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  1. Hey man, just a quick message in regards to your Second Sister file.

    I don't know if it's isolated to a particular version, but this doesn't work in EJK, it causes a crash to desktop. It does work in JA Enhanced SP, base JKA MP & SP though from what I tested.

    I believe I've found the reason why, so I thought I'd let you know.

    The sounds.cfg file in models/players/secondsister is causing the issue.

    If I change the sounds.cfg to simply say as follows-


      - it works perfectly.

    I believe EJK does have some breathing effect in the mod itself, so this could be causing the crash.

    Hope this was useful ❤️

  2. Can I mod MBII

    1. Doughnuts


      Yes you can. Send me a PM through discord and I'll show you a few things unique to MBII.


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