions perfectly yet, no matter what I do, the map will not show up in my menu to load on multiplayer. What am I doing wrong? I have also opened other maps pk3 files and compared to mine. I dont have a botrout yet but from what I understand I dont "have" to. I also dont have anything in Pakscapes- Texture folder. This is because the lesson says nothing about it and I have no clue where JA hides their texture folder. I also have the .arena text file done in the scripts folder of my pk3. I really could use the help Edit: I was dumb and made the file .arena.txt when it should have been just .arena, not sure when I goofed that but this solved it.
  25. hello guys i downloaded and used this mod today, and converted successfully three 3D models of zombies. http://jkhub.org/files/file/1945-noesis/#commentsStart now, i've them (in glm format) and their pictures, but there is a little problem : i don't know what codes i've to write in the .skin files, exemple : -> head_hood,models/players/blabla... -> shoulder,models/players/blabla... -> body_torso,models/players/blabla... without these codes, textures/pictures don't work (with the model) in game... can you help me?
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