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  1. Key


    Version 1.00


    This is a small skin pack, containing 5 HD variations of the Shadow Trooper model. The only difference between each variation is color. Originally the only color that I had made available was a white/purple design... but I realized I could do more with it, so I just made a plain white one and went on from there. This skin was really inspired by Tron and Dead Space, although the chest piece looks reminiscent of Iron Man. It's funny because the stock image I used was the lens for a flashlight! Included, there's white, green, orange, and red/blue for team color support! Please note, the images used on the skinning of this model are very large, and in most cases will cause lag as soon as you begin using one of these models. It doesn't slow down the game in any way, it's just that extra time needs to be allotted for the images to load onto the skin. Do not be alarmed if you click it and your game freezes up! If your game is crashing however, remove the skins immediately.
  2. Version v1.0


    Slightly modified version of Ruxith's Tie-Pilot Reskin, with a glowing visor and hoses, and the life support changed with a screen changing pictures every second. It has custom sounds aswell.
  3. Version 2.0


    Well this is my first skin I have made for JKA (welp). It is a modified shadowtrooper, which comes with team support, npc support and an extra cloaking variant, along with a sabre staff hilt reskin. (It won't overwrite the original hilt it in case you were wondering.) The cloaking shader is from the "Cables Camo Cultist" skin, and I have included it's readme in the pk3. Ramikad made the glow and chrome shader for me, along with getting my hilt reskin to not overwrite one of the ingame sabre hilts AND allow the cloaking skin to always have the glowy bits visible. This skin will come with 2 npcs. The first one "Omicron" with have a staff sabre in one hand, and a single in the other, thanks to a small glitch in game, which I am taking advantage of It will also have loads of health, and all force powers. The second, "omicronCloak", is a npc who is duel wielding 2 pistols who can be quite hard to kill, due to the fact that he has loads of health, and each pistol fires as fast as a repeater. Have fun fighting him! There are 3 slight bugs with this. The first, is that some of the animations for the "Omicron" npc are a bit messed up. This is because I am using a glitch to use the staff sabre in one hand, and a single sabre in the other. If you do want to use the duel wielding npc, you will have to spawn one, and then use mindtrick level 4 to control him. The last one, when ever you are cloaked with the cloaking variant, sometimes it will go really weird and look like it is the void when you face a skybox, or out of the map. It's slightly hard to describe, so look at the screenshots I included in the pk3, or look at the 3 glitchy-looking ones I posted here. None of these bugs can be fixed as far as I know, but they aren't to major bugs.
  4. 108 downloads

    This is my Personal skin, so I am either this or Kyle Katarn, depending on whether this is downloaded Readme Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy TITLE: Zicmak's Personal skin AUTHOR: Zicmak FILENAME: zicmak_skin.pk3 FILESIZE: 1.44 MB DATE RELEASED: 25 January 2013 CREDITS: Me: The skin People Here for 'random ideas-and critique', and being encouraging People Here for help on the shiney shader INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the file and place zicmak_skin.pk3 into your base folder. DESCRIPTION: This is my Personal skin - It has black cloth for most of it, and Armour gloves and boots with green plates, and chest Armour. BUGS: None that I know of COMMENTS: Thanks to all that have helped me with this Oh, and if anyone thinks it needs more contrast or whatever, just tell me...
  5. 438 downloads

    {TO}Jedi Master TwinHits's skin, a female Twi'lek reskin using orginial JKA textures. Background explained in "Explaining the Avatar" in the .zip.
  6. Version 2


    Author: Spanki Here comes the second version of my RPG charakter Aviar Lord. This is a reskin of Haps Hs_anakin model like the previous version has been. Its been a long time now since the release of the first version. Meanwhile I changed many things to the previous version. Aviar comes with shaved hair and some deleted scars. Besides I created a new mask for the skin that bases on the Mask of Victor van Doom, that I originally created for the past heroes & villian contest in April/May 2007. But realizing that I couldnt make it in time for the contest I borrowed the mask to the Aviar v2 skin. This mask-head is also one of about 50 heads of the JEDI_Costumization_PLUS I created, that you can see at the latest version of Moviebattles II(B19), so you maybe have seen this one before. This version comes with a lot of new clothing. There are brown outfits for the different skins you can select at the MP menu. One without armor, one with a new dark armor completing the new mask and a battleworn armor suit completing the battleworn mask. Never the less there are two skins where the front plate of the mask is missing, again a normal and a battleworn version. Besides there are 2 sith versions you can select at the MP menu. One of them comes with a broken and slightly damaged mask, what looks very scary in my eyes. At all you can select between 11 default, team color, and a hologram skin at the MP menu. For the hologram version I created a "new" shader. I dont know if anyone used this kind of shader before, in game it seems as there are some interferences at the hologram skin, its hard to describe, just have a look at it. Next to the default skins there are 2 costumization screens where you can choose between 3200 possibilities for each screen to change Aviars outfit. The first costumization screen deals with the 10 unmask heads of Aviar. Included are the shaved variations of V2 and the unshaved variations of V1; each in scarred and unscarred versions. You can combine it with 32 different torsos that start with the new torsos of V2 and finish with the old torsos of V1. Besides there are kashyyyk and battleworn versions. The most torso variations are either selectable with the original and with an alternative robe. Its the same with the 10 pair of boots ; there are new ones and old ones. The second costumization screen deals with the 10 mask heads of Aviar. Included are either the new dark masks and the old mask of the V1 of aviar. For each of the masks there is a light version completing the light armor of the V1 of aviar. You can combine them again with 32 different torsos and 10 pair of boots. There are at all 6400 possibilities to change Aviar. The sith faces are not costumizable. The battleworn torsos with armor are not costumizable. I have been to lazy to make own taunts, so I took some of the basic kyle and jaden sounds, cut em and slowed em down or whatever, with some effects and so on . . . . Again the Facts : ----------------- - 6 old heads - 17 new heads - 2 old outfits - 7 new outfits - hologram version - lot of new detailed icons - npc support for the 10 of the default skins - bot support - team color skins - siege skin - 3 wallpaper included - "new" sounds - 2 costumization screens with 6400 possibilities - singleplayer support These skins can be selected in MP by typing following : ------------------------------------------------------- model aviar_lord/default aviar_lord/default aviar_lord/default_unrobed aviar_lord/default_hood aviar_lord/default_zopen aviar_lord/default_zopenbw aviar_lord/default_zopenbwhood aviar_lord/blue aviar_evil/red aviar_evil/default_redbroken aviar_evil/default_sith aviar_mask/default_mask aviar_mask/default_zbattleworn aviar_mask/default_zbattlewornhood aviar_holo/default For the skins that are not selectable at the MP menu : ------------------------------------------------------ aviar_lord/hood aviar_lord/hood_scarface aviar_lord/hood_shaved aviar_lord/robed aviar_lord/scarface aviar_lord/shaved aviar_lord/unrobed aviar_lord/unrobed_scarface aviar_lord/unrobed_shaved aviar_lord/siege aviar_mask/hood_mask aviar_mask/unrobed_mask Credits: Model - HapSlash Textures - Spanki Mesh Optimization, Weighting & Conversion,- Infinity Blade
  7. Version 1.5


    A'Sharad Hett reskin. Included are two versions, default (my personal variation) and classic (Hett's design in the comics). Both versions have a hood down and hood up version. Also added two Tusken masked variants. To either spawn A'Sharad Hett as an NPC or play as A'Sharad Hett use the following commands: npc spawn / playermodel - asharad_hett asharad_hooded asharad_classic asharad_classic_hooded asharad_tusken asharad_tusken2
  8. Version 1.0


    Title : Kahzmat's Skin Author : Kahzmat Date Released : July 29, 2014 Model : Airborn Trooper by Mars Marshall Textures : Kahzmat (base by Mars Marshall) Sounds : Kahzmat ( French Desann of JK2 modified, and French Kyle of JKA) Bot support: No. NPC support: No. Team Skins: No. SP support: No. New Sounds: Yes. -Story- Before the Clone Wars in the outer border, a very young worker was noticed by master Shaak-Ti. He has got a very good dexterity, the Jedi Order decided to train him. However, after years of training, the young jedi has used too often his wrath to triumph but... without aspiring to power. Then he met a Twi'lek bounty hunter during a mission on Corellia and fall in love. His relationship were discoverd and Kahzmat were expelled from the Jedi Order and removed from the archives. After that, he went to Ryloth to live with his future spouse... without suspecting that the war was at the door of the republic. Tha war begins and during the Battle of Ryloth, he was mutilated by a hailfire droid attack and his wife... was killed... Repaired by the new Galactic Empire, he left the space station and vowed never to trust the authorities. He stole an Empire Star Destroyer Class prototype in one of the Empire's secret ship factory, the Aulum T-5 and then created his own militia, where the trust and loyalty were the bases. The grey Jedi is now wandering in the galaxy, hope not to be his opponent. -Installation- Put the .pk3 file in your "base" folder. By default : C:/Program Files/Lucas Arts/Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Game data/Base -License- If you want to modify or share this file, remember that the first model is not from me. I agree for the textures but ask to the original modders before. -Credits- Thanks for Mars Marshall for the Airborn trooper, pra viilon for the pack which contain this skin and Lucas Arts for sounds and human model. PS: I'm french, tell me if you see some mistakes in the character's background , thanks.
  9. Version v1.0


    Title : Chaosknight Author : Milamber Date Released : July 28, 2014 Model Body: Milamber Model Head: Default Jedi Academy Textures Body: Milamber Textures Head: Default Jedi Academy Weighting : Milamber Description: A personal model for my friend ShikyoZer0Ðin (previously Chaosknight), this was a test project for texturing and modeling armor. This would be the 1st version, as the final version would have more texture detail like wear and tear etc, and more heads added. But I'm releasing this version as is, tired of working on it and it's functional To get colors on the flap you'll need to use these commands: char_color_red 0-255 char_color_green 0-255 char_color_blue 0-255 Known Bugs: - Slightly bad shoulder deformation (under the shoulder pads) Bot support: No. NPC support: No. Team Skins: No. (but default duplicated to support team gameplay) SP support: No. Credits: - Chaosknight for the request and descriptions, odd request but was overall fun to make. - Scooper for 3ds max plugins for both exporting and importing glm files directly. - Ashura for some general help compiling assistance when working with xsiExporter, even though i didn't end up using it. Modders: Anyone can use this model in their modding projects as long as I am credited for the body model and textures Installation: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Simply extract the pk3 to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory. ====================================================================== THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  10. Version 1.0


    :as I really liked my dragon lord saberhilt I couldn't withstand making a fitting playermodel to go with it ;D so here comes the Dragon Lord himself and as you know me ,he comes with everything you want : -npc support -bot support -team support -a fitting saberhilt
  11. 643 downloads

    Originally, there was really nothing special about this model, it was basically a "Frankenstien" project, in which I took various pieces of existing Jedi Outcast female models - the only 2 female models (Jan, Tavion), to come up with one that looked half-way normal and had everything needed to create any female skin the skinner desires (Within the models's limits, of course). But after, almost an entire year - It's been vastly improved... So, I'm encouraging skinning on this model, with a few restrictions: -You MUST have this readme.txt, unmodified, with your skin. -The skin(s) is/are from scratch. (Don't use or re-color mine, because they suck and I ripped them off of Raven's models.) Except for the accesories.jpg which I stole from the Jan model - I won't require any re-skinning on that, because it's all Raven's work... + or - some changes. That's pretty much it.
  12. Version 1.0


    Jedi Master A'Sharad Hett during his time as a relentless bounty hunter.
  13. Version 1.0 super early alpha


    since there are so many characters, like assassins creed models etc. uploaded here, I decided to upload mine. I made this a while ago. In fact it's the only (completed) playermodel I've created, due to it's sucking i kind of stopped. Might get into it again, as I know the principes. This model is not to be taken any serious - no npc support - weird rig - no custom sounds - generally weird - made by me et al I apologize if I have hurt any submitment rule, since I do not have any copyright to finn the human, but I made all of the model including its textures myself.
  14. JAWSFreelao


    Version 2.0


    This is ARC Trooper Fives, from The Clone Wars. NPC support included. The NPC names are in the readme. I have added tons of goodies and junk for you guys. So please enjoy. CT-27-5555, also known as ARC-5555 and later re-designated as CT-5555, was a clone trooper who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Because of his clone designation, he was given the nickname "Fives." Around 22 BBY, right about the time that the clone war had begun, Fives was assigned to Domino Squad, a unit of clone cadets that trained within the planet Kamino's Tipoca City military complex, under the command of the Siniteen Sergeant Bric. Fives and his squad were required to pass a test in order to become battle-ready clone troopers. After the completion of their training, Fives, along with a number of other rookie clone troopers, was assigned to Rishi Station, a listening post located on the moon of Rishi. Fives was present when the Confederate General Grievous invaded the moon to take control of the Republic listening post. With the arrival of Clone Commander Cody and Clone Captain Rex, the two clone officers helped Fives and the surviving rookie troops retake the outpost. Fives and trooper Echo, the only rookie survivors of the battle, were rewarded with medals for their service on the Rishi moon and were inducted into the 501st Legion. They later helped defend Kamino after Grievous, along with Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress, invaded the planet and attacked Tipoca City. Following the Confederate attack on Kamino, Fives and Echo were promoted to ARC troopers for their continuous efforts. As the war continued, both Fives and Echo joined Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in the rescue of Jedi Master Even Piell from the Confederate prison known as the Citadel. After they rescued Piell and his officers, the facility's warden, Osi Sobeck, released battle droid forces on Fives and the Republic group. While Echo and Piell perished during the battle, Fives and the surviving members of his team were rescued by Jedi Master Plo Koon. Some time later, Fives was assigned on special assignments to the 501st legion during the attack on Umbara. When General Pong Krell took over command from Anakin Skywalker, Fives was the loudest voice against Krell and his leadership. Fives was later proven correct when Krell revealed himself to be working against the Republic. Fives was also present during the Battle for Ringo Vinda. When Tup went crazy and assassinated General Tiplar, Fives took him back to Kamino for further medical study. Fives found surprising evidence that contradicted what the Kaminoan scientist, Nala Se had found, which led him to conduct a full study and research on his own, hiding from Republic authorities. When Shaak Ti ordered him to present his evidence to the Chancellor, Nala Se drugged him and Palpatine faked an assassination attempt. On the run, Fives tried to convey his information to General Skywalker and Captain Rex. However, he was tracked by Commander Fox and a group of Shock Troopers. When Fives tried to defend himself, Fox shot him through the heart. Fives died knowing the truth about Chancellor Palpatine and Order 66, but was unable to communicate this to anyone before it was too late.
  15. 1,199 downloads

    Lord Marka Ragnos. Not the ghost form but a living form and body. *Interesting part is the animated Icon. To use this model, open console and type /model old_marka_ragnos File Uploaded by @Bacon
  16. Version V.2.5


    Description : this is the 2.5 version of my "supralord pack", based on the pack created by laam'inui, and the skin aessos created by Blocko182 (on filefront). but the last skinner has created a very buggy skin, so i have extracted the helmet and the armor, because they are very beautiful now, the name of my pack is "Aessos reedited and restaured" i have created many armors, but i have kept 3 helmets of the laam'inui pack, and the lower parts too ! Installation : juste put my pk3 file in your : "Jedi Academy/GameData/Base" folder
  17. Version 1.4


    "Sith Vanguards go first into battle. Hiding their faces behind masks, they strike fear into enemies by killing anyone or anything that stands in their way without mercy or hesitation."
  18. Version 1.1


    This is my personal Keldor skin which has RGB support, various animated shaders, and is made to be compatible with Rux's Keldor pack, hence why no sounds are included. And I would like to give many thanks to Ruxith, for the original head texture which I then reskinned, making the icons, and putting together the Keldor pack, and to Milamber, for making the modified Keldor model which I used for my skin. Permission has been granted from both of them to release this skin. ZIP filesize: 5.61MB PK3 filesize: 5.10MB
  19. Version 1.0


    Master Rahm Kota during his days as an aspiring young Jedi.
  20. 618 downloads

    Hello there ! I would like to share with you my personnal skin which i use, of course, in Jedi Academy. As you can see, it's a Mandalorian. I can't tell you how much i love the Mandalorian people ! Spartans in Space ! ^^ Anyway, the skin is personnal in certain ways but the model i used isn't. I took the model of the Skirata Mandalorians, precisely the model of Walon Vau, one of my favorites in the pack. Credits will be right after this paragraph and also in the readme. For my skin, i had simple ideas. For me, simple ideas are always better than very complicated things. The skin has the metal effect on the armor, which the Skirata also had. I loved this effect so i decided to put it in my reskin. We can say that it's personnal because i felt so proud to finish my very first reskin but i took some details from Skirata like the ArcSkirt. As for the supports, i didn't put any of them. So there's no NPC, Team and Bot Support. But if you want to customize this, feel free to do it. Credits to Mhoker for the model and skin details like the effects, thanks to his incredible Skirata Mandalorians.
  21. Version Version II


    *************************** JEDI ACADEMY MODIFICATION *************************** Title: Pack Wolff Mandalorian Authors : Mando'aa Supralord, Alden Scarles E-Mail : jedi66@laposte.net Website: http://french-jediacademy.forumactif.org File Name : Wolff Mandalorian Pack Date Released : April 2014, reedited and improved in December 2014 New Models: no New Sounds: yes Team Colours: no New Shaders: yes Bot Support: no New Textures: yes New Icons: yes NPC Support: yes CREDITS : Model - Lamanui Textures - Mando'aa Supralord and Barricade24 Package, help and encouragement - Alden Scarles I used photofiltre to create the textures. DESCRIPTION : in this pack, there are : -> 3 soldiers, the normal soldier, the sniper and the heavy soldier, -> and 2 commanders, the "alden wolff" and the "mando wolff". They're based on an old pack of clones, named "wolff squad", i have changed the helmets and took the armor of the old pack. INSTALLATION : just put my pk3 file "zWolff Pack II" in your "JediAcademy/GameData/Base" folder and play. you can use it in Multiplayer and in Singleplayer. spawn cheats : ( in your console, "Shift" + "n2") 1) "npc spawn alden_wolff" 2) "npc spawn mando_wolff" 3) "npc spawn soldier_wolff" (sniper) 4) "npc spawn soldier_wolff2" (normal) 5) "npc spawn soldier_wolff4" (heavy)
  22. Version 2.0


    Welcome to the Grid, Program This skin was created after watching (several times) Tron: Legacy. It is patterned after the character of Rinzler. This was originally part of my three part plan to re-create JA in the image of Tron. Unfortunately building the map, and trying to craft a working lightdisc was more than problematic. The skin however came out rather nicely. The skin is equipped with Tron taunts, and other various tron-esque sounds. The pack contains a host of colors; white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and orange. Default is white. Each of the colors comes with their own icon. Enjoy. *Note: I changed pieces of information in the original readme file to show the updated information, and the username I have on this profile. README FILE: *************************** JEDI ACADEMY PLAYER SKIN *************************** Title : Tron Legacy Author : Evasion Studios E-Mail : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Website : www.riddleofsteel.net File Name : zzztronlegacyupdated.pk3 File Size : 1.8MB Date Released : 3/7/11 Description : This is a SKIN only, the origins of the model itself I am unaware of, however I did use the model from the Greyfox skin by ksk_h20. This is based in part from the Rinzler costume design from the new-ish movie of Tron Legacy. The default skin is White, there are red and blue team skins, as well there are Orange, Yellow, Green, and Purple variations. All have their own icon. Comments : I give all proper credit to the model maker ksk_h20. I also want to give some shout outs to people who gave time and talent. JLHack7 for his shader assistance. Kava for his help with sound files, Red Dawn who inspired this pack, and Vagabond Angel whose sounds I borrowed from his custom skin. Many thanks, deep respect. Programs Used : Adobe PhotoShop CS2 Modview Unzip to GameData/base THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & �© LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS. Original Review on FileFront
  23. Version 1.1


    "After the rogue Sith Lord Darth Maul killed the Death Watch leader Pre Vizla, Maul took control over Death Watch. The mandalorians of Death Watch painted their armor and equipment in honor of their new fierce leader."
  24. Version 0.1


    Texture Author : segwayguy Release Date january 24, 2014 Mod name : face retexture demo Description - so basically i got bored of the same faces used in jedi academy so i decided to make my own using photoshop this comes with one skin i was planning on named george this is MY original models modifying: this is my first mod DO ANYTHING YOU FRICKIN WANT thanks to the guy who made the sith warrior for teaching me to skin and the tutorials npc support:yes bot support:no new sounds:NO new textures:yes (i think) This mod is not created/owned/suppourted by "Raven tm, Disney tm, LucasArts tm. or any of there affiliates."
  25. Version version 1


    More realistic, anatomically correct skin chest . Selectable from the SP player menu. To Install Unzip and place "MAUL.pk3" into your Jedi Academy base folder: StarWars JediKnight Jedi Academy/GameData/base
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