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  1. Has anyone made a Haxion Brood Bounty Hunter yet? They're from Jedi Fallen Order. They're pretty cool looking and I've seen the models on deviant art, so I'm wondering if anyone has made one yet since it'd be cool to use in Movie Battles 2
  2. This looks amazing honestly, always wanted JK to have some short of open world/MMO aspect for roleplaying and such.
  3. I wanna know if it’s possible for Jeff to add a hood and a cape to the current cultist model. To look similar to this If possible can you have two versions with a hood only and one with a hood and cape? If so, appreciate it.
  4. Yeah, I've seen it. But it looks like the person who ripped and ported the models for MB2 has stopped being active since January. There's models floating around that I've downloaded but I really have no clue how to port them into JKA.Was hoping someone had done it here already.
  5. Has there been models of Gar Saxon and his Imperial Super Commandos for download?
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