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Found 72 results

  1. MagSul

    Scarred Spider-Man


    Author: MagSul Original Skin: Skin by Elandain Original Model: "Gray Fox" by ksk_h2O Description: This is a reskin of Elandain's well-known Spider-Man 2.0! I have only provided an extra variant to the skin, therefore, team support and the likes have been dropped. Give it a try!
  2. JKHub

    The Penguin


    Original Author: Suibuku Description: The Penguin from DC comics, foe of Batman.
  3. Version v1.0


    Princess Leia Organa - main female character of Star Wars :Original Trilogy. New better version of Leia Jabba's slave outfit.
  4. Doc Scratch

    Doctor Who

    Version (v2.0)


    FYI: i did not take this model off that doctor who modification found in moddb i practiced the facing not the clothing D: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STAR WARS JEDI KNIGHT: III JEDI ACADEMY MODIFICATION ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author: segwayguy (truffle shuffle) File Name and Version: 10th doctorwho 2.1 Release Date: 2 / 15 / 2014 Release Time: 12:43 AM Filesize: 2.33 MB --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description with installation instructions: a little more modified skin of my doctor who submitted not too long ago then: tuxedo younger face simple cloth now: a little scorched cloth(blastermarks) new belt better face more realism on skin + a little surprize on the weapons mainly the demp2 and the blaster rifle I do apologize for those retarded skins i made i hope you think this one is better D: im thinking of a bruce lee model after i finalize this doctor who model. please do rate my new skinning 1-4 1 sucks more 2 same as before 3 little improvement 4 improved new sounds: no new textures: yes new models: no npc support: no bot support: ? npc: npc spawn galak (this is a replacement texture) insert the .pk3 file into your base folder --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright/License: you may not modify this skin without permission from the original author ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- External Content Used / Credits: galak fyarr doctor who the 10th doctor tips from a few people (not mentionable) doctor who series epic rap battles of history photoshop cs5 extended my annoying brain and those guys who encouraged me to make mah skins better ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THIS RESKIN WAS UNOFFICIALY PLANNED BY THE CRAZED MODDERS TEAM -truffle shuffle -duderon -mah brain -duderon's brain (many others) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS FILE OR THIS LEVEL IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY LUCASARTS, A DIVISION OF LUCASFILM ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LTD. ELEMENTS ™ & (ⓒ) LUCASARTS, A DIVISION OF LUCASFILM ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LTD. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. AshuraDX


    Version 1.0


    Description : Rayman , who doesn't love him ? I recently dug out my copy of Rayman 3 and this motivated me to try to recreate Rayman for Jedi Academy As you might notice this model is heavily based at his appeareance in Rayman 3 , teamskins being the red and blue powersuits from that game , I tried to recreate him as accurate as possible and I think it turned out pretty good but I'll stop boring you with my blabla here time to show you the features : Rayman comes with : -Team support -Bot support -NPC support - for all 3 available skins
  6. Version 1.0


    This is a model of the character Ganondorf from the Legend of Zelda. Default skin is with cape. If you want a Ganondorf skin without a cape, open the console and type: "/model ganondorf/default_nocape"
  7. Version 2.0


    This is a mod that combines my skins of DT's Luke model into one pack with SP species support, due to some demand. It also includes DT's models, with permission. It has Luke from A New Hope (Tatooine outfit and Pilot outfit, Empire Strikes Back (Bespin outfit and Dagobah outfit, and Return of the Jedi (pre and post Vader duel). This also comes with both of Luke's lightsaber hilts, that also has menu support. The ROTJ one has a brand new sound from the official Star Wars soundboard (no background noise). The sabers are made by Khaliban. For the original skins with full MP and NPC support: https://jkhub.org/files/file/1515-%7B%3F%7D/ https://jkhub.org/files/file/1698-%7B%3F%7D/ https://jkhub.org/files/file/1700-luke-skywalker-return-of-the-jedi/ And @DT85's model: https://jkhub.org/files/file/1682-%7B%3F%7D/ Credits: DT85 for the model. Toshi for the original head model and textures. Hapslash for the ESB textures. Graphicsgod for the original ROTJ textures. Khaliban for the hilts.
  8. Darkahn

    Lord Voldemort

    Version V2


    ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 03-09-2007 Alright, folks. Everyone always comments that this looks nothing like the movie Voldemort. It isn't supposed to. It's a younger Voldemort, with eyes as mentioned in the books. I had wanted to make a Voldemort skin off of the character from Harry Potter for years, but never found the proper model. The face was far too different on models like Palpatine, and robed Jedi models like those by Aaron Smith looked too much like Star Wars to be properly converted to a Voldemort skin. Then Marz released Darth Maul VM; it fits, in my artistic image of Voldemort, perfectly. This is Lord Voldemort, whose very name brings terror to all in the Harry Potter series. This is how a common -- albeit younger -- interpretation of the character appears. Please note that, like most of my skins, these were released when I was still fourteen to sixteen. As such, they're not the highest quality, and the readmes are pretty atrocious. Alas, I have since retired from JA modding since 2006. This was a brief exception, and it was my last skin.
  9. Version 1.0


    yea Master Vandar its a great jedi ... possibly of all star wars universe.. just reason for create this skin, in fact its a reskin of Toshi's Master Yoda model, and I work to make it look like Master Vandar from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The saber hilt included is the original Toshi's saber with a little skin modification. I really hope to enjoy that adorable skin, it look good NPC support Reskin for: Toshi Saber and master Yoda model
  10. ravz


    Version 1


    I reskinned the bald jedi model to look like Bane from Dark Knight Rises Custom sounds included, team support.
  11. Version 1.0


    Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad (1165–1257) was a Syrian Assassin during the Middle Ages and, from 1191 until his death, the Mentor of the Levantine Assassins. Raised to be an Assassin from birth, Altaïr obtained the rank of Master Assassin by his twenty-fourth year. However, following his failure to obtain the Apple from Robert de Sable in early 1191, and subsequently allowing the Templars to attack the city of Masyaf, headquarters to the Order of Assassins, he was demoted to the rank of novice and sent on a quest for redemption. Tasked with the deaths of nine individuals, who, unbeknown to him, made up the ranks of the Templar Order in the Holy Land, Altaïr began a quest to change his ways and liberate the Kingdom from the corruption of the nine. During his quest however, Altaïr learned of a plot far more sinister than originally believed. Completing his mission to kill the nine targets, and cleansing the Order of its treacherous leader Al Mualim, Altaïr rose to the rank of Mentor, taking the Assassins into a new, more secretive direction.
  12. Version JA.1


    Exclusive to JKhub.org - This is the latest compile of the Yuna Model for Jedi Academy, that utilizes the player model customization in both Multi Player and Single Player. This was the last compile I did of this model back in late 2004 while I still had the ability to use 3DS MAX 4.2, and the XSI exporter... (4.2 doesn't work on Windows XP for some reason) I had this nearly completed, but I intended to release it with additional other oufits/skins...and it was just slowly forgotten on my machine... Until now.
  13. 327 downloads

    So I'm sure you're saying "oh man, not *another* Thrawn skin". And for the most part you're right on the money - it's basically the same skin that's been relased over and over and over. However I like to think I've added a couple of features that you haven't seen before. Feature 1: An authentic Thrawn taunt from LucasArts' TIE Fighter. Feature 2: A new face, so Thrawn is no longer the Chiss bartender wearing a Grand Admiral suit. The face was done completely from scratch, which took the majority of the time. The rest of it's mostly a recolor, as there's really no point in doing it any other way. The rank on the uniform should be accurate, however, which is another thing a lot of Thrawn skins lack.
  14. 592 downloads

    This is a model of the Red Power Ranger from the series Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. If anyone out there has never heard of this series... I pity you immensely. I used to watch it when I was probably about 7 or 8 years old, so out of the blue one day I decided to model the Red Ranger. No particular reason, I just did.
  15. Inyri



    Those familiar with the games of the Kingdom Hearts series should recognize this as Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 2. Roxas is --------------------------------------------- and there's the entire story! Oops, seems I left something out... Well, I wouldn't want to spoil anything for anybody, so you'll have to find out yourselves who his is and what his role is . In addition to the Roxas player model, both of the required keyblades are included (Oathkeeper, new and hopefully improved, and Oblivion -- both contain updated soundsets which, I believe, sound awesome). Both keyblades have backhanded versions, which I'm sure some of you will enjoy. Keep in mind, though, that the blades are also backwards, so whilst they will look cool, they aren't quite as practical. If you have previous versions of either of these two keyblades, you can delete them, burn them in a fire, serve them for dinner, etc.
  16. 128 downloads

    This contains one new model -- the Galbadian Soldier from Final Fantasy VIII. Those who followed it know how old it is, so I really just waned to wrap this puppy up and get it submitted before I lost _all_ interest in it. It contains team skins (red and blue; red is labeled as the 'elite' soldier for the bots) and it also has an additional paratrooper skin (green) with appropriate shoulder decals as seen in the FMV cutscene. Includes the Galbadian sword they were all seen with.
  17. Kliff Edge


    Version 3.0


    This is a model of the character Link from the Legend of Zelda. Special Bonus skin in Version 3.0: The Feirce Deity. Additional meshes were added to make this skin possible. Textures re-created by me, spending hours in Photoshop, glancing back and forth from screen to Majora's Mask player's guide, for reference. If you don't like the Fierce Deity, atleast appreciate, my greatest skinning job to date. =)
  18. Version v2


    Original Author: ZeroTM Description: This is a reskin of the original AC - Cloud model by Broli, Jimesu_Evil, and V. What I did here is convert Cloud's clothes to a white color. Not pure white, but enough. Most of these textures are probably all by now are completely different to the original model and no, this is not a simple recoloring, I did make alot of these textures from scratch. Big thanks to Jimesu for letting me release this reskin and the original AC - Cloud team for their hard work. Credits: I would like to thank Jimesu_Evil for giving me permission to reskin this model that was originaly made by Broli (Modeller), Jimesu_Evil (Skinner) and V (Weighter).
  19. JKHub

    Invisible Woman


    Original Author: Phonock Description: First of all this model(not released anywhere yet) belong to Toshi and he is kind enough to give me his unreleased model for me to make Invisible Woman skin. So I've made two version of Invisible Woman. 1: Normal form(Sue Storm 2: Turn invisible. To use Invisible Woman and Sue Storm in SP type playermodel invisible_woman and playermodel sue_storm in console. To Spawn both models as NPC type npc spawn invisible_woman and npc spawn sue_storm in console. Credits: A huge thanks to Toshi for giving me permission to use and reskinned his amazing model and thanks to Buffy for the screenshots.
  20. JKHub



    Original Author: Phonock Description: I made 3 versions of Venom..Movie ver as a default,comic ver as a red skin and ultimate ver as a blue skin. The Venom skin are a reskin of Grey Fox. Also included bot,team support and new sounds. I hope you like! Credits: A Big thanks to ksk_h2O for the use of his perfect Grey Fox model.
  21. JKHub


    Version V2


    Original Author: Phonock Description: I've changes the eyes,mouth and small details and stay true to the Venom. For more variety i add one more model in this file...It was Eddie Brock not fully transformed to Venom,and reveals Eddie Brock face. For the face i use Topher Grace picture and for the taunt i use his voice as well. Enjoy the skin! Credits: I would like to thanks ksk_h2O for the Grey Fox model that he made. Without his model it's impossible to make a good Venom skins. And special thanks to Buffy for helping me making NPC support and taking good screenshots.
  22. JKHub


    Version V3


    Original Author: Phonock Description: This version will be a minor update of the v2.The big change you'll notice is the face.Maybe not as accurate as movie but close enough. I tried add the bulge shader like beaker_bongload said in v2 comment..I think its works pretty well! So thank you beaker_bongload! I hope you guys like it! Credits: I would like to thanks ksk_h2O for the Grey Fox model that he has made... Without his model it's impossible to make a good Venom skins. And many thanks to Buffy for taking the screenshots.
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