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  1. On 2/1/2020 at 7:10 PM, Droidy365 said:

    So hey, don't mean to be annoying, but how's this thing going? I just remembered this was a thing, and I'm really looking forward to it. Doubt there will be a release anytime soon, though ?

    Keep a check on the DF2 mod section of the JKHub JKCommunity discord.

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  2. But why and how is it crazy? It's the Force we're talking about! Anything is possible with the Force! The tiny, old Yoda could Force move Luke's x-wing no problem, so why is it such a stretch that a young guy that's supposedly so powerful in the Force could pull a star destroyer out of the sky?


    It's nothing we've ever seen in any movie, and I'm pretty sure they're wanting to keep to what we see in the movies in terms of the force. Gotta admit, pulling a ship out of the sky was pretty out there.

  3. You need to make sure of one thing, the skeleton you used has the proper hierarchy and local transforms for each bone or you'll get some strange problems like ankles rolling the wrong way on slopes and neck rotating on a different axis when looking.


    ^ This.


    It's due to the pitch/yaw being coded to be on a certain axis. I much prefer Source engines method of having a lot of this coded animation stuff external. An example is allowing it so you can set your own pitch/yaw axis per skeleton.

  4. It's a bit more complicated, it seems. It's been a while, sue me. :D


    Anyway, I think the best thing you can do is use the odd skeletons as a shadow with your normal skeleton strapped to it, and then bake the animation. Hopefully all of the odd skeletons are identical, so it'll be faster the next time you need to do this.

  5. @@DT85



    I forgot you can import gla's now. Blender right? Well... if that's the case, you can eventually just import, then export as xsi or fbx and i can slap it in softimage and add it to the new one. Also, I figure you'd be a good person to ask...

    Weren't we talking about adding back in the toes and fingers from JKO? Then won't the conversion table be unnecessary for importing the "broken" xsi's to our new skele?




    Nah, Noesis and export to FBX - Blender can't handle the shitload of frames in the GLA. :P

    ll fingers and the two toe bones are already present in every animation, it's just that they were omitted during compile.

    You'll need a conversion table (so a modified openjk) so any base JKA rigged models will work with the new GLA, it's just that they won't have access to any clothsim, etc unless re-rigged.

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