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    High Resolution AT-ST

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    its perfect but i noticed in EOC IV the model is invisible out side of that it works.

    That's a problem with that mod, I only tested this to work in the base game, if it doesn't work with a mod then the mod is to blame.

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    High Resolution AT-ST

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    @the_raven I modeled this actually using the official blueprints from RotJ as a rotoscope so it's quite accurate, the only thing that isn't perfect is the overall scale which is why you think that the head is too small because the entire thing is too small. I didn't wanna make it larger than the base model though because it would break the game in the SP levels. The static object wouldn't fit in the hangars in the artus_topside level and it wouldn't fit in the drop pods from the cairn, doomgiver and yavin maps.

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  1. The base hilts didn't have parent tags, though. And it was an issue with custom player models as well, from what I have gathered.

    You don't need them at all, the game will just use the models local transform values to use in place of a parent tag.

  2. It's really not the hilt that's the problem, the tags on the base models are placed wrong but when people make custom hilts they tend to not use a *parent tag and instead let the models center do that job and just move it lower in Y space before export.


    Fun fact.

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    Why can't it export models to .glm?

    Ask Rich that


    No it cannot open GLM/GLA together to view a model with attached animations, they're 2 separate files, this is what ModView is for.

    FBX to Ghoul 2 Converter

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    Ma name's Alex! =o


    I'll have to try it out even though using Softimage I have the luxury of knowing getting stuff in game is pretty fool proof. I may download Maya just to try it out on a model from it.

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