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Found 85 results

  1. Version 1.0


    Hello there Here i give you all a JKHub exclusive medium duel map in a power generator room as a thanks for supporting the Jedi Knight community with this fantastic site yes i know this might be a bit late but i had few problems making it Features: Breakable glass Damaging laser beam botroutes (my first one so they are a bit buggy) Enjoy
  2. Version v2


    Original Author: JamyzGenius Description: This is my second version of my map "Palpatine's Rooftop" I hope you like it. Includes the following rooms: - Lobby - Various Halls - Office - Second office - Reception - Landing Zone - And other zones. Support multiple gamemodes and bots. Comments: This map is based in the Episode III version with a little some creative freeways. Credits: Credits for the creator of Episode III Map Pack`s : SJC - James Culley (Sith-J-Cull) . Textures. Very Special Thanks to : George Lucas Ravensoft LucasArts John Williams The readme is super outdated. I do apologize for my bad English.
  3. MagSul

    Secluded Alcove


    Thanks for stopping by to check out my map! Intending to polish off the construction of an old project, I wound up creating some extra modifications resulting in this update! Firstly, we no longer have the blocks that rise and fall with Push and Pull. Instead we have a gaping pit in the centre of the arena, so watch your step! I've sacrificed the secret area in this release. It may return in the future, or something entirely new may appear in its former place if I come back to it. Who knows! The music has also undergone a change. Bastila Shan's theme is no more! It has been replaced by a track from the Base assets, better suited for a duelling atmosphere. This also greatly reduces the file size for a friendlier download! The map also includes bot support, so if desired you may enjoy offline multiplayer without bots jumping about left, right and centre! I've chosen to distribute this as a new file without overwriting the old one, just in case there are still those who prefer their duelling maps pit-less. The map can be accessed by entering the following command: "/devmap mp/duel_custom1" or, via the menus under the Duel and Power Duel categories if you're playing a solo game. Thanks for downloading. Don't forget to let me know what you think in the section below! If you experience any issues whilst using this map, please do not hesitate to drop me a message. I can't do anything about bugs if I don't know that they're there! Lastly, feel free to offer up any suggestions for the map if you have them. Enjoy!
  4. Version Final


    - "For a long time (ago), the Cjs were the largest spanish clan on JK2 1.03, today I publish the maps we used on our best days." [ The list of maps and their respective authors ] [ Videos ] [spoiler] Various maps show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ9zT6dpF3Y This is in the Cjs Council V2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EHNe9fC7hc At Bespin Dual map http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boqYgPdYJlY A video of "cjsbarrio" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKLZjxLZgu0 [ TIPs ] Watch this map, "cjsestadio.pk3", is an exclusive Cjs' prerelease version of Stadium. This map, "cjs_dust.pk3", is an exclusive Cjs' prerelease version of JK3 Dust. And this map, "cjs_war_tierra.pk3", is an exclusive Cjs' prerelease version of Medieval War. [ BUGs] - Some model's textures and wall shaders are missing. - cjs_bespinv2 is missing.
  5. Corny

    The Forgotten Temple

    Version 2.0


    This is a small duel map in an ancient temple. Both Players start at one of the two ends of the fully symetric temple. The map supports bots. I will be happy about any comments. Corny
  6. 320 downloads

    Back in the heyday of the JK series, things were better. Nicer. Prettier. Well, this map may not be prettier, but it's a tribute to Dark Forces 2, the granddaddy of Jedi Academy. This map features the multiplayer version of the Valley of the Jedi Tower, where Kyle Katarn faces and destroys Maw during the JK1 SP campaign. This map was completely for the Jan-Feb '07 JKFiles Mapping Contest, for the intermediate skill level.
  7. 210 downloads

    For those of you who have played the original Neverwinter Nights campaign, you may recognize the basic layout of this map. It is loosely based on the Peninsula District Prison in the city of Neverwinter, as seen in the excellent game Neverwinter Nights. It's by no means exact, but it's similar enough that I felt secure in naming it after the facility. It features two levels -- the top level contains six cells plus a main area, and the lower level contains many cells and one central room. The lower level has a very low ceiling, but the main room of the upper level has a pretty high ceiling. Just watch out for the many torches -- they hurt!
  8. 922 downloads

    Originally started by LivingDeadJedi but finished by Several Sided Sid with the help of Sith-J-Cull. Mos Eisley Spaceport by night. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. You might, however, find Sssid's can of coke! Have fun! Brush Count : 10,679 Entity Count : 504 Software used : GtkRadiant v 1.4 Known Bugs : none Build Time : 12 parsecs NOTE This map began life with LivingDeadJedi but was stolen by Bothan spies working for the Rebel Alliance. It somehow found its way into the hands of Several Sided Sid, by way of bribery and terrible deception. Though the map sports Sith-J-Cull's Millennium Falcon, unfortunately the ship has been impounded by Imperials so you can't get in! Even if you try... and believe us, we have. AND OH - IF YOU LIKE SEARCHING FOR SSSID'S CAN OF COKE - IT IS IN HERE TOO! SSSID RECOMMENDS ON THIS OCCASION SEARCHING WITH YOUR SABRE IGNITED, AS IT GETS RATHER DARK POKING AROUND AT NIGHT AND HE WOULD HATE YOU TO WALK RIGHT PAST IT. HEH. SSSID, AS USUAL, WELCOMES SCREENSHOTS EMAILED TO HIM BY ANYONE WHO STUMBLES OVER THE CAN !!! BUT IF YOU HURT YOURSELF - SSSID ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER !!! Put the .pk3 file in your base directory. Presuming you've followed the default installation trajectory, it'll end up as this: c:\program files\lucasarts\star wars jedi knight jedi academy\gamedata\base\mos_eisley_trap_v1.pk3
  9. 87 downloads

    Author: Worr Sonn Submitted by: Barricade24 The planet in which many castle's reside is the walking streets with various type of rooms and areas to mess around.
  10. 66 downloads

    Original Author: NeWaGe Description: The RoAR clan base map is in outerspace. Floating around training members. They can use teleporters to teleport to other planets. Bugs: This map was made in JK2 and converted over to JK3 and re-edited. The map has alot of lag in the city portion of it, but that was my mistake because it was my first map.
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