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  1. 930 downloads

    Description: This is a reskin of Hapslash's Gwethenea model, intended to resemble Lara Croft as (roughily) depicted in Tomb Raider: Anniversary To access the skins, enter the following commands in the game console: /model lara_c /model lara_c/2 /model lara_c/j /model lara_c/j2 /model lara_c/blue /model lara_c/red Installation: Unzip this file and place it in the Base folder of your JK3 directory. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As always, let me know in the review box below if there're any issues! That's all, and thanks for downloading!
  2. Version 1.0


    Author: Lightsource Uploaded by: Barricade24 DESCRIPTION: This a model/skin pack of the arch nemesis of batman from the new "The Dark Knight" movie. The release includes different features to use... the model comes with npc and bot support, there's a new weapon used by the npcs, full sound set ( some of the sounds used only by the npc ) and customizable single player options. The last part of this pack ( the second and third pk3 ) has a new joker themed HUD as well as some modifications of the game screens. The file jokerhudfix.pk3 lets you use the hud with JKA+ and changes other screens too.
  3. JKHub

    Lara Croft

    Version 1.0


    Author: Lightsource Uploaded by: Barricade24 DESCRIPTION: Since I did't find many female skins or models around I thought of making a skin myself, I have changed the face of jan so she looks more like Lara, the file has three default skins, Lara with the old green top, a black dressed Lara with army pants and the scuba Lara from the movie (with a cool shader), also all the sounds are new, including three taunts, I hope you all like her, I believe she looks realy cute.
  4. 2,911 downloads

    READ ME: ============================================================================ Star Wars - Kylo Ren (Unmasked) TFA ============================================================================ FILE NAME: Kylo Ren (Unmasked) TFA.pk3 INSTALLATION: Put the ".pk3" file inside your GameData/Base folder. NPC SUPPORT: YES SPAWN IN GAME: NPC SPAWN KYLO-REN (with hood) NPC SPAWN KYLO-REN2 (without hood) CREDITS: - LucasArts, Raven, Kualan for his Kylo Ren kitbash, Torso by Hapslash, Hood by MB2 Team, Legs by DT85, Cape by Toshi. Textures by Kualan and facial textures by me. Spanki for using the hair and head from his Jedi Customization pack. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ PERMISSION: - FEEL FREE TO MAKE ANY CHANGES ON THIS MODEL, BUT DON'T FORGET TO CREDIT ME + ALL THE REST AUTHORS!
  5. 217 downloads

    Title : Teapot Author : Milamber Date Released : October 10, 2014 Model: 3ds Max primitive - but parameters set by me! Textures: Milamber Weighting : Milamber (it was very hard on this one, promise) Description: It's a teapot. An evil teapot, it has the evil voice of Rax Joris. Why did you make this?: I dunno...felt like it? Known Bugs: - When cutting off limbs it spawns a different body, This is caused by the fact that there are missing some pieces like l_arm etc. I'm considering fixing this for a version 2 where you'll be able to cut off parts of the teapot, like the nozzle, but not prioritized. - Doesn't have RGB support when it obviously should! I had some issues with it so meh, version 2 Bot support: No. NPC support: No. Team Skins: Yes. SP support: No. Credits: - Gilbert from EFF for requesting it while being random and therefore giving me the idea. - Scooper for 3ds max plugins for both exporting and importing glm files directly. Modders: Anyone can use this model in their modding projects as long as I am credited for providing it xD Installation: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Simply extract the pk3 to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory. ====================================================================== THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  6. 266 downloads

    Author: James Tragesser Submitted by: Barricade24 This version of Dracula has always been my favorite. Other versions of Dracula have been made in the past decade that I have found to be less flattering of this monster. To often do you see movies that have Dracula depicted as feminine and girly. Especially in Japanese animation! Its like Japan has an obsession with feminine men! Anyways I built this model to represent the Dracula I have always loved. The Dracula people dress up as for Halloween.
  7. 2,015 downloads

    READ ME: ============================================================================ Star Wars The Force Awakens: OLD LUKE SKYWALKER (skin) ============================================================================ FILE NAME: Old Master Luke - TFA.pk3 Autor of the Re-Skin: Dark_Apprentice INSTALLATION: Put the ".pk3" file inside your GameData/Base folder. NPC SUPPORT: YES TEAM COLORS: NO SPAWN IN GAME: NPC SPAWN OLDLUKE || NPC SPAWN OLDLUKE_HOOD (for the hooded version) SABER: I used Ben Kenobi's lightsaber from Ep.4 because the custom made action figure was using it, instead of ROTJ Luke saber. CREDITS: - LucasArts, Raven, HapSlash for the jedi robes, Toshi for his Luke model (head only) & Disney ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  8. Version [ALPHA VERSION]


    READ ME: ============================================================================ Star Wars ROTJ ANAKIN SKYWALKER (1983) – ALPHA Version ============================================================================ FILE NAME: Anakin Skywalker_ROTJ.pk3 (based on classic's Ben Kenobi robe) File Name2: Anakin_ROTJ.pk3 (based on the prequel version Jedi robes of HS_Kenobi) Autor of the Frankenstein: Dark_Apprentice INSTALLATION: Put the ".pk3" file inside your GameData/Base folder. NPC SUPPORT: YES TEAM COLORS: NO SOUND PACK: YES SPAWN IN GAME: NPC SPAWN ANAKINROTJ (prequel's Jedi robes) SPAWN IN GAME: NPC SPAWN ANAKIN_ROTJ (classic Jedi robes) SABER: I used Luke's lightsaber from Ep.4 (Luke_Pilot model) because i like this model of Anakin's lightsaber more than the one from Ep.3 movie. CREDITS: - LucasArts, Raven, HapSlash for using his Obi-Wan model from Revenge Of The Sith for my other model,MB2 Team for using as base the Vrook model, DT85 and Plasma for the amazing Old Ben Kenobi model, DT85 for Luke_Pilot's lightsaber, Lancelot who required this model and made me learn some good new stuff around JKA's universe and all the JKHub for supporting and tutorials with Blender. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  9. 667 downloads

    READ ME: ============================================================================ Star Wars - THE FORCE UNLEASHED: DAMAGED VADER (re-skin) ============================================================================ Legendary Darth Vader with his damaged vision, as from the Force Unleashed 1 & 2 games. Personally, I don't like the other versions that were made of Damaged Vader, so i made my own version. A version, that is more close to the original design from both TFU/TFU-2 and yet, still uniqe in it's own way. *NEW damaged chest controls, New skins and improvements * TWO (2) versions: TFU based and one with the face of Sebastian (the original Anakin Skywalker actor from SW - ROTJ) INSTALLATION: Put the ".pk3" file inside your GameData/Base folder. NPC SUPPORT: YES SPAWN IN GAME: * TFU Vader = NPC SPAWN TFU_VADER *Classical Damaged Vader = NPC SPAWN DAMAGEVADER CREDITS: - Toshi (original Vader model), Original TFU game for reference of the model, - Credits to the original authors (whoever they are) of the Wardroid's arm and the HK_40/HK_51 for the leg.
  10. 1,159 downloads

    *********************************** Read me *********************************** TITLE: The Force Unleashed Darth Vader AUTHOR: Arachno-Man FILENAME: tfuvader.pk3 FILESIZE: 9.36 mb DATE RELEASED: March, 2nd 2015 CREDITS to: Angelmodder, Toshi and myself. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the tfuvader.PK3 file in your C:\programfiles\lucasarts\jediacademy\gamedata\base directory. DESCRIPTION: This is Darth Vader from TFU. I came across Angelmodder's Darth Vader after being told it contained a TFU Vader. After scanning the download, there was no actual screenshot of the TFU Vader, but after downloading and checking the model textures, it did exist. So I then attempted to use the mod as it was intended, by choosing the head, legs, torso of Vader in the menu of singleplayer in a new game. However upon game load, everything was a mess! The parts that were supposed to be invisible were white and there were parts that were invisible. Also to note that Angelmodder's Darth Vader does NOT come with premade NPC files. So I obtained Angelmodder's permission to seperate the TFU Vader from his download as a standalone character. I have patched up the texture problems and fixed some textures that had particles that were not needed. Also I have included an NPC file for that singleplayer support. There are 2 versions of the TFU Vader as seen in the screenshot. Commands are; npc spawn bavader npc spawn bavader2 playermodel bavader playermodel bavader2 On top of that I have included BRAND NEW VADER SOUNDS, so he sounds much better in combat. BUGS: None at all! COMMENTS: Download and enjoy. note that you must have JKA installed in order to use this mod. THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  11. Version 3.0 (update)


    ************************************************************************************** STAR WARS® JEDI KNIGHT®: JEDI ACADEMY™ MODIFICATION ************************************************************************************** Title : Kyle Customisation Pack 2.0 Author : Supralord Type : Customisation, Replacement (old kyle model), Singleplayer and Multiplayer File size : 17.3 MB Release : december 2014 - april 2015 ******************* DESCRIPTION ******************* This is the kyle customisation pack, with jedi and sith tunics/robes from the "spanki pack", "darth apocalypse" and "jedi temple guard", one head from "mots kyle", one head from "santa kyle", one sith head i've created and one pair of boots from the "Kyrios pack" !! When i downloaded the file "kyle robed", i saw in the "model" folder a lot of "head.skin", "lower.skin", "torso.skin", and many texture pictures ! "Darth Shiftee worked on a customisation pack project but haven't finished it" i said. So i've finished it and added a lot of options Bonus : 2 replacements of kyle ! (with a screenshot to show you the replacements) ******************* INSTALLATION ******************* just put my "kyle customisation pack" in your "Jedi Academy/GameData/Base" folder and play ! ******************* CREDITS ******************* Programmation : Supralord Model : Darth Shiftee Textures : -> Circa, -> Dark_Diablos, -> Spanki, -> Kualan, -> !Zero! (filefront) -> Phonock (filefront) -> Supralord THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  12. Version v 1.1


    Description: Explore the wide world of JKA with iexplorer. Now with more clicks. Install Instructions: drop the pk3 in your base folder, just like you drop that bass. Update Instructions: overwrite the previous version Why did I make this? Because this thread: http://jkhub.org/topic/5995-personal-request-industrial-explorer-outfit/ and because I'm a sadistic jerk. Contains: a skin sounds bot files npc files npc spawn iexplorer -- Internet Explorer and Microsoft's logo are property of Microsoft Corporation and I do not own them, they are being mocked and parodied as per Fair use Laws.
  13. RJA

    Rayman Skin Pack


    Author: RJA File Name and Version: Rayman Skin Pack (1.0) Release Date: 2015. Filesize: 3mo Description: This Skin Pack follows the Rayman skin by AshuraDX and add Epicoptere Rayman, RocketPunch Rayman, CycloTorgnol Rayman from Rayman 3: Hoodlums Havoc; Tarayzan from Rayman 1; Dark Rayman from the same game and add a Gothic Rayman Skin made by me. Hope you'll enjoy it ! /model Rayman_Pack/default = Yellow and Purple (Epicoptere) /model Rayman_Pack/red = Green and Red (CycloTorgnol) /model Rayman_Pack/blue = Orange and Blue (RocketPunch) /model Rayman_Pack/default_tarayzan = Tarayzan /model Rayman_Pack/default_darkrayman = Dark Rayman /model Rayman_Pack/default_gothic = Gothic Rayman Contains Bot and NPCs. npc spawn: Rayman_Epi Rayman_Cyclo Rayman_Rocket Tarayzan Dark_Rayman Gothic_Rayman Have fun ! PS: J.S. and T.S.
  14. 245 downloads

    A long time ago in a community, not so far away... I present you my final version of the original trilogy Anakin Skywalker, as we remember him portraited by Sebastian Shaw (great actor) from 1983 ROTJ ending. Now all fans can play with him as Jedi Master Anakin or redeem Skywalker...whatever you like. The Force Ghost version is not included for now, because I am not able to spend time on it so it's all up to you people. Software used: iClone 4.3 and Blender File Name: Anakin_Skywalker1983.pk3 Installation: Put the ".pk3" file inside your "GameData/Base" folder. NPC Support: YES SINGLE PLAYER support: YES MP Support/Teams: NO Sound Pack: YES How to use: NPC SPAWN ANAKIN_SKYWALKER1983 PLAYERMODEL ANAKIN_SKYWALKER1983 Works perfect with Vanilla Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy (does not require to install OpenJK or anything else)!! BUGS: * Few minor bugs on the robes * matching color of hands/head * does not have head animations (so no talk, when in conversations). * Also not to forget, that even after I have tried to smooth the entire head it still shows inside the game as with small triangles, as you will see in some of the screenshots. * Dunno why, but it has some base female Jaden sounds, while the sound file is for Male only
  15. ravz


    Version 1


    I reskinned the bald jedi model to look like Bane from Dark Knight Rises Custom sounds included, team support.
  16. JKHub

    Human Torch


    Original Author: Phonock Description: This is a Human Torch skin which is based off of the jedi model.For the face i use Chris Evans picture. In SP Human Torch can fly but Johnny storm can't fly.To use Human torch and Johnny in SP type this in console playermodel human_torch and playermodel johnny_storm.To Spawn Human torch and Johnny as NPC,type in console npc spawn human_torch and npc spawn johnny_storm.I also add Tobe's Fireball Saber as Human Torch and Johnny Storm weapon.But it's only have Red Fireballs! And don't set fireball throwable in MP, it will crash the game sometimes. Credits: A special thanks to Tobe for give me the permission to include his awesome Fireball Saber in this pk3. I would also like to thanks Buffy for taking all those screenshots.
  17. JKHub

    The Joker


    Original Author: Phonock Description: This is a reskin of the jedi model.It's kinda combination of upcoming Batman movie,cartoon and comic. Nothing much i can do with jedi model,so i make 3 versions of Joker. 1: Mean/Cruel Joker 2: Normal form(without makeup) 3: Battle Joker(not related to any movie,comic or cartoon.It's just my idea...well to make a little bit interesting !) To use Mean/Cruel Joker model in SP type playermodel joker If you want use another versions,type this playermodel jack and playermodel new_joker Credits: Special thanks to BuffyTheSlayer for taking another great screenshots.
  18. 454 downloads

    Original Author: Phonock Description: This is a reskin of Elandain Spider-Man 2.0. This black symbiote suit is based on Spider-Man 3 movie version. Credits: Special thanks to ksk_h2O for the Grey Fox model and also a huge thanks to Elandain for his great Spider-Man 2.0 skin.Also thanks to Buffy for taking the screenshots.
  19. JKHub

    Iron Man


    Original Author: Phonock Description: I've made two version of Iron Man. 1: In full Suit 2: Iron man open his faceplate mask to reveal Tony Starks face. For Tony Stark face i use Robert Downey Jr picture.You can play both Iron Man and Tony Stark in SP by typing this in console, playermodel iron_man and playermodel tony_stark.To Spawn both models as NPC,type in console npc spawn iron_man and npc spawn tony_stark. Both models can fly! Teh_Blizzy's Blades of Fury and Tobe's New Force Lightning are also included,but as separate pk3's. Credits: Let me begin by thanking Tobe,for second time he gave me permission to included his mod to my pk3.Also,thanks to Teh_Blizzy for letting me used and modified his Blades of Fury.And finally,thanks to Buffy for the screenies.
  20. Version 1.0


    yea Master Vandar its a great jedi ... possibly of all star wars universe.. just reason for create this skin, in fact its a reskin of Toshi's Master Yoda model, and I work to make it look like Master Vandar from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The saber hilt included is the original Toshi's saber with a little skin modification. I really hope to enjoy that adorable skin, it look good NPC support Reskin for: Toshi Saber and master Yoda model
  21. JKHub

    The Penguin


    Original Author: Suibuku Description: The Penguin from DC comics, foe of Batman.
  22. 275 downloads

    Alek Squinquargesimus or "Squint" as he's referred to on occasion, is the man that existed before becoming Darth Malak. There have been numerous different adaptations on his appearance before becoming a Sith Lord, both in and out of game, with and without hair. I drew my inspiration from a piece of art I stumbled across by DancinFox. As you can tell from the screenshots, this design is based on what Malak looked like before he tattooed his head. Anywho, the NPC has been appropriately scaled to accurately depict his height. Included is a bot file and team support, though I skipped on the custom sounds. If anyone's able to track down something suitable, that'd be awesome! For now he shares sounds with the base Jedi. That's it, download and enjoy! This mod uses content from the following files: https://jkhub.org/files/file/1120-%7B%3F%7D/
  23. Version JA.1


    Exclusive to JKhub.org - This is the latest compile of the Yuna Model for Jedi Academy, that utilizes the player model customization in both Multi Player and Single Player. This was the last compile I did of this model back in late 2004 while I still had the ability to use 3DS MAX 4.2, and the XSI exporter... (4.2 doesn't work on Windows XP for some reason) I had this nearly completed, but I intended to release it with additional other oufits/skins...and it was just slowly forgotten on my machine... Until now.
  24. 250 downloads

    Just a skin based of the 10th doctors cloths (sorry- no trenchcoat), nothing fancy added, so no bot support or Npc. Just a skin Readme Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy TITLE: Doctor Who 10th Doctor Skin AUTHOR: Zicmak FILENAME: doctorwhodr.pk3 FILESIZE: 2.44 MB DATE RELEASED: 26 January 2013 CREDITS: Me: The Skin INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the file and place doctorwhodr.pk3 into your base folder. DESCRIPTION: This is a skin based loosly on the 10th doctors outfit (white and brown one) BUGS: None that I know of COMMENTS: This skin stinks... but someone might like it.
  25. 286 downloads

    Author: MagSul Original Skin: Skin by Elandain Original Model: "Gray Fox" by ksk_h2O Description: This is a reskin of Elandain's well-known Spider-Man 2.0! I have only provided an extra variant to the skin, therefore, team support and the likes have been dropped. Give it a try!
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