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    ======= info ======= here is one of the remaps i did for the bespin duel map its been used for example for some 1v1,2v2 cup finals during the active time of sR (soulReapers clan) i wanted to keep it as a clan only thingy, but since we are not active anymore theres no real need to waste that edit since it does look leet. so why not ======= Contact ======= reQ discord.gg/8WPcuZB https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsXdkF_WdXDJDRl6aW_WiNw ======= How to install ======= put the sR_duel1.pk3 file into the Base folder of the Server you play on restart the se
  2. sup? this server is originaly former sR (soul reapers) clan server since we basicly turn our clan into a community cause we not active as a clan anymore, i decided to remain this server for everyone who likes to hang out on the maps i edited the map edits are one of the best out there what you can find on japlus, hands down. there are lots of tools where you can waste and share your time. ffa1,ffa2,ffa3,ffa4,ffa5 and few others has its own specials also due to the que-time cause of the virus, i decided to hand out free TP for thouse who needs it Server-IP
  3. heres the youtube link of the eventi tried to comentate a bit, well it starts at 8:40) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdETsT_AyTU have fun
  4. together we made SR great again im glad how this secound chapter worked out so far we gain many members in and our server is active during the day here is the up2date rosterpage http://sr-clan.enjin.com/roster we basicly get rid of ranking systems and created a cult oriented system where thouse who are bounded to a chosen cult can rise up the flag on some event themes we are still holding evry week some diffrent kind of events where the event winners add some points to his cult on the hall of thrones wich u can see here http://sr-clan.enjin.com/hot last saturday our monthly event COTM
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