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  1. Tzu

    Old Ben


    So back in the waning days of Jedi Outcast, there was a large group of skins that came out depicting many of our beloved movie characters, such as Yoda, Mace WIndu, Saesee Tiin - wait, why was this guy one of our favorites again? \(^.^)/ Among those wonderful (for the time) movie models and skins was one of our favorite characters of all the movies: Obi Wan Kenobi. But I'm not talking about Padawan Obi, I'm talkin' Old Ben! Who could forget running around maps as that crazy old hermit, taunting "this little one's not worth the effort" and having epic movie duels against Darth Vader, ending by disengaging your saber and going into spec when he hit you? xD Alas, those models are horribly outdated and mostly lost to time. And in the years since, I haven't really seen any great attempts to bring us an older Tatooine exiled Obi Wan. While I can't provide you an exact Obi Wan from ANH, I have provided the next best thing: a reskin of Hapslash's remarkable ROTS Obi Wan, revamped to carry more of the facial characteristics and age of Alec Guinness. I've included, in addition to custom sounds from ANH (thanks to well as a reskin of the General Kenobi lightsaber, the polished metal areas made duller to reflect wear, as well as replacing the emitter matrix and stabilizing ring with black parts to appear as the lightsaber did in ANH. (And no, I don't know that much about lightsaber parts, thanks Wookieepedia!) Some minor things to note. I could not get the NPC to wear his robe, trying to use the robed variant resulted in an invisible NPC. So while the bot wears the robe, the NPC does not. Otherwise the bot and NPC are effectively the same as the ones that come with Haps' ROTS Obi, I did not modify anything other than the names and skins used. Also, when I was attempting to convert the movie sounds to work, I ended up having to make them 16-bit wav files, since for whatever reason I could not get the mp3's to work (I assume the compression for LAME is too new and unrecognized by the game). Since it was easier to fix them using batch conversion, all the Haps' sounds that I kept were also converted in this process. It really didn't effect the filesize much, so hopefully no one minds. That's about it. I had a lot of fun doing this little project. All the credits and such are in the readme. Hope everyone enjoys my first shot back into the modding community in over 8 years!
  2. Version 1.0


    ****************************************** JEDI KNIGHT 3: JEDI ACADEMY MODIFICATION ****************************************** Title: The Sith Stalker from Force Unleashed dlc Version: 1.0 Also included: Lighsaber hilt made by Darth Shiftee Author: Lizfizz File Name: DS_sith_stalker_SP.pk3 Total File Size: 8,46 MB Date Released: 12/21/12 Bot Support:Yes NPC/Species Support:Yes New Sounds: yes sort of sounds from Darth Shiftee are still there. Team Support:Yes Description: --------------------------------------------------------- The Sith Stalker Armor was a type of armor that was cybernetically grafted to the wearer, covering the entire body save the arms.As well as the tat version from the dlc Installation Instructions --------------------------------------------------------- Simply place sith_stalker_SP.pk3 into your game's base folder. Notes --------------------------------------------------------- The skin is not perfect that would require a new model. Credits: --------------------------------------------------------- Darth Shiftee Character, hilt, textures, shaders Garyn Dakari Bot files Jonny2199 & Vaders_Legion NPC and SP support and added the hilt to the SP menu for funsies! Lizfizz tatooine textures and texture edits to orgnial skin done by darth shiftee --------------------------------------------------------- Permission None of the textures in this created by myself are to be used without my express permission. THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  3. Version final


    Well i ve been at skining busines for a litle...Maybe a month or so but i consider this piece to be very good ....It s my best skin as of yet and i l proly cease skining for myself.Anyways enjoy.As far as inspiration goes i got it from Milamber s skin named ripper(black face) so i made a black skin but it was oveeeer the top too much for people s eyes...So i deleted it and went to bed,tomorow morning when i got to it i decided i l use white instead of black and add less shiny stuff so i got this(i actualy wanted to call it hipie reborn because of the flowers).... Skin description:Well a reborn default model recolored in white with aded shaders that are subtle enough but visible in dark.... Instaling:Extraxt the rar than coppy the zeus.pk3 in the base folder... Update:Removed blue glow around eyes collored eyes and mouth black....minor changes
  4. Version 1.02


    This is my rework of an old model made by Corto, it has a few adjustments, such as a bigger helmet and the cape moved (it clipped with the arm during walk too much).It includes fixed shaders and two skins, rotj and esb(new!)
  5. Version 2.0


    Emperor Doviculus from Brütal Legend , a game I can really recommend Doviculus is the leader of the Sado-Masochistic Demons the so called Tainted Coil Brütal Legend As usual I've added everything a playermodel needs : -Teamskins -npc support -bot support -Sounds (recorded from Brütal Legend) -A fitting weapon , his Double-Staff-Axe from the game I think I've said everything required , have fun !
  6. 3,134 downloads

    Author: Spanki This is a reskin of HapSlash's Anakin model. When I was looking at the textures of the SP_MaceWindu_v2 skin, it forced me thinking more and more about it. Finally I replaced almost everything with new textures, and the skin is more looking like the movie, now. There is a default, an unrobed, a hooded, and a completely new sith windu . . . and of course team colour and siege skins. And as some bonus material for everyone who needs a hologram of Mace Windu, there is one included. Thats not all. Have you ever imagined how Mace could have looked like when he was younger and a padawan. So there is a default skin of the young Windu how I imagined it . . . and damn . . I cant let it go out without a senior version. (young windu face texture of the JEDI_Costumization_PLUS I did before, the rest is totally new) Besides there is an armored version of Master Windu with armored torso, boots and arms. Within this zip-file there is the mace windu saber of the SW saberpack by Trauma Sensei Credits: Model - HapSlash Textures - Spanki Mesh Optimization, Weighting & Conversion - Infinity Blade Hilt - Trauma Sensei
  7. Version (v3.0)


    Author: MagSul Description: This mod includes two separate pk3s, one which does not overwrite Rosh Penin and one that does. They are both appropriately named "Rosh_Alternate" and "Rosh_Overwrite" to avoid confusion between them. If you ever encounter any bugs of issues, please let me know! Rosh_Alternate.pk3 --------------------- Included with the Rosh_Alternate.pk3 are several other outfits which can be accessed via the following commands: /model alt_rosh /model alt_rosh/blue /model alt_rosh/red /model alt_rosh/1 /model alt_rosh/2 /model alt_rosh/3 /model alt_rosh/4 Check the screenshots to see what they look like! Rosh_Overwrite.pk3 ----------------------- Included with the Rosh_Overwrite are a few minor tweaks to the Single Player experience. Firstly, the levelshot for the T1_Inter cutscene has been changed to display Rosh's new appearance. On top of that, Rosh's "dark" NPC file has been adjusted to make him a more formidable foe when you encounter him on Vjun. Another change is the Lightsaber which Rosh uses against you during this encounter. He no longer shares a saber model with the majority of enemies encountered in the game, he uses a backhanded Lightsaber stance and his Lightsabers colour is now blue. Credits to AshuraDX for the TFU2 Lightsaber hilt. Lastly, several snippets of Rosh's dialogue have been cut entirely. Other pieces have been replaced (along with one or two lines from Kyle and male/female Jaden to match.) I tried to overwrite the subtitles, but that caused weird and wonderful errors, so they've been left untouched. Hopefully, with these changes you'll find Rosh Penin more endurable when playing single player. Special Thanks to AshuraDX for allowing me to include his TFU2 sabers!
  8. 901 downloads

    This is a reskin of DT's ESB Luke model. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to take advantage of because he used the default Jedi model and most JA models are very similar. It wasn't very hard but it's not perfect. The chest console isn't modeled so it doesn't look accurate. It's the best we'll get until a real model is made. It comes with a hilt like in my previous Luke skin packs. There is team support and NPC support: npc spawn luke_pilot playermodel luke_pilot saber lukeE4 Credits: DT85 for the wonderful model. Toshi for the original head model and skin. ShadowX for the hilt that's included. And Raven for the Pilot textures. Go here for DT's model! https://jkhub.org/files/file/1682-%7B%3F%7D/
  9. Dalendrion



    If you're like me, and you like the Mirialan race, then this reskin of one of Spanki's Jedi Customization PLUS skins is for you! Thanks to Jelly for recolouring the skin. Dalendrion (I) edited the clothes and the face to add Mirialan' signature tattoos. There are three models included. A default version, a robed version and a hooded version. Only the default version is accessible through the multiplayer profile menu. The others can only be selected with their corresponding console names. the console names are: - model dalendrion - model dalendrion/robe - model dalendrion/robe_hood CREDITS to the original authors: Model - HapSlash Textures - Spanki Mesh Optimization, Weighting & Conversion,- Infinity Blade HapSlash (for the awesome model & hs_dooku) E-Mail : slash_happy@yahoo.com Scerendo & Selek (for the torso of Haruun_Kal_Jedi) E-Mail : elvarg@msn.com Selek13@hotmail.de Scerendo again (for the torso of his awesome hs_anakin reskin Zander_Cohort) Sith Lord (for a really well made face texture of a beautiful hs_anakin reskin called Kale_Degan) RinkXing (for some of the torso of his rots_kenobi reskin named XaoXing) Email: RinkXing@gmail.com
  10. Version 1.0


    ************************************************************** JEDI KNIGHT III : JEDI ACADEMY MODIFICATION ************************************************************** Pablo-Jill / Ongree Jedi Pablo-Jill was an Ongree male native to the Skustell Cluster who served as a Jedi Knight and General during the Clone Wars. Famed for bringing peace and order to the lawless planet of Ord Mantell early in his Jedi career, he participated in the Battle of Geonosis in 22 BBY, where over two hundred members of the Jedi Order battled the vast droid armies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Pablo-Jill was one of few on his side to survive, though he became separated from the bulk of his fellow Jedi during the fighting. Three years later, he led a daring attempt to rescue Supreme Chancellor Palpatine from the clutches of the commander of the Separatist Droid Army, General Grievous, over Coruscant. Many of the other Jedi gave up, but Pablo-Jill continued in his efforts to intercept Grievous's tri-wing shuttle, and eventually dueled with the cyborg aboard the Separatist flagship, Invisible Hand. Grievous proved too strong for the Ongree Jedi Knight, however, and killed him. After the duel, Pablo-Jill's body was launched into space for all the Republic forces to see.
  11. 2,788 downloads

    This is my depiction of Luke in Jedi Master robes. There have been a lot of requests floating around over the years asking for this, and it was done with the default JA model, but using the Toshi model would be a much better and accurate choice. This one isn't perfect, but I think it turned out pretty good. To use in SP: npc spawn master_luke npc spawn master_luke_robe npc spawn master_luke_hood Credits: Toshi for the model and original textures. Khaliban for the hilt.
  12. 167 downloads

    Author Zicmak This is Luke, yet again with a armour chestplate, gloves and boots , except with different colors: White, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Black and Red, as well as a full armour Luke and a "Battle Damaged Luke".
  13. Version 3.0


    This is a model of the character Link from the Legend of Zelda. Special Bonus skin in Version 3.0: The Feirce Deity. Additional meshes were added to make this skin possible. Textures re-created by me, spending hours in Photoshop, glancing back and forth from screen to Majora's Mask player's guide, for reference. If you don't like the Fierce Deity, atleast appreciate, my greatest skinning job to date. =)
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