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  1. Phenomenal work on both models. Especially my man Hux.
  2. That looks rocking! That's how i've always liked my sabers looking. Thinner and without the glow at the hilt. Small details like this really show how much you care about keeping true to SW.
  3. That Kylo guy has some rocking abs.

    1. McGroose


      "Mom said it's my turn on the Xbox"

    2. JediBantha
  4. These are just absolutely, jaw-droopingly stunning. Best models in terms of anything from the new trilogy.
  5. That Kylo Ren fellow sure is pretty rad. Great work on my- HIS model. Best one yet and it actually has a good face.
  6. I am way too inactive. I need to start doing more stuff!

    1. Bek


      Look at some of the tutorials on the site, you might find something interesting. You destiny awaits, Matt.

    2. Matt the Radar Tech

      Matt the Radar Tech

      As you say, Supreme Leader.

    3. Bek


      Supreme Leader... I can get use to that.

  7. These are my favourite sabers in the franchise. I just love how they look, no idea why. They look better when they are thinner. Sorta like the OT. Glorious work!
  8. This honestly looks phenomenal and is the thing I am most excited for as of the moment. I'm dying to play it but I also understand how hard it is to do something like this, and so I wish you the best of luck. Movie Duels II is what got me into Jedi Academy and i've must of spent hundreds of hours playing it. So I can't wait for the beta! I pray it's soon. Also - these models are looking sick. Especially the old Obi, Rogue One Vader and Ahsoka. Though all of them look pretty gosh darn good! I wish you the best of luck and I have my fingers crossed that this can be played soon. Pitting Vader up against Ahsoka or Rey against Obi is gonna really rock. And dear lord, that glorious looking Obi against Maul is gonna be the best. Again, best of luck!
  9. Hey there. I'm a new member, and honestly new to Jedi Academy itself.

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    2. ooeJack


      Welcome Matt.

    3. Matt the Radar Tech

      Matt the Radar Tech

      Why thank you, guys. Nice to see some friendly people on here.

    4. Onysfx


      Welcome to JK, there are so many mods waiting to be tried out, hope you don't get overwhelmed :).

  10. I created an account just to comment on this wonderful mod. Seriously, fantastic work. The face is a tad bit odd but it really doesn't bother me. I still love it.
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