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  1. RebelChum's post in Sounds Not Playing Ingame was marked as the answer   
    Hmm, that’s really strange. When you reopen them in Audacity it shows rate 44100 in the bottom left of the program’s window right? (Not just on the audio track.)
    If yes, then, you could try using Audacity to compile them at a lower kbps.
  2. RebelChum's post in Video texture was marked as the answer   
    This is definitely possible! The way to do this is via shaders.
    Below is an example shader. I don't know your texture folder path so I had to guess.  
    If I didn't mess anything up, this should be a texture you can put in your map that will play the opening logos .roq. Obviously replace the paths to link your content.
    textures/GPChannelsmap/video { qer_editorimage textures/GPChannelsmap/video q3map_nolightmap { videoMap video/openinglogos } { videoMap video/openinglogos alphagen const 0.25 blendFunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE glow } }
  3. RebelChum's post in Diffused Lighting was marked as the answer   
    Try r_fullbright 1.
    This may not remove shadows from models but it's worth a shot.
  4. RebelChum's post in Trigger_Push for a Conveyor was marked as the answer   
    First, highlight your conveyor belt with the trigger brush. (You'll want it to be a thin layer just above the conveyor so it only pushes the player when they're standing on it rather than jumping over it.
    Set that trigger brush to a trigger_push. Target it at an info_notnull wherever the conveyor belt is travelling. You'll want to check the linear box, the multiple box, and likely the relative box. You'll have to do a little trial and error with the key and value for speed until it appears the player is being pushed at the same rate the conveyor texture is moving.
  5. RebelChum's post in Shaders: View Distance was marked as the answer   
    Not sure how that would work.
    If you had two triggers within each other, one turning the wall or usable off and the other turning it on they would conflict. If you had the off trigger be surrounding the on trigger so that as soon as the activating player left that area that wouldn't work either as multiple players would cause that not to work.
    The only real workaround is either the target_print method or having one trigger target a func_wall with the message that only displays it for a certain amount of time with the wait time on the trigger_multiple equalling that time. So if the player is in the area for more than the timer it would keep displaying, but if they walked away then it would turn off.
  6. RebelChum's post in caulk_nonsolid issues was marked as the answer   
    Nodraw didn't work when I tried it.
    The brush just needed a top surface.
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