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  1. Even in Single player the facial expressions, though subtle, work so well. The model itself works amazing. Now, if someone could do a sound conversion so that instead of someone in the game calling you Jaden they could say rey. Like Abrams did with Alec Guinness in the force awakens.
  2. Every once in a while when I download a new model, I've noticed it affects the weequay model in that the game can't spawn one or allow me to play as one unless I uninstall the mod. How can I fix this? It's beginning to get annoying because there are some playermodels and npcs that I wish I could include in my game but I just don't know how to get around it... Also, the textures for yavin or anything like green grass or trees in the beginning don't show up whenever I have the JK2 map pack for JKA installed...
  3. This is awesome! Makes me think of Splinter of the Minds Eye. It also has the potential of being a Dagobah map, which I have never seen before in the past, even when JK3 was around.
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