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  1. JKHub

    The Fog


    Author: Phonock This is the same as random skinpack for JK3.But instead of skinpack i will release it separately for JK2,because not everyone like to download skinpack which the size quite big. Also included new sound,team support and bot support.
  2. JKHub

    Laming Virus


    Author: Phonock This is the same as random skinpack for JK3.But instead of skinpack i will release it separately for JK2,because not everyone like to download skinpack which the size quite big. Also included new sound,team support and bot support.
  3. JKHub

    Mystery Girl


    Author: Phonock I reskin the Jan Pink skin.Enjoy Credits : Special thanks to Jim 'plasma' Manavis for the use of his skin.
  4. JKHub

    Galak the Zombie

    Version v2


    Author: Phonock A reskin of Galak to make him a zombie.I hope you'll like it
  5. 62 downloads

    Author: Phonock This is reskin of JC skin made by Jerec Killer.I hope you like the new look! Credits : I would like to thanks Jerec Killer for sharing the skin.
  6. 160 downloads

    Kill Tracker 101 is basically a heavily modified version of 'Mau'Dae's Kill Tracker 2.0', using the source code Mau'Dae released online. (Available at http://emon.home.icq...ackerSource.zip). The difference between Kill Tracker 2.0 and Kill Tracker 101 basically is that I've added a large number of extra features to it that I have always thought would be useful in the versions of Kill Tracker I have used before. *********************************************** Instructions For Use : Install the Kill Tracker EXE into the 'Gamedata' directory of JK2. Then, in Kill Tracker 101 type in the name field, your EXACT name in JK2 (Without the color tags. ie, NOT ^1*^4Tim^1*, just *Tim*, etc ;D) -OR- In JK2, in the console, type '/name' (Without quotes) and Kill Tracker 101 will do the rest. Now, Simply running the jk2mp.exe file now will not activate Kill Tracker 101. To activate the Kill Tracker without needing GSA, etc, In Kill Tracker 101, click the "Run Jedi Kinght II: Multiplayer" button, and it will do the rest. (Note: I sometimes got an error with JK2 when I did this, after opening KT101 using a shortcut. I think it may be just my computer, but I'll inform you anyway. If this does happen [The JK2 console will just sit there], simply go to the Gamedata directory, open KT101 directly and try it then.) To Activate Kill Tracker 101 using GameSpy Arcade or another game-related program, simply set that program to run the Kill Tracker EXE instead of jk2mp.exe. *********************************************** Main Features: -Kill Tracker Upon killing someone in any way (Except kicking) the kill tracker will add one to it's counter and display a custom "Kill" message that you can customize. Upon kicking someone to death, the kill tracker will add one to it's counter and display a custom "Kick" message that you can customize. -Death Tracker Upon being killed by someone, the tracker will add 1 to your death count, and then display a custom "Killed" message. The same applies from above when you are kicked to death. -Duel Tracker Upon initiating a duel, you can display a custom mwssage at the beginning of the duel, and then a custom message at the end of the duel, whether you won or lost will determine what the message will be. Upon completing a duel, 1 will be added to your duel tracker and 1 will be added to your 'won' or 'lost' tracker. (ONLY if you finish a duel with someone killing someone. Otherwise it isn't counted) -EVERY message available for others to see (ie !time, !info, etc) has the ability to be modified to your liking. So perhaps if you wish to have your own color scheme, etc, you can now do that. -A button that will allow you to start up the Kill Tracker without having to run it through a program such as GameSpy Arcade or any other similar program. -An extensive list of commands available, listed below. *********************************************** Commands: These commands are entered into KT101 when you 'speak' them in-game: !ad - A message displaying the credits to Kill Tracker 101 are displayed. (Useful if anyone asks 'What is that thing?' ) !deaths - Will display a message stating how many times you have been killed before. !duelinfo <playername> - Typing '!duelinfo ' and someone's name (ie !duelinfo Tim) will display a message stating how many times you've dueled them, won, and lost. (NB, the name you type must be EXACT! Or it will not work.) !duels - Will display a message stating how many duels you have done before. !duelwins - Will display a message stating how many duels you have won before. !duellosses - Will display a message stating how many times you have lost a duel before. !echoon - Instead of displaying these messages to everyone, enabling this and then entering commands will make them output, only that u may see them. (Pretty much using the '/echo' cmd instead of '/say') !echooff - Will deactivate what was said above so everyone can see your messages again. !info <playername> - Will do the same thing as !duelinfo, but will display your kills and deaths instead of duels with that person. !kezmanon - Activates the Kezman filter. One of my clan mates, Kezman, discovered that by typing in'was sabered by Tim' (Or perhaps even binding it) would trigger Mau'Dae's Kill Tracker and add 1 to your count. Because others soon started doing this, my counter shot up something like 100 kills in one day (Which isn't too much But I wanted to keep my kill count real) To counter this, I've implemented the "Kezman Filter". When active, it will not allow people to trick your tracker. However, due to a possible bug (I haven't actually seen it, but I believe it may pop up at any time) that would make the Kill Tracker not respond to certain players, I have given the option for the Kezman Filter to be turned on and off, so you may protect your kill records and keep them legit. (Sorry Kez! ) !kezmanoff - Deactivates the Kezman filter. !kills - Will display a message stating how many kills you have. !ktoff - Will disable the messages that appear whenever you kill/die/duel. (The kill tracker is still counting your kills, just not saying the message you set.) !kton - Will enable the kill/die/duel messages again. !otherinfoon - When this is on, other people may use your '!info' function simply by saying "!info <playername>" like you would. This feature is quite nifty for those who want to keep track of their kill/death info you have. !otherinfooff - To prevent spamming, or if you just don't want to share your tracker with others, you can disable other people's ability to use your '!info' function. !rndcolor - A random color for your lightsaber will be chosen. !time - A message will be displayed stating the time, as taken from your computer's clock. Known Bugs: I have noticed that when Kill Tracker 101 works on a server with a mod enabled, the duel counter may not work properly. If so, the Kill Tracker has been programmed to disregard any duels that have had an error in them. (Ie, they aren't counted.) If you kill someone, and the Kill Tracker doesn't register that kill, first, in the console, type /name (Just to activate the Tracker if it isn't on), and if that doesn't work, then try typing !kezmanoff (Note: If you do encounter a bug, or something that you think the Tracker shouldn't be doing, then please e-mail me.) *********************************************** Comments: The whole experience of coding Kill Tracker 101 has been extremely fun, and I have learnt a LOT more about programming now. Thank you for downloading Kill Tracker 101 and I hope you have as much fun with it as I have! Enjoy!! Tim
  7. 96 downloads

    Original Author: Covax Description: First I was just going to do a skin pack for myself and my freind at the Writer's Block, dubbed 'WB: Tornament'. Then I stared throwing in dragon pictures on all of the skins and I realized that Desann would be an ultimate 'Dragon Warlord'. I figured the Ladder mod needed some spicing up and there are a TON of 'little' modifications that get ignored. So now I decided to 'Remix' the full game and create a MOD that would add a cool spin to a classic game. This demo is really the Hoth level from the Jedi Knight Demo. Only the MODs relevent to this level (Skins, sounds) have been added, the other skins, weapons and sounds will be released in the full version. - Kung Fu-type moves for the Jedi, as well as different Red and Yellow sword styles for Kyle. - Lightsabers replaced with different swords for characters. Reborn has have 'ninja' swords, Kyle has a Katana. - Different 'modern' guns. - Varous skins updates/changes. Dragons everywhere. - Bryar pistol replaced with a throwing knife. - Current versions of Jedi Moves and Blood mods added. Instructions: Place in your GameData/base folder. Either load the game titled 'Demo' in the Save section or toggle the console and tupe the command 'map demo'. Credits: This MOD is a compilation of several other MODs, those being edited/altered versions of: Maps: 'Jedi Knight II Demo' by Raven Mods: 'MGS2 Ninja MOD' by SquallStrife 'JediMoves 2' by Master D-Ley Asam 'Ultimate Blood' by StrWrsXprt and Desann 'Weapon Alterations' by Joruus C B'oath the 2nd 'Flamethrower' by Dark Reaper Weapons: 'Katana MOD v1.1' by Ages120 'Shuriken Set 1' by Laghima 'Swords' by Sephiroth__VII 'Minigun', 'M-41 Pulse Rifle', 'SPAS-12' 'Colt Cobra' by Lord Hartus Skins: 'KISS Army Skinpack #1' by Kelvis 'Dragon Skins' by Paul Murrell 'The Daggos Siblings' by Shadow Blight 'Lord Rive' by Jepman 'Dark Kyle' by Digital Vapor 'Grendel' by Blair Tarleton & Everette Hebert 'Darth Vania' MiniBattleDroid 'Mara Jade' by Mystery Knight 'Zehn' by ?? 'Cerann' by ?? 'Xander' by ?? Bugs: 1- This MOD will NOT work correctly with saved games - the katana seems to be bound to the wrong bone. It works fine if you start up a map through the console, or start the game from the beginning. 2- I have NO idea how this mod will effect other MODS. It works fine with other Single Player levels.
  8. 326 downloads

    Original Author: Covax Description: The final Evolution of the Dragon Remix MOD, combining the BEST Single-Player mod for Jedi Outcast. If interest is high enough I'll release the updated multiplayer game and weapons add-ons. Now I can get to work on some Jedi Academy mods... This is a 'total conversion' of the Single Player experience. There are no new maps, although it's a fun mod to use in conjuction with fan-made SP maps. - Vanguard and Anatares (aka Kyle and Jan) have sabers and force powers at begining. - Most of the skins, weapon models and effects have been changed in some way. - You'll see a bunch of cameos from Writer's Block Media and the original Blade Mod crew. - Red and Blue sword styles are now Desann's and Tavion's respectively - Sparks and smoke replaced by blood. Stumps are dark red rather than yellow. - Better acrobatics: Cartwheel and Butterfly Kick relaces the rolls. - Cooler pistol-firing animation (in my oppinon) - Jump: 'Force Jump' style and 'Force Getup'. - Dismemberment is now fully enabled. This also has the effect of making the swords very lethal. - Every one of the weapons leaves the cool glowing mark that the disruptor usually leaves. - Force Lightning replaced with a Fire effect. Instructions: Unpack in your /GameData/ folder. A DragonRemix folder should be created. Either use the attached .BAT file or activate under Options->Mods in the starup screen. Credits: [Weapons and Effects] Guns: 'Mach Pistol' by Magnetixxx 'Colt Pistol' - by Lord Hatrus, replaces Imperial Pistol 'AK-47' by Lord Hatrus, replaces Blaster Rifle 'SPAS-12 Shotgun' by Lord Hatrus and Master Cheif replaces G.A. Flechette Weapon 'SIG Sniper Rifle' by Master Cheif, replaces Disruptor Rifle 'M-16' by Master Cheif, replaces Imperial Repeater 'Bullets' and 'Arrows' based off of 'Shuriken Set 1.5' by Laghima 'Flamethrower Effects' (for Demp2) by Covax and David B Melle Weapons and Saber Energy Blades:: 'Bokken' based off 'Katana MOD v1.1' by Ages120, reskin by Covax 'Daywalker Sword' by Magnetixxx, shader by Leper Messiah 'Shadow Sword' by Sephiroth__VII, reskin by Covax 'Zatoichi' by Laghima 'Progressive Blade' by Covax 'Samurai 3000 Hilt' by Chrono 'Burning Saber' by Wendel Crow 'Samurai Lightsaber' by 66sith 'Valsabers' by Val(?) Sounds: Character sounds come with repective models Gun Sounds by Psycho Mantis and Magnetixxx 'Katana' by Ages120 'Buster Sword' by Nick D 'Tusken Raider' by Major Clod [Good Guys] Vanguard - Kyle Katarn - Original Skin by Graves, tweeked by Covax Anatares (v2) - Jan Ors - Original Model by Edward Peretti, reskin by Leper Messiah Covax - Luke Skywalker - Original Skin by Renix reskin by Covax Whistler - Jedi Trainer - Original Skin by Leper Messiah Blackwolf - Jedi - Original model by SithlordII and skin CyberX, tweeked by Covax Dax Strife - Jedi2 - Original Skin by Sanj, reskin by Covax DR Kyle (v2) - Morgan Katarn - Original by Mr.Sinister, reskin by Covax [New Republic] Shaft! - Lando Calrissian - Skin and model by by Mehab4 Nyles (v2) - Rebel - Original model by Infinity Blade, tweeked by Covax Allery - Rebel2 - Original model by Edward Peretti, reskin by Leper Messiah and Covax Born 2 ReSpawn - Bespin Cop - Original model by Major Clod, reskin by Leper Messiah Warrick (v2) - Bespin Cop2 - Original skin by Lee Wright, tweeked by Covax Lee Wright - Prisoner - Skin by Lee Wright Shadow Blight(v2)- Prisoner2 - Skin by Shadow Blight [imperials] The 4th Man - Admiral Galak Fayar - Skin by Covax RX-178 Suit - Galack Mech - Original Model by Gemini, reskin by Covax Mechs - Mark 1&2 Attack Droids - Original conversion by Chairwalker Rx-93 Mech - Probe Driods - Original Model by Ravenxg, skin tweek by Covax David Saul - Imperial Comander - Suit by Kingpin, head by Jimmy Iu Agent - Imperial - Original skin by Kingpin Black Ops - Strormtrooper and Storm Trooper Officer - Reskin by Covax Flame Trooper - Swamp Trooper and Rocket trooper - Original Skin by Leper Messiah Dante - Imperial Pilot - Original skin by Mike Cantwell Vampire Officer - Storm Trooper Officer (alt) and Storm Trooper Commander - Original Model by Madjai, reskin by Leper Messiah, tweaked by Covax [Dark Jedi] General Kingu - Lord Desann - Skin by Shadow Blight, tweeked by Covax Andraste Mordon - Tavion - Skin by Shadow Blight, tweeked by Covax Nergal - - Original Skin by Leper Messiah Male Sebetti - Shadowtrooper - Original Skin by Leper Messiah Female Sebetti - Shadowtrooper2 - Original Skin by Leper Messiah, tweekd by Shadow Blight Seth - Reborn Boss - Assembled by Covax UVX - Reborn Acrobat - Assembled by Covax Shadow Blight(v1)- Reborn Force User - Skin by Shadow Blight Lord Rive - Reborn Fencer - Original Skin by Jepman Bouncer - Reborn - Original Model by Madjai, reskin by Leper Messiah, tweaked by Covax [syndicate] Katalist - Reelo Baruk - Original Skin by Kazzz, tweeked by Covax Snowman - Rodian - Original Skin by Leper Messiah Merrk Dengar - Rodian2 - Original Skin by Kazzz Kazz - Weequay - Original Skin by Kazzz Rasat Vamp - Weequay2 - Original Skin by Magnetixxx, tweeked by Covax and Leper Messiah Stern - Trandoshan - Original Skin by Kazzz Rawg - Gran - Original Skin by Kazzz Zombie - Gran Boxer - Skin by Lee Wright Thresh - Chiss Bartender - Based on skins by Kelvis, tweeked by Covax Volenkov - Original Skin by Leper Messiah Spiders - Mine Monsters - Original model by Keto Misc Skins credits, for 'peices used': 'KISS Army Skinpack #1' 'Dragon Skins' by Paul Murrell 'Lord Katarn' by Jepman 'Black Kyle' by Mr.Sinister 'Grendel' by Blair Tarleton & Everette Hebert 'Darth Seth' by Darth Amote 'Darth Vania' by MiniBattleDroid 'Mara Jade' by Mystery Knight 'Sold Snake' by Evil Gonzo 'World War 2 Solider' by JEDI_salvation 'Shaft' by Mehab4 'Count Dooku' by Steve Atkinson (?) 'President Scroob' by Yar Cydoh 'Kyle to Jango Partial Armor' by Lightsaber6458 'Zehn' by ?? 'Xander' by ?? This MOD is a compilation of several other MODs, those being edited/altered versions of: 'Jedi Master Mod' by Osiris 'JediMoves Basic' by Master D-Ley Amas 'Han Shooting Animation' by tFighterPilot 'Ultimate Blood' by StrWrsXprt and Desann 'Hyper Weapons Mod' by WeedWhacker 'Weapon Alterations' by Joruus C B'oath the 2nd 'Flamethrower beta v.1' by Dark Reaper 'DS-Reticles2' by Dreamstation Bugs: 1 - Like other models modification this MOD will NOT work correctly with saved games - the weapons will be bound to the wrong bone. It works fine if you start up a map through the console, or start the game from the beginning. 2 - I have NO idea how this mod will effect other MODS. It works fine with other Single Player levels that have no conflicting skin/model changes. By default remove/rename the NPCs.cfg file in one of the mods and everything should work fine. 3 - There may be a problem in the Besbin Streets level. The 3rd Reborn encounter, by the landing platform, dosen't seem to work. You may have to NOLCIP your way though the door to continue.
  9. 47 downloads

    These calculators tell you the exact bitrate numbers in which to disable either force or weapons on your server.
  10. erfg12

    Clan Mod

    Version v2.0


    A server side mod to help moderate your clan and server.
  11. JKHub



    Original Author: cHoSeN oNe Description: This is a combination of Dest & Tchouky's JediMod 1.2 and ROP & Eternal's Jetpack Mod demo all compiled in Visual Studio.NET... - Also added 2 new saber hilts to |:|ReMaRk|:| saber hilt pack. - Updated tckmodel.cfg also enclosed. Main Features: -Type 'bind <key> jetpack' in the console to bind a key to the jetpack. Use directional keys, jump (climb) and duck (dive) to fly NOTE: You must first enable Jetpack in the command console if you want to use it. Simply type: \"set mod_jetpack 1\" in the command console will enable this. To disable, just type \"set mod_jetpack 0\" This portion of the mod is intended to be used in conjunction with the Mandalorian models w/ jetpacks.(Boba and Jango Fett). The jetpack can be activated with any model, but it won't look right! -Known issue: No jetpack flight sound when saber activated. This is not a problem for our mod, and therefore we do not plan to 'fix' this issue Enjoy RenegadeofPhunk(ROP) New stuff in JediMOD1.2: -Amazing new hilt pack made by |:|ReMaRk|:| specially for JediMod v1.2 with 45 new hilts. (be sure to read saber_readme.txt) -22 new emotes! For a total of 31 emotes! -Multiple Taunt Sounds! (you can hear yoda go weeeeehehehewhoohehe) -New move for orange style if your using only one saber -mod_cheatprotection variable that makes it so players can't change models if they are close to other players. -bots can now use hilts. -no more file size limit on tckmodel.cfg -This is a full version so you don't need JediMod 1.0 or JediMod 1.1 installed. Other stuff in JediMod: -Can wield two sabers at once. -Hilt models can be selected like player models. -Two added stances with new special moves for five stances total. -You can search for JediMod games by hitting the all/Jedi Knight II game toggle button -skill mode, toggled with mod_skillMode, causes damage to be area specific. So if you get hit in the head it does 2x damage while getting hit in the legs does 0.9x damage. Installation: Unzip into the GAMEDATA folder. All of the files inside of the zip should end up in the folder gamedata/phatMOD/ Execution: select the phatMOD v1.0 in the mod setup screen. Or use the command line argument +set fs_game phatMod ex. \"C:\\LucasArts\\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\\GameData\\jk2mp.exe\" +set fs_game phatMOD Comments: Remember that you can only play this mod if the server has it and is running it. - This mod is opensource, feel free to improve upon it. - Have Fun ! -Jedimod Thanks to: |:|ReMaRk|:| for the wonderful hilt pack and other help with the mod, Tchouky for the great model scaling code, keo718 for the updated tckmodel.cfg list, Ask(thats a name) for his grappleing hook code, NickR for helping me with some of the bugs in JediMod, everyone else in jk2coding for being there so I could ask them questions, Raven for making a cool game and for the ghoul2 api, and everyone who downloaded the mod.
  12. Version (Jedi Outcast)


    Battlestar Aurelia - Readme Outline ONE-JO - 23-12-2012 "You watch me. I'll have my own Battlestar one day" Description: This map will be "odd" because this is more of an outline rather then a playable map and originally, it was designed for Elite Force and specificly the RPG-X modification. However, given the fact that the RPG-X developers decided to regard me as an untermensch, I decided to cease development of the RPG-X version. The origins of this map lies within all my previous maps released for Elite Force, namely the Asteroid Base, Battlestar Bellerophon and U.S.S Leonov maps, augmented with various elements from a wide range of sci-fi television shows, movies and videogames both past and present, I have made an attempt to incorporate all these elements into a single, workable map. Since I feel that the Aurelia's design is a strong one and not depending onto one game alone, I decided to port and release this map for Jedi Outcast instead and altough its more of an outline then a playable map, I decided to release it in its current form due to (for the most part) time constraints and to give players and fellow mappers a chance to see what I have been up to. Some areas are complete, some aren't and some are somewhere in between. Game info: Game: Jedi Outcast Gametype: Free for all (Other modes may work but are not supported) Number of Players: 14 Bot Support: No This map is compatible with Jedi Academy's high-resolution pack, which can be downloaded from the website. Credits: Mapping: Apprentice Additional models: Apprentice Additional textures: Apprentice The Master plan: (Outline 1-JO) Version ONE-JO is a direct port from the Jedi Academy version towards Jedi Outcast, since both games are practicly using the same assets, except for some textures and models which have been corrected. (Outline 1) For this map, there is no master plan. I have decided to release it "as is" and if there is sufficient feedback, I may decide to release an Outline TWO or port this map to other idTech3 based games, including a version for RPG-X but that depends on how the RPG-X developers continue to regard me. Feedback: Feedback can be given through apprentice(at)apprentice(dot)be. For actual information about the map "Battlestar Aurelia", see the website www.apprentice.tk THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS. THIS MODIFICATION MAY NOT BE USED WITH UBERGAMES RELATED PROJECTS NOR MAY IT BE USED IN NON-UBERGAMES PROJECTS MADE BY UBERGAMES STAFF OR THEIR AFFILIATES, PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE.
  13. 266 downloads

    This is for Jedi Outcast, looking for the Jedi Academy version? Click here This is the first JK2 modification I have made. It is also the first time I have tried skinning a model in Photoshop from scratch that WAS NOT just a large pile of gradient colors. For my first time try at something like this, I think it went quite well. This mod will just simply modify the Saber and most of it's aspects to an EFP* version of it. Nothing else has been changed, so it is possible to use this mod in servers that are not pure. Originally I was intending to create a simple different colored blade that would alternate colors constantly, however I found that it was not technically possible to do it the way I wanted it do in JK2. So instead, I tried my hand again at a bit of 3D modeling and I made this saber. And I think that this thing is much better than a simple blade! So, I hope you enjoy the EFP*LightSaber Mod! Enjoy! Tim Features Modified The Lightsaber model that the player model holds has been replaced by an all new version Saber Color Choose Menu has had pictures modifed Saber Weapon Icon in Heads-up Display displays the New Saber icon New Lightsaber sounds played when extending/retracting (The original sound played higher) Shaders: Scrolling lines up along a section of the main body, Saber has an overall metallic reflection all over it. Time taken to make: Approx 2 or so weeks Installation Instructions: Simply drag the 'efplightsaber.pk3' into the 'base' folder in your JK2 directory. Start Playing JK2 and check out your new saber. *WARNING: Don't rename the file names as it may stop working* *NOTE: This mod will not work in the demo version of JK2* About the EFP* The Elite Force Posse was originally founded in 2001 by a group of friends, around the game "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force". Since then, the clan's member number has increased immensely, as well as it has now also expanded into the JK2 world where they have matches there too. To visit the EFP* website, got to 'http://www.efp1.net' Copyright Details All of the contents of this pak have either been modiifed or made completely from scratch by me. If you want to use any of the files from it in some of your work, please ask me first, so I know that someone likes my work enough to want to use it. I have given this file a thorough look over, and I have found no bugs. If you do find any bugs, by all means, e-mail me about it.
  14. 18 downloads

    Just a simple sink prefab to use in your maps. If you use this prefab please give credit to me. Install: Take the .map and put it in your gamedata/base/map folder and you should be able to open it in radiant if not email me. If you want to modify this prefab go ahead but a word of warning if you ungroup anything it will be very difficult to put it back together. Each group is easy to retexture simply select it and choose the new texture. (I grouped it to make it more convenient for those who want to retexture it each group should have the same texture but if you disagree I really dont care if you do it differently) I included the textures so this prefab should work in JKA.
  15. 49 downloads

    SK Tournament is a large arena based deep beneath the surface of Mustafar. It is where the SK clan send there champions to prove themselves in combat. Just a large arena with two dueling platforms the first surrounded by lava and the second floating above it each accessible by 4 energy bridges. There are four observation platforms upon the walls above the second platform. There is also a hidden admin room still unfinished. bot routes have been included though kinda buggy and amusing just turn off the energy bridges and the bots will start throwing themselves into the lava. Beta Testers: The SK Clan. If you want to take any of my ideas or textures and use them in your own map go ahead just give credit to me in your readme.
  16. Hi Razor help with cmd amentspawn PLS PLS PLS^^
  17. Now I want to make a trailer for the JK2 portion of the mod. Unfortunately, I lost my list of audio cues from my old hard drive when it died. Thoughts? I can supply a list of lines both in the games and not shipped.
  18. NumberWan


    Dworn Dworn (or Dvorn) is a new planet, that is completely our own creation. Well, almost. It's an Imperial world and is the next objective of Kyle Katarn after Ord Mantell. I won't say much about the mission itself, but it includes an Imperial city and a military base. All Imperial attributes can be seen here and there. The map was originally created by a friend of mine and our team member Wuhan. At the time we had little references in creating Imperial architecture, so believe it or not, but we made a lot of sketches, based upon Imperial buildings seen in Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds video game. Olgo significantly improved the maps, adding flying TIE fighters, Imperial Lambda Shuttles and other Imperial starships to the skies. Not to mention the latest Imperial additions among the NPCs. 1. Imperial City 2. Imperial Academy 3. Dworn Forests
  19. I was thinking. Rather than the typical reload that you see in most games, how about this idea: Pickup ammo as usual but when you exceed the amount in the clip, it gets stored in the reserve (half of the clip maximum, so 400 clip will be 200 reserve). Then when your clip is empty, you hit the reload key which will drain the reserve. This will play a reload animation (both player model & viewmodel) and have a special "recharge" animated shader overlaying the weapon model accompanied by a "recharge" sound. This way, it keeps reloading looking sci-fi and also solves the problem of "but this weapon has no physical clip, how would it reload?".
  20. UPDATE 3-9-14 This project is now officially integrated with eezstreet's JK2: HD Project. Purpose The goal is to provide rebuilt, higher resolution textures for Jedi Outcast that are four times the size of the originals. Originally, I was planning to rebuild all textures for Jedi Outcast. What I've found however is that in most cases, the textures themselves are high enough resolution. What Jedi Outcast needs is not necessarily higher resolution textures, but normal/diffuse/specular maps, as well as a better lighting system and other certain things that only modifying Jedi Outcast's engine can provide. As such, I am only rebuilding textures that are of the following categories: Target 1) Light textures. Anything that has a glowing light on it. The reason for this is because crisper lights (and glow effects) look better. 2) Control panels. Players will walk up close to these, so it is important that they do not look awful at a close range. 3) Any kind of imperial screens and monitors. Again, crisper lines look significantly better. Gallery Everything I've done so far. Note that in each picture, only one texture has been replaced. http://www.moddb.com/mods/jedi-outcast-high-resolution-texture-project/images Legal Disclaimer Since I have created these textures from scratch, I retain full rights to each of them. Each texture is a ton of work. Some take no more than an hour, but the majority of them took me about 2-3 hours each, and one that probably took about 6 hours over two days. As such, I expect my work to be respected. These textures may not be used in any way shape or form unless I otherwise specify. Permission is given to eezstreet to use these textures exclusively in his JK2: HD mod for Jedi Outcast.
  21. NumberWan


    BOTHANS The latest news, which is titled "Hello from Bothawui" has finally been authorized, so it is time to present another species, which will make a cameo in Dark Pastime modification. Bothans can be seen on a variety of worlds in Dark Pastime, including Anarmar, Uffel, Tuak'Khan, Rutana, Coruscant and in some other places. Mainly they are neutral, but with their well-developed spy net, they are good allies of the New Republic, thus you'll get a chance to work with them side by side in one of the missions. Bothans come in different skin colors and hairstyles, as well as clothes, which can be changed easily through switchable surfaces. The main problem was their beard, though we are working to improve both such details as fur and clothes.
  22. Clean install of JK2 Debug compile of OpenJK with JK2 support from latest git Dropped openjk_sp.x86.exe and rdsp-vanilla_x86.dll into /JK2/GameData Launched with: openjk_sp.x86.exe +set com_jk2 1 Tried with/without OpenJK's jk2gamex86.dll in both GameData and OpenJK with +set fs_game "OpenJK" - no difference. (debug)OpenJK: v1.0.1.1 win-x86-debug Nov 1 2013 Initialising zone memory ..... ----- FS_Startup ----- Current search path: C:\Users\Razish\Documents\My Games\OpenJK\base G:\Games\JK2\GameData\base\mapextras2.pk3 (28 files) G:\Games\JK2\GameData\base\mapextras.pk3 (49 files) G:\Games\JK2\GameData\base\assets1.pk3 (8011 files) G:\Games\JK2\GameData\base\assets0.pk3 (6674 files) G:\Games\JK2\GameData\base ---------------------- 14762 files in pk3 files execing default.cfg execing openjk_sp.cfg couldn't exec autoexec_sp.cfg Running Jedi Outcast Mode ------- Input Initialization ------- Skipping check for DirectInput Joystick is not active. ------------------------------------ ----- Client Initialization ----- Could not open string package 'KEYNAMES' jk2sp.exe works fine. All the assets are there and usable (and being loaded), JK2 support is being enabled. Any ideas how to fix it? Other people seem to be able to run it okay.
  23. I've been trying to do this for many hours... I'm quite close, but something really weird is going on. I have a chains.tga I've made myself, and want to use it as a sprite (autosprite2). Here is the shader: textures/Bootland/chains { qer_editorimage textures/Bootland/chains.tga deformVertexes autosprite2 q3map_onlyvertexlighting q3map_nolightmap { map textures/Bootland/chains blendFunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA alphaFunc GT0 depthWrite rgbGen identity } } Problem: The sprite's texture twists and breaks off in a way, if I'm using a simple patch mesh (in-game). Here are some pictures to show what happens. In this picture, you see the chain to the left, a patch mesh. To the right is a sprite on an ordinary square brush. It has nodraw on the other sides but the front. This sprite doesn't follow the camera 360 degrees around, but stops after 180. The patch mesh follows all the way, but remains bugged. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/58757568/sprite1.jpg Here is a big match mesh with the same sprite, just in case it makes it clearer. That's supposed to be straight, and whole. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/58757568/sprite2.jpg
  24. I'm aware that this is pretty far from earth (as is the universe of Star Wars) - could there possibly be a way of having a mirror NOT draw players? Something along a line in the mirror shader. Or anything equally mad?
  25. I'm looking for some maps for JK2 that are similar to Raven's multiplayer mapping style. By this I mean it should have the following: -Bot Support -Well-thought-out and fun layout -Decent visuals throughout without posters/clan messages, etc If you can think of some Jedi Academy maps, I'd like to know of those as well. Basically, I guess you could just say that I want a really good map with bot support.
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