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  1. Version 1


    A reskin of one of the human female Jaden models to represent a character from the story I'm writing. Spent maybe a solid two weeks of work on it. Katrya was a Cathar Jedi of the Old Order. She became a Jedi Knight approximately 20 years before Order 66. During the Clone Wars, she served as yet another Jedi General. During that time, she became freinds with the extra-galactic Klestanis, who had been taken on as a student by her old master, and later by her. After his mysterious dissappearance about a month before Order 66, she defied her position and left to search for him. She followed the trace of his presence beyond the edge of the galaxy. She came upon his home galaxy, where she became involved in the war that was underway. During this war, a shadow copy of her was created, and she fell to the Dark Side. Under the hold of the Dark Side, she used her old allies to eliminate certain enemies to her power. She then turned on them, viewing them as more threats to her power. She was reduced to nothing more than ash by the Lehstra Cetaln Klinnal, the Master of Fire Magic. She was remembered as a herioc warrior who had served to aid their cause. This pack has skins for her on the light side, dark side, and her shadow. There is bot support and team skins for each variation. There is also SP support.
  2. 270 downloads

    Alek Squinquargesimus or "Squint" as he's referred to on occasion, is the man that existed before becoming Darth Malak. There have been numerous different adaptations on his appearance before becoming a Sith Lord, both in and out of game, with and without hair. I drew my inspiration from a piece of art I stumbled across by DancinFox. As you can tell from the screenshots, this design is based on what Malak looked like before he tattooed his head. Anywho, the NPC has been appropriately scaled to accurately depict his height. Included is a bot file and team support, though I skipped on the custom sounds. If anyone's able to track down something suitable, that'd be awesome! For now he shares sounds with the base Jedi. That's it, download and enjoy! This mod uses content from the following files: https://jkhub.org/files/file/1120-%7B%3F%7D/
  3. Version 3.4


    This is something I've been working on for quite a long while. Originally it was supposed to be just a generic Jedi, but as the modeling went on, he got a backstory involving a mission of searching for Sith remnants two decades after TSL. His master dies , lots of personal drama, DAAAHK SAAYD and so forth. The usual, y'know. Now, something funky about this model: there's a separate _humanoid.gla specific to this model. The NPC uses the modified animations (and thus has a hipsaber in MP) and you can too, by using the playermodel command in SP (see readme). Not available for MP, and here's why: the fast and strong styles have been sped up by quite a bit. They felt too slow, so liberties were taken. Medium style is a backhand style, with new basic attacks and a replaced kata move. New basic motion animations for both forehand and backhand grips (defaults to forehand, see the readme).
  4. 438 downloads

    {TO}Jedi Master TwinHits's skin, a female Twi'lek reskin using orginial JKA textures. Background explained in "Explaining the Avatar" in the .zip.
  5. Version 2


    Author: Spanki Here comes the second version of my RPG charakter Aviar Lord. This is a reskin of Haps Hs_anakin model like the previous version has been. Its been a long time now since the release of the first version. Meanwhile I changed many things to the previous version. Aviar comes with shaved hair and some deleted scars. Besides I created a new mask for the skin that bases on the Mask of Victor van Doom, that I originally created for the past heroes & villian contest in April/May 2007. But realizing that I couldnt make it in time for the contest I borrowed the mask to the Aviar v2 skin. This mask-head is also one of about 50 heads of the JEDI_Costumization_PLUS I created, that you can see at the latest version of Moviebattles II(B19), so you maybe have seen this one before. This version comes with a lot of new clothing. There are brown outfits for the different skins you can select at the MP menu. One without armor, one with a new dark armor completing the new mask and a battleworn armor suit completing the battleworn mask. Never the less there are two skins where the front plate of the mask is missing, again a normal and a battleworn version. Besides there are 2 sith versions you can select at the MP menu. One of them comes with a broken and slightly damaged mask, what looks very scary in my eyes. At all you can select between 11 default, team color, and a hologram skin at the MP menu. For the hologram version I created a "new" shader. I dont know if anyone used this kind of shader before, in game it seems as there are some interferences at the hologram skin, its hard to describe, just have a look at it. Next to the default skins there are 2 costumization screens where you can choose between 3200 possibilities for each screen to change Aviars outfit. The first costumization screen deals with the 10 unmask heads of Aviar. Included are the shaved variations of V2 and the unshaved variations of V1; each in scarred and unscarred versions. You can combine it with 32 different torsos that start with the new torsos of V2 and finish with the old torsos of V1. Besides there are kashyyyk and battleworn versions. The most torso variations are either selectable with the original and with an alternative robe. Its the same with the 10 pair of boots ; there are new ones and old ones. The second costumization screen deals with the 10 mask heads of Aviar. Included are either the new dark masks and the old mask of the V1 of aviar. For each of the masks there is a light version completing the light armor of the V1 of aviar. You can combine them again with 32 different torsos and 10 pair of boots. There are at all 6400 possibilities to change Aviar. The sith faces are not costumizable. The battleworn torsos with armor are not costumizable. I have been to lazy to make own taunts, so I took some of the basic kyle and jaden sounds, cut em and slowed em down or whatever, with some effects and so on . . . . Again the Facts : ----------------- - 6 old heads - 17 new heads - 2 old outfits - 7 new outfits - hologram version - lot of new detailed icons - npc support for the 10 of the default skins - bot support - team color skins - siege skin - 3 wallpaper included - "new" sounds - 2 costumization screens with 6400 possibilities - singleplayer support These skins can be selected in MP by typing following : ------------------------------------------------------- model aviar_lord/default aviar_lord/default aviar_lord/default_unrobed aviar_lord/default_hood aviar_lord/default_zopen aviar_lord/default_zopenbw aviar_lord/default_zopenbwhood aviar_lord/blue aviar_evil/red aviar_evil/default_redbroken aviar_evil/default_sith aviar_mask/default_mask aviar_mask/default_zbattleworn aviar_mask/default_zbattlewornhood aviar_holo/default For the skins that are not selectable at the MP menu : ------------------------------------------------------ aviar_lord/hood aviar_lord/hood_scarface aviar_lord/hood_shaved aviar_lord/robed aviar_lord/scarface aviar_lord/shaved aviar_lord/unrobed aviar_lord/unrobed_scarface aviar_lord/unrobed_shaved aviar_lord/siege aviar_mask/hood_mask aviar_mask/unrobed_mask Credits: Model - HapSlash Textures - Spanki Mesh Optimization, Weighting & Conversion,- Infinity Blade
  6. Version 1.0


    Description : Rayman , who doesn't love him ? I recently dug out my copy of Rayman 3 and this motivated me to try to recreate Rayman for Jedi Academy As you might notice this model is heavily based at his appeareance in Rayman 3 , teamskins being the red and blue powersuits from that game , I tried to recreate him as accurate as possible and I think it turned out pretty good but I'll stop boring you with my blabla here time to show you the features : Rayman comes with : -Team support -Bot support -NPC support - for all 3 available skins
  7. Boothand



    This is a model I've made myself of a duck with lengthy arms and legs. It makes duckyish sounds, also recorded myself. This is my first real model for JK2, and I'm very proud of it. It can be a bot, and it has a red and blue color version as well. Should be fairly fun to run around as a duck. At least, it's the skin I'll be using myself for most of my JK2 days, so can be nice to see me like that if you play with me a lot! UPDATE: Added JA compatible version in the download, so JA players will hear the model's real sounds. Please re-download!
  8. Version v3.0


    New Ahsoka Tano (v3.0) with much needed improvements. added the new season 3 version of Ahsoka and removed the backpack version as a result. not a total loss. weight issues might take away from the fun, but a very playable model none the less. Enjoy!
  9. Version 1.0


    ****************************************** JEDI KNIGHT II : Jedi Outcast MODIFICATION ****************************************** Title : Ki-Adi-Mundi Authors : Psyk0Sith, Grafox, Noemarz E-Mails : psykopat@geocities.com Websites : http://psyko3d.50webs.com/ File Name : PSKkMundiJO.pk3 File Size : 3.62MB Date released : 07/28/2014 Revamped textures/Meshes/Shaders: Psyk0Sith Description: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Ki-Adi-Mundi was a male Cerean Jedi Master of the Jedi Order who served on the High Council in the twilight years of the Galactic Republic and played a major role in several battles during the Clone Wars. Born in 92 BBY, Mundi was discovered at age four by the Jedi An'ya Kuro and became one of the few permitted by the Jedi Order to be trained starting beyond infancy.
  10. 259 downloads

    Horseton Legged is a fictional character from the future Journey to Bootland campaign. He's the sidekick of the powerful jedi duck, and is the only one in the super duo that can actually speak, thus complicating communication just a bit. It's my second player model, following the same theme. Not without flaws, but it was time to finish and release this anyhow! UPDATE: Due to differences in path setup in sounds.cfg, sounds weren't working and a JA version was added to the download. If you downloaded this for JA, please re-download!
  11. Version 1.0


    Hello JKHUB ! this is the first finished model of my additions to Jedi Academys default Merc Model I bring you - a Devaronian Mercenary - you might know these guys from SW:TOR. I got a few more additions to the merc model in progress but those will stay Jedi Knight Jedi Betrayal exclusive , atleast for the moment FEATURES : -3 skin Variations -default -red and blue teamskins -NPC support -to spawn these in singleplayer enter cheatmode by typing "helpusobi 1" in the console then type "npc spawn x" instead of x use either : - dev_merc ~ Default Devaronian merc - dev_merc1 ~ Blue Devaronian merc - dev_merc2 ~ Red Devaronian merc -Bot Support -just look up "Devaronian" in the botslist in MP BUGS : the usual deformation issues , might be worse with this model than with my others though, this was a very quick rig
  12. Jeff

    Captain Antilles


    This is my skin for Captain Antilles the poor sap, Darth Vader choked in A New Hope.
  13. Version 1.01


    Never far from Baron Administrator Lando Calrissian's side was Lobot, Calrissian's aide and Cloud City's computer liaison officer. Lobot is a human male with a shiny, brain-enhancing device wrapped around the back of his skull that allowed him to contact directly with the city's central computer.
  14. 29,090 downloads

    Author : HapSlash Description: Here we go with the second of the Episode III models that I'm working on, based off of the latest Star Wars movie 'Revenge of the Sith'. It is currently available for both Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy.
  15. Tzu

    Old Ben


    So back in the waning days of Jedi Outcast, there was a large group of skins that came out depicting many of our beloved movie characters, such as Yoda, Mace WIndu, Saesee Tiin - wait, why was this guy one of our favorites again? \(^.^)/ Among those wonderful (for the time) movie models and skins was one of our favorite characters of all the movies: Obi Wan Kenobi. But I'm not talking about Padawan Obi, I'm talkin' Old Ben! Who could forget running around maps as that crazy old hermit, taunting "this little one's not worth the effort" and having epic movie duels against Darth Vader, ending by disengaging your saber and going into spec when he hit you? xD Alas, those models are horribly outdated and mostly lost to time. And in the years since, I haven't really seen any great attempts to bring us an older Tatooine exiled Obi Wan. While I can't provide you an exact Obi Wan from ANH, I have provided the next best thing: a reskin of Hapslash's remarkable ROTS Obi Wan, revamped to carry more of the facial characteristics and age of Alec Guinness. I've included, in addition to custom sounds from ANH (thanks to well as a reskin of the General Kenobi lightsaber, the polished metal areas made duller to reflect wear, as well as replacing the emitter matrix and stabilizing ring with black parts to appear as the lightsaber did in ANH. (And no, I don't know that much about lightsaber parts, thanks Wookieepedia!) Some minor things to note. I could not get the NPC to wear his robe, trying to use the robed variant resulted in an invisible NPC. So while the bot wears the robe, the NPC does not. Otherwise the bot and NPC are effectively the same as the ones that come with Haps' ROTS Obi, I did not modify anything other than the names and skins used. Also, when I was attempting to convert the movie sounds to work, I ended up having to make them 16-bit wav files, since for whatever reason I could not get the mp3's to work (I assume the compression for LAME is too new and unrecognized by the game). Since it was easier to fix them using batch conversion, all the Haps' sounds that I kept were also converted in this process. It really didn't effect the filesize much, so hopefully no one minds. That's about it. I had a lot of fun doing this little project. All the credits and such are in the readme. Hope everyone enjoys my first shot back into the modding community in over 8 years!
  16. JKHub

    Eric Lassard


    Original Author: Jora Custov Description: Eric Lassard from Police Academy franchise NPC Command - /npc spawn lassard
  17. JKHub

    Chiss Reborn


    AUTHOR: Darth Ayreon DESCRIPTION: Desann's reborn were all humans! "You've got to be joking! What are they? Clones?" They all have the same face, except from facial hairs! "Right, and you want ME to believe that?" --->NEVER! Now there is a Chiss Reborn! Basically that's all this skin is... ?
  18. Version 1.02


    This is my rework of an old model made by Corto, it has a few adjustments, such as a bigger helmet and the cape moved (it clipped with the arm during walk too much).It includes fixed shaders and two skins, rotj and esb(new!)
  19. JKHub

    Frank Drebin


    Original Author: Jora Custov Description: Frank Drebin from Police Squad! botfiles, command skins, sounds and npc files are included Thanks to you Leslie Nielsen. I will remember you forever.
  20. 382 downloads

    Original Author: Jora Custov Description: Ellen Ripley from Alien Quadrilogy movies. SW goes to SW bugaga! Second edition of Ellen Ripley - heroine of AQ movies. Included skins from all Alien Quadrilogy movies. Added also underwear skin and winter skin (for winter maps like a Hoth ). All skins have team colors. Added also Lightsaber "proton1". Use the console and input "saber proton1". NPCs: "npc spawn jedi_sw", "npc spawn ripley_a1", "npc spawn ripley_a2", "npc spawn ripley_a3", "npc spawn ripley_underwear" bots: "Ellen Ripley" "Ripley A2" "Ripley A3" "Ripley A4" "Ripley underwear" "Ripley winter"
  21. Version 2.0


    Emperor Doviculus from Brütal Legend , a game I can really recommend Doviculus is the leader of the Sado-Masochistic Demons the so called Tainted Coil Brütal Legend As usual I've added everything a playermodel needs : -Teamskins -npc support -bot support -Sounds (recorded from Brütal Legend) -A fitting weapon , his Double-Staff-Axe from the game I think I've said everything required , have fun !
  22. Jora custov



    Description: Trinity from the Matrix movies Developed time: 1 month Now supported "m 1" "m 2" skin Used soft: 3dmax 7.0, Milkshape 1.7.8, Photoshop 6.0, SDK JA This is my four JA model.From Matrix with love bugaga!
  23. JKHub

    Ellen Ripley


    Original Author: Jora Custov Description: Ellen Ripley...This is a woman whose deeds quaked the universe! She prevent dreadful alien menace and expose greed bosses of WY corp. She not burn on the fire and not sink on the water. Enemies may stay away from her! She goes now to Star Wars World ! SW goes to SW! Bugaga! Developed time: 1.5 months too much NPC files overloads the game therefore for NPC created separate .pk3 file Now supported "alien 1" and "alien 4" skinz Used soft: 3dmax 7.0, Milkshape 1.7.8, Photoshop 6.0, SDK JA This is my second JA model. from alien universe bugaga!
  24. JKHub

    Agent Smith


    Original Author: Jora Custov Description: Agent Smith from Matrix movie
  25. Version 1.0


    ************************************************************** JEDI KNIGHT III : JEDI ACADEMY MODIFICATION ************************************************************** Pablo-Jill / Ongree Jedi Pablo-Jill was an Ongree male native to the Skustell Cluster who served as a Jedi Knight and General during the Clone Wars. Famed for bringing peace and order to the lawless planet of Ord Mantell early in his Jedi career, he participated in the Battle of Geonosis in 22 BBY, where over two hundred members of the Jedi Order battled the vast droid armies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Pablo-Jill was one of few on his side to survive, though he became separated from the bulk of his fellow Jedi during the fighting. Three years later, he led a daring attempt to rescue Supreme Chancellor Palpatine from the clutches of the commander of the Separatist Droid Army, General Grievous, over Coruscant. Many of the other Jedi gave up, but Pablo-Jill continued in his efforts to intercept Grievous's tri-wing shuttle, and eventually dueled with the cyborg aboard the Separatist flagship, Invisible Hand. Grievous proved too strong for the Ongree Jedi Knight, however, and killed him. After the duel, Pablo-Jill's body was launched into space for all the Republic forces to see.
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