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  1. Does anybody have a tutorial on making backhanded lightsabers? Started a saber model based off of an Inquisitor saber but I don’t know how to base it backhanded and have it activate in reverse for the dual.

  2. The first version of the SWRP Model Pack is complete and will be pending upload. Gotta make a replacement pack for MB as an option as well.

    Little late for the Halloween contest but they are all original RP characters so it took a wee bit of time.

  3. Three things, y’all. I have a ton of kitbashes, retextures and the like to release, so expect them soon!

    Two, if for whatever reason in a preview post you see a texture that you created that is uncredited, PLEASE TELL ME. I will either get the proper permissions, or replace the texture entirely. 

    Thirdly, as I move to update old files to current standards, I have noticed some who have offered to donate to a Paypal. I do not have one, nor do I intend to make one, as these models were not created by me, they were merely put together by me. 

    If you have the inclination to donate for anything related to my work, please consider donating to JKHub as a whole. If you SINCERELY wish to donate to me personally, that is always appreciated, but would need to be discussed with the original modelers beforehand. ?

    1. Noodle


      I look forward to seeing your stuff!

  4. Jesus, it's been a while. But I'm back, and I haven't been idle... I BRING WITH ME THE ERA OF THE FIRST SITH!

    1. JediBantha


      Ajunta Pall (and 3 others) beat you to it.

    2. DT85
  5. Jesus, it's been a while. But I'm back, and I haven't been idle... I BRING WITH ME THE ERA OF THE FIRST SITH!

  6. When people ask you to do things when youre at work then get angry when you don't do them.

    1. Ping


      Why do they expect you to do things?

    2. AuriusPheonix


      Because I am the person who actually does things


  7. I'm getting this feeling that I've overstayed my welcome.

    1. eezstreet


      What gives you that idea?

    2. AuriusPheonix


      Don't worry, it's not on you man. You're doing your job and moderating is all. The whole Silas thing seems to have rattled me however.

  8. I'm getting this feeling that I

  9. I'm getting this feeling that I

  10. I feel like a Hermit. I work, model and voice act. That's really about all XD

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    2. Ping


      Hermits do not have the internet.

    3. Lord Of Hate

      Lord Of Hate

      I dunno, I'm the opposite, whenever friends come by to invite me out, I just wanna stay in, and also when I have to do do a lot of other real life stuff.

    4. AuriusPheonix


      I'll post some of my VA in a vid soon! And Jmanghan, I used to be like that. Trust me it gets really depressing after a while

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