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  1. 57 downloads

    This is my reskin of Jan Ors for Jedi Academy, adjusted to work in Jedi Outcast. Unlike my previous JA-to-JK2 ports, the more prevalent use of RGB tinting on this one made a 1:1 port less feasible. As a result, I had to make some minor changes to make it work in JK2.
  2. 115 downloads

    I saw a female rebel pilot in Mandalorian series Chapter 6 So I said, then why not make a female pilot skin Then I've made a frankenstein style by replacing rebel pilot's head with Jaden's female face Enjoy!
  3. 118 downloads

    This reskin of Jan Ors for Jedi Academy tweaks her colors and fixes minor issues with her model without departing from her original design too heavily. It will overwrite the existing Jan in the base game, team skins included. The changes are admittedly not too dramatic, akin to my previous Bespin Cop and Mon Mothma reskins. Since I made this for Jedi Academy, I took advantage of the fancy effects it has and JK2 lacks: specifically RGB tinting and dynamic glow from specular shaders. That said, I recommend you have Detailed Shaders and Dynamic Glow enabled. The game is plenty old by no
  4. 54 downloads

    This is my reskin of Mon Mothma for Jedi Academy, adjusted to work in Jedi Outcast. Aside from removing the extras that only work in JA, it's the exact same reskin. That said, the icons still use JA-style backgrounds (which were made by Ruxith here on JKHub). The hologram of her that appears in the opening cutscene (after the opening crawl and the Raven's Claw flying towards Kejim) is untouched, since that appears to be one of three ROQ files (the ones used for pre-rendered cutscenes) and I have no idea how to edit those. For the record, loading the JA version in JK2 doesn't crash
  5. 69 downloads

    A reskin of Mon Mothma for Jedi Academy, in the same vein as my previous reskin of Kyle, although the changes aren't as drastic this time around. I primarily wanted to clean up her appearance and add fancy shaders. This will overwrite the existing Mon Mothma in the base game, team skins included. Since I made this for Jedi Academy, I took advantage of the fancy effects it has and JK2 lacks: specifically RGB tinting and dynamic glow from specular shaders. That said, I recommend you have Detailed Shaders and Dynamic Glow enabled. The game is plenty old by now--I'm confident your machine can
  6. 690 downloads

    Second Sister from Jedi Fallen Order. Tested in SP and MP. In order to access in SP, type the following in console: playermodel secondsister The model comes with her lightsaber too. In order to access it, type the following in console: saber saber_trilla Programs Used: Blender 2.83 Substance Painter Simplygon Special thanks to Swegmaster for helping me optimize the model!
  7. 571 downloads

    Dark Rey from EP9 Tested in SP. Simply use the following commands to access the skin: playermodel darkrey npc spawn darkrey Massive thanks to Scerendo for allowing me to use parts from his Rey model and Swegmaster for helping me weight and optimize the model. The pack includes my version of Dark Rey's staff saber. Programs used: Blender 2.83 Substance Painter Photoshop
  8. 349 downloads

    Slight modification of DT's great Stormtrooper to add female helmetless stormtroopers to your game. To use simply use the following commands in console: Helmet skin: /model DT_Stormtrooper_Female Hair1 skin: /model DT_Stormtrooper_Female/head1 Hair2 skin: /model DT_Stormtrooper_Female/head2 Hair3 skin: /model DT_Stormtrooper_Female/head3 Hair4 skin: /model DT_Stormtrooper_Female/head4 Hair5 skin: /model DT_Stormtrooper_Female/head5 Bot: No. NPC: No. LODs: Yes. Team Skins: No. SP: No. Requirements: To avoid clutter and texture redundancies this file will not work as intended if you don'
  9. 133 downloads

    Jedi Academy Version This is a simple recolor of Jan to match my Kyle. I made her shirt white and the vest, with all the other brown parts, black and give her the pants from her blue team skin. As a bonus I've added a Jedi skin for her which is simply the default skin without the vest like in Jedi Outcast. The JediF NPC will use this skin but it's also selectable in MP.
  10. 136 downloads

    This is a simple recolor of Jan to match my Kyle. I made her shirt white and the vest, with all the other brown parts, black and give her the pants from her blue team skin. I've checked if you can use this for Academy. Because it doesn't work, I made a Academy Version so you can use this skin in Academy also:
  11. Version V1.0


    Uploaded by Tompa9 ****************************************** JEDI KNIGHT III : JEDI ACADEMY MODIFICATION ****************************************** Title : Queen Amidala + Handmaiden 1 and 2 Author : Liberty Ashford E-Mail : food_raider01@hotmail.com File Name : Queen Amidala.pk3, Handmaiden.pk3, Handmaiden2.pk3 File Size : 2, 499 KB, 1, 409 KB and 1, 428 KB Date Released : 18/08-06 Team Colours : Yes New Sounds : Yes Model & Textures - HapFord Team (Hapslash and Liberty Ashford) Mesh Optimization, Weighting & Conversion - Infinity Blade Description: ----------------------
  12. The_CrY



    A simple recolour of Raven's R2-D2 model to make it look like QT-KT (a.k.a. Qutee or Cutie), Aayla Secura's astromech during the Clone Wars and a valued member of D-squad. NPC support: yes! To spawn in game, open console, and type: 'npc spawn qtkt' I am aware that the droid has a different texture on its top in the animated show (yellow and black stripes), but I couldn't get it quite right. Perhaps I'll give it another shot for a possible v2. If anyone else wants to do it, go right ahead. By the way, if anyone can obtain custom sounds for this one, that would be a great addition! I look
  13. 400 downloads

    Siri Tachi Playermodel and NPC Jedi Academy Mod By Nerdman3000 ---- This is a playermodel and NPC based on the Star Wars Legends Character, Siri Tachi. ---- New Sounds: No Shaders: Yes Bot Support: No New Models: No New Textures: Yes New Icons: No Team Colours: No ---- To Install: Unzip file and place Siri_Tachi.pk3 in your base folder. ---- To use, go to command console and type 'playermodel Siri_Tachi' to play as Siri, or 'NPC Spawn Siri_Tachi' to spawn her. ---- Credit to Scerendo for his Scerendo's Female Jedi Customisation v1.01 Mod, which makes this reskin and Playermodel/NPC possible.
  14. Version 1.1


    A female trandoshan. The model was done editing both the base trandoshan and jedi_zf models. Besides the default model, this file includes 3 other skins. To use them type in console one of the following commands: /model female_trando/scarf /model female_trando/skirt /model female_trando/tech Stay tuned for further updates! Copyright/License: You're free to do whatever you want with this model, just make sure to share it with the rest. I'm still looking for someone to help me create the female voice for this model.
  15. Laisum

    Reborn Pack


    Greetings to all! I am a long time did not play in JA. But today I decided to release my little mod. New skins for Reborn. It all started when I was looking for ninjas from MK - Reborn. I was looking for the best and added files! And I gathered them together into a single package. All permits obtained. Important note: The Vanilla Jedi Academy supports only 32 skin customizations. Use the ja unlimited 1.1 modification to see all the skins. If you have your favorite skin reborn, send me! The update I'll add them. Customizable Reborn - Commander Tesla (add 1 more skin) (
  16. Version 1.01


    Character models of Tiplee and Tiplar from the Clone Wars series. Modelled in 3ds Max, Topogun and zbrush. Maps Baked in xNormal and textured with Quixel Suite. Singleplayer Support. Npc Support. Bot Support. New sounds. Npc Spawn List: st_tiplee st_tiplar Known Bugs: Comments: Let me know if there are any issues.
  17. 127 downloads

    Hello people of JKA! Check out the new awesome JoF Trailer here: ============================================================================================= I decided to upload my models here so you guys can download them and see me if we meet somewhere in-game! I'd like to request players to not impersonate me, thanks There are screenshots added for every single model in this file (2 models each with 2 versions) Screenshots taken on {JoF}'s Temple Map. (Download our Temple: http://tinyurl.com/n6gtfh5) =============================================================================
  18. Version 1.0


    Basically a mashup of various female armor (HF, ZF and TF) with additions from jan, rodian and Trandoshan. It's the first 3D model by Zeogrey so I helped him bix fixing the seams and the positions of every details. It's uploaded on this account to reunite all our works in the same place. This skin is given with 2 versions : With female (jedi_hf) boots and with jedi_zf boots tweaked /model Raja /model Raja_alt Model : Custom model from Raven's models. Textures : Custom from Raven's texture. Sounds : female Jaden (base) Bot support: No. NPC support: No. Team Skins: No. SP suppo
  19. Version 2.0


    Twi'Lek Mercenary Rework by Kahzmat Remodel and reskinning of Alora's second skin by adding a belt and a holster and then retexturing it. This is basically a total Rework of the skin and it changes so much, that I decided to submit it aside the other one so you can choose the one you prefer instead of being stuck with one skin. It includes replacement of the legs, reworks of the textures, major rework of the top and addition of multiples details. This skin is given with 2 versions : With stuff and without. /model Redja /model Redja/nostuff Title : Redja Twi'Lek Mercenary Author : Kah
  20. Tompa9

    Bultar Swan

    Version V1


    DESCRIPTION V1: This is model of Bultar Swan from Episode II. Swan served the Jedi Order during the separatist Crisis. She was one of the many Jedi who traveled to Geonosis with Jedi Master Mace Windu to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Confederacy of Independent Systems in the Petranaki arena. INSTALLATION: Put zzzzz_bultarswan.PK3 into your base folder in Gamedata. Enjoy! NPC COMMANDS: npc spawn bultar npc spawn bultar_robed npc spawn bultar_hooded
  21. Vezonia



    Her name is Zarah and she is a demon from the underworld >8D Unfortunately I was unable to get her in the Halloween contest but I'll still upload her anyway (through my phone cause my internet for my comp isnt working Dx)xD. Everything is made from scratch from initial concept, models, textures, sounds, etc. Comes with two models, one with wings and one without but both have team support and with glowy shaders and reflective shaders for the body harness. Enjoy ^^! Zarah by Vezonia on Sketchfab Zarah Winged by Vezonia on Sketchfab _______________________ Email: vezon122piraka@gmail.c
  22. 234 downloads

    My first player model made for jk2 before the E.S. Dinah. Since I am into the gothic sub culture, I decided to do a simple concept for my first try. Not to happy about the head but I'm still learning to get it right xD Enjoy! Gothic Girl by Vezonia on Sketchfab
  23. Version V1.0


    This model is based on the E.S. Dinah from the game Xenosaga episode III also sprach zarathustra for PS2. This is my second jk2 model I have made so far and plan on making this for jka in the future as well! This has Team colors, custom sounds, couple shaders of lights glowing on n off, and a bonus model that is basicly the same thing but black xD ES Dinah (Xenosaga) by Vezonia on Sketchfab DISCLAIMER: Feel free to use any of this as you wish, just make sure to give me credit ^^.
  24. Version 1.0


    This is a player model (with NPC support) of the Jedi Barriss Offee, designed to partly resemble her appearance in the 'Clone Wars' TV show. To install the model, simply extract the zzzBarrissKualan PK3 to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory. In-game, an NPC can be spawned with the console command 'npc spawn barriss'.
  25. Version 1.0


    Models : Galak Fyyar, Imperial Officer, Jedi HF1, Jedi Robes, Clone chest armor Textures : Kahzmat Sounds : Voices from Dawn of War Soulstorm. (English AND French Available) Bot support: No. NPC support: No. Team Skins: No. SP support: No. New Sounds: Yes. -Installation- Put the .pk3 file in your "base" folder. By default : C:/Program Files/Lucas Arts/Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Game data/Base -License- You can share and modify this file freely as long as you got the permission from the original authors and of course, mine. Those officers are the spinal cord of the Aulum's crew. T
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