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  1. I came just to say this; the thing about lights is that when you compile (not decompile), you can decide to keep the lights as dummy entity data with -keeplights, most base maps were compiled this way, I learned a lot about how to properly do lights by looking at lights key/value data from single player maps, there you can see the little tricks to make illumination work in many different ways. You are correct, they are saved as entities but the engine pretty much ignores them. I do believe tho, that they're needed for SP maps for the NPC "senses" since there is code around light level regarding NPC AI. Edit; got it, it's unfinished code (funny comment right there) so yeah, the engine pretty much ignores light data: float G_GetLightLevel( vec3_t pos, vec3_t fromDir ) { /* vec3_t ambient={0}, directed, lightDir; cgi_R_GetLighting( pos, ambient, directed, lightDir ); lightLevel = VectorLength( ambient ) + (VectorLength( directed )*DotProduct( lightDir, fromDir )); */ float lightLevel; //rwwFIXMEFIXME: ...this is evil. We can possibly read from the server BSP data, or load the lightmap along //with collision data and whatnot, but is it worth it? lightLevel = 255; return lightLevel; } My theory about why they compiled most SP maps with -keeplights is that maybe they had in the design phase to actually have some sort of hide mechanic so you could hide in the dark, who knows?
  2. I'm 100% positive that if someone did, there should be an increasing curve every year around December, I've seen many times it happening; someone comes to play JK around December and all of a sudden here we are all again, to then drop it after some months to just repeat the cycle next year.
    Hello @Vegeta I've been recently learning how to work with huge maps like this, I managed to compile your map as an experiment, I hope this helps, here are the cor3.bsp and cor3.map files.
    I remember playing this on a cybercafe back in 2005 or something, I never though I would see it again (couldn't remember the name of that map).
  3. Is using a software that is no longer available the only way to create vehicles on JKA?
  4. I'm looking for information on the engine limitations in OpenJK, I know some have been increased but I don't know which ones and how much. I'm making a map that feels really big using as many tricks as I can, this information would be crucial for planning ahead. Limitations like: - Entities in a map. - Rendered entities in the client. - Brush count - Vertex count in a map - Vertex count in the client - Vehicle types. - NPC count - Waypoint count - Icarus limitations, like globals or script size. - Do ASE misc_model count towards the entity limit or the brush limit? - Shaders and Texture allocation, shouldn't be a problem for me since I'm reusing many shaders and textures thorough this map, but It would be good to know. - Any other relevant limitations one should know regarding map making.
  5. Way harder than expected, many surfaces are already squeezing that 1000 vertex limit, even those already split into multiple surfaces. I can smell that same frustration I'm having right now from some of those surface names haha. Well this will take more time than I though, I'll just upload a pack when everything is done. For now, this is done so far; pursuer's belly being slightly adjusted for a non belt version and standard jedi boots.
  6. @Jeff I'm doing some fine tuning to those revanite models. I really love them and I'm using them for my clan/order (group of friends I play with) skins, would you like me to link the fixed .glm here when It's done?
  7. This is a proof of concept I'm working on, this map was done on 6 hours, It's been almost 10 years since I map seriously so I had to rust of the tools.

    The concept is, with a minimum of 3 players, you get a point every second while you are standing on a pillar, and an extra 3 points every time you jump to another pillar, if you touch the floor, your points are reset to zero, wins the first to reach 300 points.


    Any suggestions?

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    2. CansecoDev


      I am a complete noob with ICARUS, I should start learning that for some things. From what I can understand, I could use ICARUS to have up to eight internal values for every entity, that includes the players.

      I'll take a look into that.

    3. NAB622


      I can help with ICARUS if you need it. Unfortunately there are several bugs and limitations that will make things increasingly tricky the further you get into it, especially regarding spawn and score systems. But there is potential.


      With any luck, ICARUS can manually set a player's score..... But i don't think it can.

    4. NAB622


      Random thought - if you use ICARUS, you could also script events into the pillars - for instance, making some of them randomly move or fall over. That could get quite interesting.

  8. That its! Thanks I didn't knew about that Patch Properties menu
  9. How can a texture from a patch be scaled in GTK Radiant 1.4? The Surface Inspector doesn't seems to work
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