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  1. I wanted to say hi, and say that I love how everything conserning the Jedi Knight series can be found on here. For me I am interested in mapping with gtk radiant. Personally I have completed several maps in the past and worked on moviebattles 3 for a while (cancelled), and released a few maps for JK3 back in 2005. Some where released on jk3files back then and some where used in clan/ private at the time. Nowadays I am working on a new project again with gtk radiant ytba. I'l see you around! PyroTechnics
  2. I'm a fan already! Gotto say that looks great! What a good looking project! Congrats! The character is perfect. Great job on that! And I like your scrubs and bushes! Some of my tips would be that I recommend finishing the core gameplay mechanics first. If you haven't finished the core gameplay drop everything you are doing, and start working on that and noodle it until it is done. To the point where you go, yes... this is fun! Because in the end it's about that! Every core mechanic you need to make one level like that yavin training grounds should be on your to do list and a priority over anything else. Use a testing map to test our all your mechanics and then import them into your regular project. Yavin training grounds is a great pick if you ask me, because all the core mechanics are "trained" at in that level. All force powers except darkside, pushable objects, a bot that can fight you what not. But you know this! Why am I saying this!? :D If you have finished the core with placeholders, you can easily polish the game later and add more levels even (lets go nuts!). It's always going to be an itterative process, but the gameplay core should be reasonably finished in the beginning quickly. From what I can see it looks very polished already! Amazing job.... Looking forward to seeing more!
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