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  1. Version v2


    This is my personal player model that I'll be using in-game for just about everything. It's modified clone armor that I created in a fan fiction that I was collaborating with several others, based on Jedi Knight Galaxies years ago. TITLE: Silverfang's Armor AUTHOR: Silverfang E-MAIL: silverfang7547 [at] gmail.com XFire: Silverfang15 WEBSITE: http://www.gunslingersacademy.com FILENAME: Silverfang22 v2.pk3 FILESIZE: 3.27 MB DATE RELEASED: 09-23-2011 CREDITS: Mert-K for creating the skin, BlasTech for adding shaders to the skin, and Mars Marshall for the original model. And of course, me for the concept of the modified clone armor INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Drag and drop the Silverfang22 v2.pk3 into your gamedata/base folder (by default on Windows XP C:\Program Files\Lucasarts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base if you're on steam, look in steamapps for the jedi academy folder) DESCRIPTION: This is my personal armor, I'll be using this ingame for just about everything BUGS: There are no LoD models and in mods with dual wielding (i.e. Gunslinger's Academy) the weapon will be flipped the wrong way.
  2. Version final


    Well i ve been at skining busines for a litle...Maybe a month or so but i consider this piece to be very good ....It s my best skin as of yet and i l proly cease skining for myself.Anyways enjoy.As far as inspiration goes i got it from Milamber s skin named ripper(black face) so i made a black skin but it was oveeeer the top too much for people s eyes...So i deleted it and went to bed,tomorow morning when i got to it i decided i l use white instead of black and add less shiny stuff so i got this(i actualy wanted to call it hipie reborn because of the flowers).... Skin description:Well a reborn default model recolored in white with aded shaders that are subtle enough but visible in dark.... Instaling:Extraxt the rar than coppy the zeus.pk3 in the base folder... Update:Removed blue glow around eyes collored eyes and mouth black....minor changes
  3. Version v1.0


    This is my -[KoTp]- Clan skin made back in 2005 for me by Goober, the founder of -[KoTp]-,who is no longer in the clan. It is a Luke model basically just given a hillbilly beard and a blue outfit with "KoTp" written on the left arm and "Iron" written on the right arm. It also has the Jedi Knight game symbol on its back. This skin has no new taunts or anything like that.
  4. Version v 1.1


    The screenshot lay long ago on a desktop, and there was no time to make this staff. And here - the miracle happened! =)
  5. Dalendrion



    If you're like me, and you like the Mirialan race, then this reskin of one of Spanki's Jedi Customization PLUS skins is for you! Thanks to Jelly for recolouring the skin. Dalendrion (I) edited the clothes and the face to add Mirialan' signature tattoos. There are three models included. A default version, a robed version and a hooded version. Only the default version is accessible through the multiplayer profile menu. The others can only be selected with their corresponding console names. the console names are: - model dalendrion - model dalendrion/robe - model dalendrion/robe_hood CREDITS to the original authors: Model - HapSlash Textures - Spanki Mesh Optimization, Weighting & Conversion,- Infinity Blade HapSlash (for the awesome model & hs_dooku) E-Mail : slash_happy@yahoo.com Scerendo & Selek (for the torso of Haruun_Kal_Jedi) E-Mail : elvarg@msn.com Selek13@hotmail.de Scerendo again (for the torso of his awesome hs_anakin reskin Zander_Cohort) Sith Lord (for a really well made face texture of a beautiful hs_anakin reskin called Kale_Degan) RinkXing (for some of the torso of his rots_kenobi reskin named XaoXing) Email: RinkXing@gmail.com
  6. Carbon

    Physix Prisoner

    Version (v1.0)


    This is the new baby brother skin in development for my 'Physix Reborn' (found HERE). Most likely going to release a v2 in the future with many new colors and changes. Let me know how ya like it!
  7. 755 downloads

    Originally, there was really nothing special about this model, it was basically a "Frankenstien" project, in which I took various pieces of existing Jedi Outcast female models - the only 2 female models (Jan, Tavion), to come up with one that looked half-way normal and had everything needed to create any female skin the skinner desires (Within the models's limits, of course). But after, almost an entire year - It's been vastly improved... So, I'm encouraging skinning on this model, with a few restrictions: -You MUST have this readme.txt, unmodified, with your skin. -The skin(s) is/are from scratch. (Don't use or re-color mine, because they suck and I ripped them off of Raven's models.) Except for the accesories.jpg which I stole from the Jan model - I won't require any re-skinning on that, because it's all Raven's work... + or - some changes. That's pretty much it.
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