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  1. Version (final version)


    This is just a reskin of Hapslash's Dooku. I'm still working on the kinks, like trying to make him spawn with a blue saber, or making him spawn as an ally, but in the meanwhile, here you go! Just put it in the base folder and u'll find him on the SP menu
  2. Version 3.0


    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT MODIFICATION ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Enjoy ! and I hope you enjoy this Snoke new version Title : Supreme Leader Snoke - The Last Jedi Texture Author: GustavoPredador (Darth Lord Vader) Credits: Orignbatukap, LucasArts, Disney, Raven, Marden, HapSlash, Neomarz. Installation: Place Snoke.pk3 into the "StarWars JediKnight Jedi Academy/GameData/basefolder". Steam "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Jedi Academy\GameData\base" Instructions: In order to use NPC's you will need to activate cheats here's how you do it. Singleplayer- Once your in the game, hit "shift and tild (~)" to activate the console. Next type "helpusobi 1"...hit enter (cheats are now on)...next type "npc spawn (the npc's name)" Example: npc Snoke. Here are the npc model names for this model... For Playermodel: Snoke For Npc: Snoke Note: you must enter one of the above names when spawning your npc.
  3. 2,099 downloads

    This is the new darth sidious skin pack which includes Darth Sidious default skin (ep3, TFU, etc), Darth Sidious with the attire after mace windu's death in episode 3, No deformed Darth Sidious (used before and during clone wars), and from episode 6. NPC: darth sidious default: jv_sidious Darth Sidious red (when he orders anakin to attack the jedi temple): jv_sidious_red Darth Sidious clone wars: jv_sidious_cw Darth Sidious senate duel skin (ep3): jv_emperor2 Darth Sidious from episode 6: jv_emperor Known bugs:lip movemet doesn't work. Enjoy
  4. Version 4.0


    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT MODIFICATION ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Enjoy ! and I hope you enjoy this Shadow Trooper new version Title : Shadow Trooper 4.0 Texture Author: GustavoPredador (Darth Lord Vader) Credits: LucasArts, Raven, Disney, Dark_Apprentice, DT85 for his original model of EP.7 Force Awakens Stormtrooper, Toshi for the cape, JEFF for fixind the model and shader, Kylo Ren Original file here: https://jkhub.org/files/file/2387-dt-stormtrooper-ep7/ Phasma 3.0 File By dark_apprentice https://jkhub.org/files/file/2415-phasma/ Installation: Place Shadow Trooper ver. 4.0.pk3 into the "StarWars JediKnight Jedi Academy/GameData/base". Steam "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Jedi Academy\GameData\base" Instructions: In order to use NPC's you will need to activate cheats here's how you do it. Singleplayer- Once your in the game, hit "shift and tild (~)" to activate the console. Next type "helpusobi 1"...hit enter (cheats are now on)...next type "npc spawn (the npc's name)" Example: npc spawn ShadowTrooper. Here are the npc model names for this model... For Playermodel: ShadowTrooper For Npc: ShadowTrooper Note: you must enter one of the above names when spawning your npc. Cape not used Boba Fett sounds of the Jedi Academy used
  5. Version 2.0


    A reskin of AshuraDX's Clone Trooper based off the Republic Assault Trooper in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Comes with two variants: red and green. Both of which come with a clean and dirty version. Npc names are: *cloneassault *cloneassault_clean *cloneassault2 *cloneassault2_clean
  6. Version v5


    FILENAME: zz_zov.pk3 FILESIZE: 12.07 mb DATE RELEASED: April, 10th 2017 CREDITS to: Myself Rooxon Kualan dark_apprentice swegmaster DT85 Scott Rose JAWSFreelao Almightygir Force Arena Game Devs INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the zz_zov.pk3 file in your C:\programfiles\lucasarts\jediacademy\gamedata\base directory. DESCRIPTION: Proudly announcing Darth Zovirex. He is a custom character which is non-canon to Star Wars or anything else. I actually got the idea of making this from watching Yao Gamers on YouTube. After they made videos with my Starstrider mod, I started to enjoy their Jedi Academy videos more and more. Check out their channel if you like all things Star Wars: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1N11jE4F0AIQ27hL8YOxWg/videos I must give a very special thanks to Scott Rose. He is the voice of this character. I have edited the pitch of his voice in Audacity to match the darkness of the character. Here you can check out his website: http://bigbadvoice.com/ If you would like him to work with you on a project you can contact him by his email: scott@bigbadvoice.com This character is the first of its kind to wield a cross-guarded staff lightsaber.. .. which makes some serious damage in duels! There are two versions of Darth Zovirex, one with his hood, and one without his hood. Darth Zovirex: npc spawn zovirex playermodel zovirex Darth Zovirex with hood: npc spawn zovirexh playermodel zovirexh The eyes of Darth Zovirex will look familiar to some - and it should, I gave him the eyes of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings! BACKGROUND: Darth Zovirex is meant to be the apprentice of Starstrider who turned to the dark side after the death of his master Starstrider in the Clone Wars by the hands of Darth Vader (pre-suit) during the execution of Order 66. Zovirex, in his fury went on a rampage, slaughtering Clone Troopers left and right. He eventually faced Darth Vader, who was viewing security footage of Starstrider with many different apprentices who Starstrider never made into masters. Zovirex saw this and was enraged by this, so he proceeded to unleash his fury on Darth Vader. The fight ended badly, Zovirex had his lightsaber sliced in half by Darth Vader, and as a consequence of his blind fury, Darth Vader cut out Zovirex's eyes with his lightsaber, making him literally blind. Darth Vader preached as to how blinded Jedi had become to their morals and their "religion", but eventually reconciled with Zovirex, telling Zovirex that he too, was once blinded and was never made a master by the Jedi council. Darth Vader reluctantly chose to help Zovirex to regain his vision by making him see all that was previously blind and oblivious to him, taking Zovirex as his first apprentice. Zovirex had since done various missions alongside Darth Vader together with the guidance of Darth Sidious, to attain his master status and ultimately master all of his force abilities. Impressed by the dedication and evolution of Zovirex, Darth Sidious taught Zovirex the ability of dark foresight. Zovirex mastered this ability and regained his vision, but he only saw everything on fire, as he could only ever see the power of the dark side, which upon viewing turned his eyes into pure fire. Light became too bright for Zovirex, so he mostly used a hood on bright planets. After Zovirex had fulfilled his usefullness to both Darth Vader and Darth Sidious, Darth Zovirex spent most of his time on Coruscant, mainly due to the dark environment which suited his eyes more than any bright planet could. He befriended Bounty Hunters and made a life trading through the Black Market and killing various targets for their bountys. He became the only "Sith Bounty Hunter" on Coruscant that worked together with many infamous Bounty Hunters including Boba Fett and IG-88. On his various missions, Zovirex traversed through many ancient Sith Temples hidden in obscure locations on distant planets where targets fled from the Republic and from various Cartels on Coruscant. Inside these ancient Sith temples, Zovirex found and reforged both an ancient set of Sith greaves as his new armor, and an ancent Sith cross-guarded staff as his new saber using Mandalorian Iron. These new items made his missions much easier to execute, since Mandalorian Iron cannot be so easily cut by a saber blade or damaged by blaster fire. EXTRA/THOUGHTS: I'm starting to enjoy making custom characters a lot more than I thought. It's especially nice to work with talented voice actors to really put that extra life into the character. Both of my custom characters -- Starstrider & Darth Zovirex -- are mostly of my own thought, but are influenced by other Star Wars fans and other peoples' work. Starstrider was actually a community effort since a JKHub member @therfiles gave Starstrider his name! It's great to bring these ideas to life and I feel it is so much more creative than to make a pre-existing character. I really hope you have as much fun playing with this character as I have had creating it! BUGS: None that I know about. COMMENTS: Download and enjoy. note that you must have JKA installed in order to use this mod.
  7. Version 2.0


    New and improved and better than ever, here's a 2.0 of the senate commandos. I still don't have any sounds, but the model in general is much better. New textures, a visor.. Just a few changes that make this much better than the version 1. NPC support + team support. NPC names are in the readme. Enjoy!
  8. 289 downloads

    There are a lot of Kyle reskins, because Kyle is awesome. So, why not add another Kyle skin? Here's mine! I really just wanted Kyle to look different from Outcast, since it's been like, 2 years since the events of that game, and here Kyle's still wearing the same clothes. Now, because I love to over-complicate things, I decided to put together my own skin, rather than just download one already made. This is the result. Some nice blue, almost black pants, a black and brown shoulder pad, and some rather fabulous brown boots. Also a green lightsaber. I think a green lightsaber suits Kyle. Oh, and I've added a slight spec shader to Kyle's belt, so it's sorta shiny now. Yay. And, this skin will replace Kyle in singleplayer. No team skins, just the default one. Have fun with yet another Kyle skin.
  9. 169 downloads

    Description: This is just a simple reskin for the basic reborn from Jedi Outcast, this is for Jedi Academy if you like using the original reborns! Installation: Extract the rebornskin.pk3 file into your Jedi Academy base folder for example: D:\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base There is no bugs that I know of
  10. 362 downloads

    Last time I gave the Reborns a nice new voice, to make them more threatening. So we got that out of the way, what would be something else to help make the Reborns a more threatening enemy? Well, a new skin that doesn't have really bright red would be nice. As it turns out, there aren't really a lot of Reborn reskins, at least, not of the new Jedi Academy ones. So I made one myself. I'm not really sure what I wanted to do with them going in, aside from darker colors, but they came out with shiny armor and looking kinda medieval. So that's nice. I made both red and blue versions that are in the story, so you won't have to worry about fighting a dark red Reborn, and then a few minutes later fighting a Reborn with non-shiny armor and bright blue clothes. Anyway, enjoy the mod, I guess.
  11. 206 downloads

    Storm Commandos were the special forces of the Galactic Empire's Stormtrooper Corps and were trained to deal with extreme combat situations. This is a relatively simple reskin of Tyrael's Scout Trooper model, to match the Legends Scout Commando. The weapon utilized in the screenshot is Plasma's EL-16, and is NOT included!
  12. Version V1.1


    DESCRIPTION V1.1: This is another Jedi master model from my collection. This pack contains two famous Zabrak Jedi Masters - Eeth Koth and Agen Kolar. Both were members of Jedi High Council. Eeth Koth was general in Clone Wars and Agen Kolar was one of the four Jedi masters which were killed by Chancellor Palpatine. As in the previous one - Saesee Tiin model, I have I decided to create a new model because old model needed overhaul improvement. An older model was created by Mars Marshall in 2005 so after 12 years it has needed new improvements. I´ve taken original head and kitbashed it on Hapslah´s torso. Hips were changed for DT´s TFA Luke skirt. I have reskinned all textures to be the most accurate to the movies and The Clone Wars TV show. For CW skins there are used clone gauntlets from Ashura´s clone model. There isn´t any specific saber for them so I´ve decided to let them Saesee´s saber because it looks nearly the same. Sounds: Yes Bot: Yes NPC: Yes Team Support: Yes Menu Support: Yes INSTALLATION: Extract eeth&agen_tompa.zip and put zz_zEeth&AgenT.PK3 into your base folder in Gamedata. Enjoy! NPC COMMANDS: npc spawn eeth_koth npc spawn eeth_koth_robed npc spawn eeth_koth_hooded npc spawn eeth_koth_cw (TCW version) npc spawn agen_kolar npc spawn agen_kolar_robed npc spawn agen_kolar_hooded npc spawn agen_kolar_cw (TCW version)
  13. 172 downloads

    This is Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3. The model itself originates from the original jedi model, but the head comes from Hapslash's Anakin model. My brother modified the head a bit and added a mohawk to it. I really feel like this is my best skin yet and I really wanted to share this with you guys I get many skin requests in my clan JoF and I really want to thank Waas for requesting this amazing character What do guys think about it? Greetings PreFXDesigns
  14. Version 1.0


    This is a player model (with NPC support) of the Jedi Master K'kruhk, a fan-favourite from the old Expanded Universe. To install the model, simply extract the zzzKkruhk PK3 to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory. In-game, an allied NPC can be spawned with the following console commands: npc spawn kkruhk npc spawn kkruhkhat npc spawn kkruhkunrobed
  15. 119 downloads

    This is a model and skin that began it's life in the late 2000's for the JEDI Role-Playing community (www.jediholo.net). It went through several iterations, but the final (current) release was compiled 9/28/2011. In 2015 I lost the original PSD's and other project files for this mod, but I hope the community gets as much enjoyment out of it as I did making and playing with it. At one point while working on this I experimented with vertex welding in Milkshape, oweing for the smoothness of the tunic and the poorly done edge on the neck.
  16. 2,940 downloads

    Hi Jedis, I'm back in the Star Wars universe to offer you my interpretation of Obi-Wan Kenobi, as can be seen in the clones wars, with his armor. In reality it is a model that I made a long time ago, perhaps in 2010, to a member of my clan, but that was too personal to be presented here. The operation was therefore to "Frankesteinise", with the head of the great model of HapSlash Obi-Wan on the model of the Commander Keller, whose author's identity remains unknown despite my researches. I also added elements from the Clone Ultima by Neomarz, or from the armor of Quinlan Vos model by Aaron Smith. Blue and Red armors come from Commander Keller keskins names TallahSoldier and Virconcisus; impossible to know who are the authors, but I thank them. Finally I've Created textures myself, and special shaders all around the armors with flashing lights. Original Obi-Wan Voices from the Psyk0sith SW Cartoon Model Pack. Just before I release this file, I've searched if there is already a General Kenobi Model. So, there is one, you can find here: https://jkhub.org/files/file/2650-general-kenobi/ - by Jeff That's why I renamed this file "Clone Wars" General Kenobi. SP Mod support.
  17. Version 1.0


    Just a small skin I made that replaces the default Kyle. I tried my best to make him look like he does in the comics. I assembled some textures from other skins, and edited them to more resemble my Kyle Katarn action figure, lol. The legs, boots, and gloves textures are from GPChannel's ' Dark Forces II: Kyle Katarn ( With jacket) 1.0' the white shirt texture is from ThatOneGuy2486's 'Kyle Reskin' and Kyle's head is from Rooxon's 'High-res Kyle Katarn 0.8' I altered his shoulder pad, gloves, and gave him the brown armpit things he has too. Should work in JK2, but I ain't checked I also added a Jedi Outcast splash screen from my Jedi Outcast Trailer I made a year ago, and I replaced the blaster sound for the probe droid to the one in ESB as a little bonus! Hope yall like it
  18. Version 1.0


    This is new skin/slight remodel of The Force Awakens Stormtrooper made to replicate the new stormtrooper executioner in The Last Jedi. Updates to the model include a taller central plate, non-mirrored helmet, as well as the new helmet grill from The Last Jedi stormtroopers. Npc name: *stexecutioner
  19. 1,029 downloads

    My first ever skins I have ever created. I used a Jango Fett model from here https://jkhub.org/files/file/2020-jango-fett/ and repainted them using paint.net took me about 2 days and here it is. Special Thanks: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Corto for his boba Fett of which this model is based. And Mandalorian for actually basing the model instalation - Simply extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory. \npcs or model names/ mando_shadow Mando_shadow_jetpack Mando_shadow_jetpack2 Mando_shadow2 Mando_shadow3 boba_jango \GOOD GUYS TEAM/ war_mando war_mando2 war_mando3 war_mando4 war_mando5 war_mando6 war_mando7 war_mando8 war_mando9 war_mando10 war_mando11 war_mando12 \BAD GUYS TEAM/ mando_war mando_war2 mando_war3 mando_war4 mando_war5 mando_war6 mando_war7 mando_war8 mando_war9 mando_war10 mando_war11 mando_war12 with the Mando war and war mando i made two of the same npcs so you can have them on the dark or light side. I also made use of the poncho because I think its a nice addon
  20. Jashugan



    Hi jedis! This is Balthier, one of the main characters in Final Fantasy XII . I'm not especially fan of mixing Star Wars universe with others. But this is a special ask of a friend of mine. So here I am! When he asked if someone could make a skin of Balthier, I thought of the human jedi model. With his jacquet, I thought it was appropriated, even if it's less about the face. So this is a reskin of the human jedi model. I hope you will enjoy wearing it because I had fun to make it; some textures are highly detailled, and there are sounds from the video game. Acces the readme file to know more about it, and have fun
  21. Version 1.0


    Models : Galak Fyyar, Imperial Officer, Jedi HF1, Jedi Robes, Clone chest armor Textures : Kahzmat Sounds : Voices from Dawn of War Soulstorm. (English AND French Available) Bot support: No. NPC support: No. Team Skins: No. SP support: No. New Sounds: Yes. -Installation- Put the .pk3 file in your "base" folder. By default : C:/Program Files/Lucas Arts/Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Game data/Base -License- You can share and modify this file freely as long as you got the permission from the original authors and of course, mine. Those officers are the spinal cord of the Aulum's crew. They coordinate actions, operate and command upon the ship. Commissars are highly trained officers who fight until one side is completely destroyed. There are here to prevent soldiers from falling back. - Thoses skins are highly inspired by the Warhammer 40k's Imperial Guard commissars.
  22. 554 downloads

    I simply took the head off of dark_apprentices Jedi Master Luke Skywalker (Which was originally created by DT85) and placed it on Toshi's Luke ROTJ Replacement. I added the hood and hips from RevanKnight's Kylo Ren. There are three versions, all of which have NPC files. There is no singleplayer support as of yet as I am bogged down with Jedi Ben Solo. It is recommended to have Anakin's EP3 Lightsaber, as well as Rooxon's Prodigal Son. I did not package these lightsabers as I did not create them, and the Anakin saber will default to a reborn hilt without the file mentioned above. Rooxon's saber just looks bloody amazing, and fits the model better than the base JA version. NPC List: Utilize the ~ key and input "npc spawn [NPC NAME]". luke_ep8 (Regular model, with hood and hips) luke_duel (Without hood, weilding two lightsabers) luke_nohood (Without hood or hips.) BUGS: Slight kink in the neck. there is a very minute gap at the very back that's see through.
  23. Kualan


    Version 1.1


    Torso Mesh - DT85 / Vade Parvis Head Mesh - DICE All meshes retextured and modified for JKA by Kualan Sound files by Seven (via Battlefront) This is a player model (with NPC support) of the bounty hunter Dengar. To install the model, simply extract the zzzzzDengar PK3 to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory. In-game, an allied NPC can be spawned with the console command 'npc spawn Dengar'. An enemy NPC can be spawned with the console command 'npc spawn DengarEnemy'. IMPORTANT NOTE: This model has been configured so that it should be possible to use without OpenJK being installed however if you run into errors using Dengar please consider trying it with OpenJK installed before reporting the issue.
  24. Version V1.2


    DESCRIPTION V1.2: I am proud to release new Cin Drallig model! He was a master swordsman who served the Jedi Order. Drallig rose to the rank of Jedi Master and led the Jedi Temple Guard during the Clone Wars. As a Master, he was a teacher of lightsaber combat who passed his skills onto new generations of Jedi. He earned the nickname "the Troll" from other members of the Jedi Order. This pack contains two versions - one from The Clone Wars series and second from ROTS videogame. Original model by Don Tom was really old and ugly for todays standarts so I´ve used HS´s model as a base instead. Original head was reskinned for MB2 by Old Ben and kitbashed on that model. After that I´ve reskinned full body (Old Drallig was pretty hard because of photoshoping torso pattern from picture of EP3 videogame). In the end I´ve added Toshi robes, new sounds and team support. The pack also contains Jedi Knight hilt. V1.2 adds menu support and TCW skin. Sounds: Yes Bot: Yes NPC: Yes Team Support: Yes Menu Support: Yes INSTALLATION: Extract drallig_tompa.zip and put zz_zCinDralligT.PK3 into your base folder in Gamedata. Enjoy! NPC COMMANDS: NPC COMMANDS: npc spawn cin_drallig npc spawn cin_drallig_robed npc spawn cin_drallig_hooded npc spawn cin_drallig_cw (TCW version) npc spawn cin_old (EP3 videogame version) npc spawn cin_old_robed npc spawn cin_old_hooded
  25. 550 downloads

    Hi Jedis! I'm back after a few years without JKA, to offer you this reskin of Jimesu_Evil model, a work I had done in 2009. It is a massive pack around samurais, ninjas and ronins, based on the model created by Jimesu_Evil; I tried to fully exploit the many opportunities offered by the original model. I think it's not too aged and I changed it very little to offer you today. I think you can have a good overview with the screenshots. Thank you to read the readme file where I tried to be thorough on what is in the pack.
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