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  1. Version 1.0


    Author: Jake Keating This mod had been uploaded and shared with the written authorization of its author. The story takes place during Roman Era. You are Gluteus Maximus, a thief who is forced to fight as a gladiator. Will you become the best gladiator of the arena, of Roman Empire, and the crowd's favourite man? Or will you finish as lion's fodder, like many people before you? Show the mob what you have got! This mod contains a lot of new models, new textures and informations about the Roman Games culture. Uploaded by: lang_french
  2. RichW

    Ninja Mod

    Version 1.0


    Author: Coding/Textures/Artwork by Rich Whitehouse Models by The Anonymous Modeler ------------------------------------------------------------- This is a crazy ninja mod. With blood and weapons and crazy cool stuff. It is only for multiplayer. You can probably activate the mod in SP but stuff will not work and be weird and broken. Probably. There's a bunch of new stuff. Check the menus for new key bindings. Too lazy to explain everything. Figure it out yourself. This is just a quicky and is unsupported, and my friend The Anonymous Modeler doesn't have time to do any updates. Or skin the models. So yeah. Anyway have fun. Oh, and don't forgot to set g_dismember 999 and cg_dismember 2. Unless you're some kind of NANCY BOY. ########################################### Above the mod's original readme. I uploaded this with Dick's permission since he said he'll probably forget to ever submit it, but I didn't work on this mod, I'm just adding it to the catalogue because I like it. I included a screenshot of our correspondence, in compliance with the rules. I was going to explain a bit more about it, but part of fun of this mod is exploring with it can do. Have fun!
  3. Version FINAL VERSION


    *********************************** Read me *********************************** TITLE: Rainbow Saber FINAL AUTHOR: Kylo Ren (Formerly Arachno-Man) FILENAME: rainbow.pk3 FILESIZE: 25.5 kb DATE RELEASED: March, 25th 2015 CREDITS to: just my self since this is a small mod INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the rainbow.PK3 file in your C:\programfiles\lucasarts\jediacademy\gamedata\base directory. DESCRIPTION: A rainbow saber that replaces the green saber color. BUGS: none unless you count the green sabertrail and saberglow. COMMENTS: Download and enjoy. note that you must have JKA installed in order to use this mod THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  4. JKHub



    Original Author: Phonock Description: Tosral is a super villain.He is mixture of a human and creature and he has a fighting skills,which allowed him to defend himself and to defeat almost any opponent.And he has the ability to camouflage in background environment. His ultimate goal is to rule the universe. Comments: Enjoy my skin!
  5. ravz


    Version 1


    I reskinned the bald jedi model to look like Bane from Dark Knight Rises Custom sounds included, team support.
  6. JKHub

    Human Torch


    Original Author: Phonock Description: This is a Human Torch skin which is based off of the jedi model.For the face i use Chris Evans picture. In SP Human Torch can fly but Johnny storm can't fly.To use Human torch and Johnny in SP type this in console playermodel human_torch and playermodel johnny_storm.To Spawn Human torch and Johnny as NPC,type in console npc spawn human_torch and npc spawn johnny_storm.I also add Tobe's Fireball Saber as Human Torch and Johnny Storm weapon.But it's only have Red Fireballs! And don't set fireball throwable in MP, it will crash the game sometimes. Credits: A special thanks to Tobe for give me the permission to include his awesome Fireball Saber in this pk3. I would also like to thanks Buffy for taking all those screenshots.
  7. JKHub

    The Joker


    Original Author: Phonock Description: This is a reskin of the jedi model.It's kinda combination of upcoming Batman movie,cartoon and comic. Nothing much i can do with jedi model,so i make 3 versions of Joker. 1: Mean/Cruel Joker 2: Normal form(without makeup) 3: Battle Joker(not related to any movie,comic or cartoon.It's just my idea...well to make a little bit interesting !) To use Mean/Cruel Joker model in SP type playermodel joker If you want use another versions,type this playermodel jack and playermodel new_joker Credits: Special thanks to BuffyTheSlayer for taking another great screenshots.
  8. JKHub



    Original Author: Phonock Description: This is a reskin of reborn. Not much to say here...Well, this is my new villain character and his name is Vapthes. Credits: Million thanks to Buffy The Sith Slayer for taking really good looking screenshots.
  9. 445 downloads

    Original Author: Phonock Description: This is a reskin of Elandain Spider-Man 2.0. This black symbiote suit is based on Spider-Man 3 movie version. Credits: Special thanks to ksk_h2O for the Grey Fox model and also a huge thanks to Elandain for his great Spider-Man 2.0 skin.Also thanks to Buffy for taking the screenshots.
  10. JKHub

    Iron Man


    Original Author: Phonock Description: I've made two version of Iron Man. 1: In full Suit 2: Iron man open his faceplate mask to reveal Tony Starks face. For Tony Stark face i use Robert Downey Jr picture.You can play both Iron Man and Tony Stark in SP by typing this in console, playermodel iron_man and playermodel tony_stark.To Spawn both models as NPC,type in console npc spawn iron_man and npc spawn tony_stark. Both models can fly! Teh_Blizzy's Blades of Fury and Tobe's New Force Lightning are also included,but as separate pk3's. Credits: Let me begin by thanking Tobe,for second time he gave me permission to included his mod to my pk3.Also,thanks to Teh_Blizzy for letting me used and modified his Blades of Fury.And finally,thanks to Buffy for the screenies.
  11. 186 downloads

    Original Author: Phonock Description: This skinpack features three new aliens characters i came up with..Yellowpod,Greenpod and Bluepod. Here is a short character description. 1.Yellowpod - He has the power to transform into whatever shape he wants. 2.Greenpod - He is very intelligent and he has the power of speed. 3.Bluepod - Among the three alien he is the most powerful. All these aliens is a reskin of Shadowtrooper. Credits: Thanks a lot to Buffy The Sith Slayer for taking these cool screenshots.
  12. JKHub

    Ben 10


    Original Author: Phonock Description: Actually i made this skin just a tryout for my brother.The skin is based on Cartoon Network shows Ben 10.I think its turn up pretty well .So i decided to share with you,and i hope you'll like it.
  13. 149 downloads

    Original Author: Phonock Description: Reskin of the Agent Smith model, and this time around I've made The Dark Knight version of Two-Face. Player models list: playermodel tdk_dent playermodel tdk_dent_red playermodel tdk_dent_blue playermodel tdk_2face playermodel tdk_2face_blue NPC list: npc spawn tdk_dent npc spawn tdk_dent_red npc spawn tdk_dent_blue npc spawn tdk_2face npc spawn tdk_2face_blue Credits: A very special thanks to JORA CUSTOV for his great Agent Smith model. Thanks also goes out to JOHN TURNER for the original Agent Smith texture. Last, but not least, thanks to Buffy The Sith Slayer for the awesome screenshots.
  14. 97 downloads

    Original Author: Phonock Description: This is my version of Harvey Dent and Two-Face, or should I say re-imagining of the character. But there's one problem...The ears!! I can't change Two-Face left ear look because of this model as it'll affect the right ear too. So I just let it be like it's normal look. Player models list: playermodel dent playermodel dent_red playermodel dent_blue playermodel 2face playermodel 2face_red playermodel 2face_blue NPC list: npc spawn dent npc spawn dent_red npc spawn dent_blue npc spawn 2face npc spawn 2face_red npc spawn 2face_blue Credits: A very special thanks to JORA CUSTOV for his great Agent Smith model. Thanks also goes out to JOHN TURNER for the original Agent Smith texture. Last, but not least, thanks to Buffy The Sith Slayer for the awesome screenshots.
  15. 668 downloads

    Original Author: Phonock Description: In this file, it has six version of skins based on Iron Man movie and also based on movie related like video game and action figures. 1. Iron Man - based on movie Mark III 2. Tony Stark - faceplate flip up 3. Silver Centurion - this is based on movie action figures 4. War Machine - This is also based on action figures 5. Mark II - based on movie Mark II 6. Stealth Iron Man - and this one is based on video game Credits: Special thanks to ksk_h2O for the Grey Fox model and thanks to Buffy The Sith Slayer for the awesome screenshots.
  16. JKHub

    Blade Mod Promo

    Version JK2


    Original Author: Covax Description: This is a Beta MOD to promote interest for the upcoming Total Conversion called Blade: Knight of Dracul. It is based on an updated Dragon Remix MOD to show what can be assembled in a small amount of time. It has been assembled from existing Jedi Outcast Mods to show what is possible with JKII and to prove that we are serious in building a kick-ass Mod. This Mod WILL effect the SP game as well, knock yourself out with the weapon effects. The Blade Mod still needs members, but so does every other Mod out there. This second demo is only partialy made form out original meterial but we felt we needed something to pitch the idea of a vampire-slaying mod. Currently we are seeking Mappers and Modelers. Although all skills are welcome (I don't see a problem with having 15 skiners) those two sets are proirity to get the Single Player going. - Red and Blue sword styles are now Desann's and Tavion's respectively - Sparks and smoke replaced by blood. Stumps are dark red rather than yellow. - Better acrobatics: Cartwheel and Butterfly Kick relaces the rolls. Jump is 'Force Jump' style and 'Force Getup'. - Every one of the weapons leaves the cool glowing mark that the disruptor usually leaves. - Force Lightning replaced with a UV effect. - The visual effects of all of the weapons have been altered in some way. [Maps] 'Ruined Church' by ScOrPiOn Music track is Freak on a Leash (NIN mix) by Korn [Common Weapon Commands] Type these into the console or bind them to other keys. /dualsaber -you get the dual 'energy' blades /dualblade -You get 2 weapons. The default left hand weapon is the Katana. /hilt <hiltname> -Changed the right (main) weapon. /hilt2 <hiltname> -Changes the left (second) weapon. Must have /dualblade to notice the effect. Instructions: Unpack in your /GameData/ folder. It should create a folder called /KoDMP/. Start the MP game and load the 'Kight of Dracul' in the Mods window. TCK-Sabers HAVE to be set to OFF in Setup or they mess with the swords (the black-boxed effect). Credits: This MOD is a compilation of several other MODs, those being edited/altered versions of: Mods: 'JediPLUS v3.3' by BOFH, Darcious and Nitemare, based on original 'JediMod' by Dest 'Saberist Mod 1.2" by FireStorm Entertainment (DoF_BlackWolf, Marcus_1, Kelemvor, Tercero, Maddog) 'JediMoves Basic' by Master D-Ley Amas 'Ultimate Blood' by StrWrsXprt and Desann 'Hyper Weapons Mod' by WeedWhacker 'Weapon Alterations' by Joruus C B'oath the 2nd Blade Promo: Characters Pack Description: This is a collection of skins and models to promote interest for the upcoming Total Conversion called Blade: Knight of Dracul. Some of these skins will replace existsing JKII skins. All characters (should) have Bot and Team support with the Blade Promo Demo 2. [slayers] Blade - The Daywalker - Original Skin by LeeJay, refitted by Leper Messiah Zia - Blade's 'sidekick' - Original Skin by Shadow Blight, tweaked by Covax Whistler - Blade's metor and trainer - Original Skin by Leper Messiah [Rouges] Thanatos - Blade's nemesis in the full game - Model by Spehiroth_VII, reskin by Leper Messiah and Covax Snowman - Back to life by popular demand - Original Skin by Leper Messiah Volenkov - Werewolf with ties to Thanatos and Saul - Original Skin by Leper Messiah [black Ops] David Saul - Government Agent with a sinister plan - Suit by Kingpin, head by Jimmy Iu Agent - MiB's working for Saul - Original skin by Kingpin Sniper - Snipers working for Saul - Original model by Edward Peretti, reskin by Leper Messiah Black Ops Captain - Original model by Major Clod, reskin by Leper Messiah Flame Trooper - Soldiers trained to use flamethrowers - Original Skin by Leper Messiah [Vampire Nation] Nergal - Vampire Lord crippled by Whistler - Original Skin by Leper Messiah Male Sebetti - Elite Vampire assasin - Original Skin by Leper Messiah Female Sebetti - Elite Vampire assasin - Original Skin by Leper Messiah, tweekd by Shadow Blight Vampire Bouncer - Vampire cannon fodder in expensive suits - Original Model by Madjai, skin by Leper Messiah, tweaked by Covax Rasta Vampire - Vampire club-hopper - Original Skin by Magnetixxx, tweeked by Covax and Leper Messiah Instructions: Unpack in your /GameData/ folder. It should create a folder called /KoDMP/. Start the MP game and load the 'Knight of Dracul' in the Mods window.
  17. 448 downloads

    Original Author: Covax Description: This is a Weapons Upgrade for Dragon Remix mods but can be used either stand-alone or in cunjunction with any JediMod-based game. It includes mamy of the sword/meele weapon models released to the community, made as mod-compatible as possible. The sounds are a mix of the Buster Sword, Tusken Raider and Katana mods, to give a bit of variety. There are also a few 'energy effects', insted of saber colors, to spice things up. Weilding two Flaming Wraith Swords is a site to behold. Although 2 swords from the LotR pack are added it is reccomended that this be used in cunjunction with that mod to have a full 'arsenal'. [sP Weapons Altered] If you don't want the DRWP file to alter your single player game, simply move them to the relevent JediMod-based game folder. Kyle's Saber / Silver Katana Desann's Saber / Shadow Sword Luke's Saber / Bokken Jedi/Reborn Saber / Ninja (Choku-to) Sword Instructions: Extract all files in the GAMEDATA folder. Credits: This MOD is a compilation of several other MODs, those being edited/altered versions of: Weapon Models: 'Bokken' and 'Silver Katana' based off of 'Katana' by Ages120 'Masamune', 'Shadow Sword' 'Ninja Sword', 'Caladbolg', and 'Axe' by Sephiroth__VII 'Bushido Katana' by Scarecrow and PlayingKarrd 'Strider's Sword' and 'Ring Wraith Sword' by Sephiroth__VII and KOTORMRJay 'Saruman's Staff' and 'Gandalf's Staff' by Madjai 'Split Saber' by The Project X Team(?) 'Gaderffi Stick' by Major Clod Light Saber Hilt Models: 'Samurai 3000 Hilt' by Chrono 'Dooku's Hilt' by MonkeyKungFu 'Exar Kun Hilt' by Sish_Sadeet 'Maglite' by Mr.Sinister Sounds: 'Katana' by Ages120 'Buster Sword' by Nick D 'Tusken Raider' by Major Clod Saber Energy Blades: 'Burning Saber' by Wendel Crow 'Samurai Lightsaber' by 66sith 'Valsabers' by Val(?)
  18. Version V1.5


    Original Author: Covax Description: Basically this is SP skin/weapon modification, the 'hidden' sword styles and The Ladder level, which is a great way to test your swordsmanship. The Skins of Kyle, Luke and all the Reborn/Dark Jedi have been altered in several ways. First I was just going to do a skin pack for myself and my freind at the Writer's Block, dubbed 'WB: Tornament'. Then I stared throwing in dragon pictures on all of the skins and I realized that Desann would be an ultimate 'Dragon Warlord'. I figured the Ladder mod needed some spicing up, the fact that the mod seems to effect the SP game is a bonus. Seeing Dessan do a butterfly kick will make your jaw drop. Instructions: Place in your GameData/base folder. Play as normal form the begining /or/ load up the exellect Ladder level from the Savegames or the console command 'map ladder'. Credits: This MOD is a compilation of several other MODs, those being edited/altered versions of: Mods: 'The Ladder' by JediNight 'MGS2 Ninja MOD' by SquallStrife 'JediMoves 2' by Master D-Ley Asam 'Ultimate Blood' by StrWrsXprt and Desann Weapons: 'Katana MOD v1.1' by Ages120 'Shuriken Set 1' by Laghima 'Swords' by Sephiroth__VII Skins: 'Dragon Skins' by Paul Murrell 'Grendel' by Blair Tarleton & Everette Hebert 'Ultimate Shirtless Maul' by Septic Child 'Lord Rive' by ?? 'Cerann' by ?? 'Dark Kyle' by ?? 'Xander' by ?? Audio: 1 - Blood is Pumping (Club mix) by Voodoo & Serano 2/3/4 (you'll have to see..) Bugs: 1- I've been working on this for a week: I have no idea WHY but it seems that this mod no londer works in the single-player campain. I've narrowed it down to a possible problem with the modified Kyle skin/model, since replacing them with the 'plain' Kyle works fine. Fan-made single player levels (like The Ladder) seem to work ok, so it may just be a problem with the cutscenes. I'm working on it. 2- This MOD will NOT work correctly with saved games - the katana seems to be bound to the wrong bone. It works fine if you start up a map through the console, or start the game from the beginning.
  19. 490 downloads

    Original Author: Covax Description: Ok, this is a proof-of-concept mod which will be a part of a new WBA weapons pack. I've replaced the first 5 single light sabers with various 'charged fist' effects as opposed to a light saber. I belive this is a cool frist step for both kung fu mods (like The Matrix) as well as 'super power' mods (like Dragon Ball Z/X-Men). It is recomended that you either use two 'fists' together, or a saber/fist combo. A fist by itelf just looks wierd with the current animations. Included are various blood and/or damage effects, some sounds as well as an 'Agent' to play around with. Also, I've got the standard Force Flame replacing the Lightning and Tavion's staff now shoots out a 'flame beam'. [Weapons Replaced] Saber 1 - 'Flame Fist' - The name speeks for itself - This also replaces the Sith Sword, because it's a cool scene... Saber 2 - 'Quantum Surge' - The power that Quantum Kights (long story) draw upon. Saber 3 - 'Acid Radical' - A green cloud of vapourus acid Saber 4 - 'Psi Focus' - Spiritual strenght made manifest. Saber 5 - 'Open Fist' - No weapons? No problem. - Since you have nothing to throw the alt-attack is the kick. [Characters] Agent - Original skin by Kingpin - This replaces the Imperial Officer, and gives him 'kung fu skill'. He's not too tough but just tough enough, spawn 5 and you'll apreciate a light saber more... - to spawn him type: npc spawn impofficer or bind a key (in this example the Q key) with: bind q npc spawn impofficer Kyle - Uses 'Open Fist' style, both hands. Luke & Kyle_Boss - Uses a saber in the right hand and fist with the left. Possesed Tavion - Uses two Flaming Fists. Instructions: Unpack in your /GameData/base folder, should work automatically. The new swords will show up in the menu. If you want to change weapons using cheats andable cheets with 'devmapall' and type 'saber single_<1-5>' for the effetcs. So if you want the Open Fist aka Kung Fu mode sword type: saber single_5 single_5 or if you want a saber on the right hand and fist on the left it's: saber single_7 single_5 Credits: (Keep up the good work guys!) 'Melee Mod v1.0' by Slice, Dice and Mince 'Burning Hand Technique' by {THC}ShovelHead '5AMURA1 Stances' by Evan Clover 'Flamethrower beta v.1' by Dark Reaper Bugs: 1 - This is not a 'play tested and balanced final build' mod (that's what you guys are for..), rather it's a quick and dirty assembly of ideas. The effects are not power balanced realisticaly. They will be in future mods. Feel free to report errors or to make suggestions. 2 - Mutliplayer has not been 100% playtested. 3 - This will be inclued in my next weapons pack, which will NOT replace any of the light sabers. 4 - I'd really like someone to tinker with the animations so it looks more like actual kung-fu punches.
  20. 249 downloads

    This is a very simple mod to replace the energy cell (or blaster pack) ammunition model with a model of several thermal clips instead from Mass Effect. This is designed to be used with my Mass Effect gun models, however if you want I see no reason you couldn't use it without them. Try it with any or all of the following Mass Effect themed mods for the full effect: https://jkhub.org/files/file/1463-%7B%3F%7D/ https://jkhub.org/files/file/1296-%7B%3F%7D/ https://jkhub.org/files/file/1336-%7B%3F%7D/ https://jkhub.org/files/file/1286-%7B%3F%7D/ https://jkhub.org/files/file/95-%7B%3F%7D/ https://jkhub.org/files/file/94-%7B%3F%7D/ https://jkhub.org/files/file/1128-%7B%3F%7D/
  21. 436 downloads

    This is a replacement graphic for the disruptor scope. It will change your sniper scope to look like that of a variety of sniper rifles from Mass Effect 2 and 3. It's not a seamless replica, but it's very close given what Jedi Academy has to work with. This mod will be included with any Mass Effect sniper rifles I release (that replace the disruptor, of course). If you download any of those mods go ahead and delete this PK3, as it'll be redundant.
  22. Version v2


    Here is version 2 of my Simpson's Springfield Maps. Only 8 years in the making! With a new layout, a scavenger hunt, gags from the show, and lots of indoor areas to explore. Any Simpsons fan will love this map!
  23. Version 1.0


    Description: It's a big ass sword. I got bored and wanted a shiny big blade with some lettering on it. So I made one!
  24. tobe_one


    Version v0.1


    * New Player Skins : Dracula skin! 3 colors, 2 heads. all skins selectable as species in SP/MP. * New Weapons : bat wings and..ghost? All selectable from saber menu. For details check the "Weapon List". And you better read before you use * New Sound : A voice set for Dracula. All new sound effect for the weapons. Skin List You can chose Dracula skins on the player making screen. Select "Dracula" as species. If the name or skins doesn't appear, just switch to other species and switch back again till you see them. "HEAD" chose from the 2 head type. "TORSO" there are 3 body set, they also include the leg parts so you don't need to chose the legs. "LEGS" didn't you read? there is nothing to chose here Weapon List Entry names and descriptions for the weapons: bat_R * (right hand). This is a pair of black bat wing. when you activate it, bats will show up. bat_L * (left hand) all Left hand side wings only appears as the 2nd(left hand) dual saber on the saber menu. bat2_R * (right hand). red colored bat wings. there are no bat effect, only the wing. bat2_L * (left hand) ghost * yes ghost. swing it around and hear the haunting sound. *all wing type weapons has "force leap attack" as their special attack(L+R mouse click). though you can only leap in SP mod, in MP there will be no flying forward *all "taunt" for wing weapons are changed to force leap move. you can leap without force power and camera move. again, it only works in SP. You can bind a key to activate "taunt" easily : 1. In a single player game, hit "SHIFT" and "~" key to open up console, type in "helpusobi 1" and hit "ENTER" 2. Pick a key you want to use as taunt, if it's "f", then type in "bind f taunt", then hit "ENTER", 3. hit "SHIFT" and "~" again to exit console. NPC List To spawn NPCs: In a single player game, hit "SHIFT" and "~" key to open up console, type in "helpusobi 1" and hit ENTER to activate cheats. Type "npc spawn kyle" and ENTER, that will spawn a Kyle. Change the name for any NPC. Hit "SHIFT" and "~" again to exit console. dracula1 * Dracula in black suit with black bat wings. dracula2 * Red Dracula with red wings. dracula3 * Blue Dracula, with a ghost. the concept of this skin is, ghost! *all Dracula NPC are set as "enemy team".
  25. 33 downloads

    This mod contains two pk3s, either of which will replace the default chat icon in multiplayer Jedi Academy once installed. Their design is based on the quest icons found in the World of Warcraft MMORPG. You may only install one of these at any one time, so make sure that you only place one of them in your Base folder!
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