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  1. It's crazy how you are still doing this after so much time. Impressive, most impressive.
  2. Just give me your discord or whatever you like so I can send you my copy. In game just type /model kylo_ren/ros if you can't find it in the roster
  3. Also to ruin my small moment of pride and shine negativity on it, this was how the chestplate looked like in ModView (without the code cylinders and rank-block). It was way worse the first time around...
  4. I keep forgetting about this thread, anyways I made this a long while ago for another RP character who is a Imperial Moff. It was based off of concept art from Star Wars Uprising but I've taken my own spin on it and I love it. Only thing is I suck too badly at rigging it or whatever to make the chest-plate and shoulder-plates feel natural which means I'll probably never end up actually using this in any kind of roleplay because I'm not satisfied with the way the chestplate in-game moves and looks. Nonetheless it was fun making a ton of small incremental changes that overtime got me something I'm pretty darn proud of. Thaaannk you Rep Junkie for the base or else this would have been alot more tiring for me
  5. IIRC There is a RoS texture for Kylo Ren in his skin folder so- kinda. You just need to change a line in a text document and you got your Kylo.
  6. I really liked the earlier Jaina Solo model but like everything else it kinda went downhill imo. The rey face especially is just off-putting. Still interested like the above for a proper release (of the first models ofc)
  7. I'm just curious, why work on a map that's already been done nearly perfectly?
    Love it when we get quality content like this
    Funny part is I was working on a Khil too! He was Sith but close enough right? I've also tried a female Khil but things weren't pretty. I gotta say though nice seeing from that The Old Republic comic series!
  8. Having second thoughts about this, I'm thinking of restarting all together but I'm curious if I could get any special insight from someone else on this. The hair looks alot better in ModView and I like what I did with everything else, I'm just second-guessing myself about the nose cheek area and all. Looks pretty rough(?) for JK and I dunno. I DID want to come close to Force Arena's level of detail and all, and I didn't want him to look like a super model (wanted him to make him look average) but I think I screwed up badly on the mouth, neck and outer cheek area.
  9. Marana

    Generic Jedi

    I see blackface! Time to cancel Mark Hamil ?
  10. Really loved this thread until I had my heart broken after seeing it died before releasing anything, F.
  11. My own personal model for a RP community I'm in and considering I only know the borderline I think this is pretty swell
  12. A Moff Gideon would be fairly basic the only real challenge would be making a good face to come along with it
  13. What dark soul said, watch a tutorial- allow yourself some time to soak in the information, ask around and with enough determination you'll make your own model ?
  14. I'm just excited seeing that someone is working on Mandalore
  15. EDIT: The RP is practically (Notice I say practically) dead, alot of the faction leaders have been inactive and there's occasionally a trio roleplaying. The whole administration became questionable so it's all very up in the air. You are welcomed to try the community (if it's still around) as you wish just saying that as of 4/14/20 it's pretty much in it's last days. I'm no longer in it, a number of the only active roleplayers are no longer in it so I say don't waste your time but you are welcomed to try (hence the invite link not being deleted) Hello there, The successor of RPG Universe and Hope's End- the two servers have merged and now it's some super duper big server with lots of players in it (I swear). Give us a try if the other RP servers don't work out for you. 400 ABY, the New Galactic Republic is englufed into conflict as the resurrected Sith Empire begans it's conquest to take the Galaxy back from the hands of the Jedi. With Coruscant and many worlds captured, the New Galactic Republic is struggling to mobilize it's military to take the fight back at the Sith Empire. Meanwhile the Chiss Ascendancy which has just gotten out of a war against the Republic has proceeded to invade Republic Outer-Rim Worlds in an effort to further destabilize the Republic Government and make way for it's Chiss Queen. With Mandalore the Keeper emerging from the backdrop with a new Mandalorian army with the intent of taking back it's ancestral worlds and going to battle with the Republic and the Jedi for it's treachery. Join our Discord to get started and find out more about our lovely RP community. We got some modellers and texture-artists to help you make your own custom character if you need help making a character specific to your design. https://discord.gg/XH4QYEe
  16. Considering GoH just released three characters from the Mandalorian and the liklihood of someone tackling the porting process, I have to say the timing couldn't be better!
  17. Galaxy of Heroes just released a beautiful set of models from the Mandalorian, the Mandalorian himself, Cara Dune and Greef Karga. For the love of good Star Wars we need someone to port these models in ASAP, I'm shivering in sheer excitement of getting my hands on these models for JK. Any good samaritan out there with some free time and an itch to see all three models come to life?
  18. Couldn't help but think of Team Fortress 2's Nucleus map on that one, nonetheless looks great ?
  19. God it looks pretty good for one of your first models, crossing fingers for more to come
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