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  1. Can't believe I just read some rubbish about how TLJ was 'mounds' better than the Yuuzhan Vong War in the EU @@Teancum, if you really want to understand the severity of the hate, you already do understand it - the issue is exactly that Luke was depicted as "a broken man that tapped back into the force for all that was left in him." That's not the Luke we know from the original trilogy. That is a fundamentally different character from the one we know, the one that we grew up with. The only one that we actually give a toss about. To be clear, I'm not mad that Luke died in Episode VIII. Not at all. I'm disappointed that I never got to see Luke in Episode VII or VIII. Not the Luke I know, at least. And @@Killjoy - no worries. Many of my friends and I feel the same as you do on all points made. I'm 22 now, and I can tell you that, at least as far as I can tell, High School Classes of 2013 through maybe 2015 were likely the last generation of High School graduates to have really been able to grow up as kids without social media. I have younger siblings still in High School and I can assure you, there is definitely a generational gap there just in terms of values, beliefs, etc.
  2. The look on his face fucking tore me apart mate. May the force be with him.
  3. "I get where you're coming from, but personally, I never felt like Luke should have been THAT wise after ep6. Sure, the Death Star 2 ordeal gave him experience and an outlook, and things like that, but THAT much? I just don't think so. Maybe it's because I never got into the old-canon's post-movies lore, so I missed the character's development. If that's the case, then I admit my fault, but I was building my argument on the movies, not anything else - old or new (most of that eu lore never reached us here in east-Europe anyway)." Well, I think you're sort of underscoring the experience and wisdom Luke gained after his encounter with Vader in Ep. V - he had already become wise by the time that he's shown in Ep. VI. In fact, you're basically underscoring Luke's entire journey. Since I'm reluctant to type out an entire novel here about Luke, I'll just simply direct you to his Wookieepedia page to remind you of all of the shit that Luke went through in the original trilogy: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Luke_Skywalker The idea that Luke somehow doesn't gain the type of knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics throughout the original trilogy that would lead him to becoming probably the wisest Jedi to have ever lived (as he did in the Expanded Universe), is just absurd. To say the least. And yes, wiser than even hundreds-year old Yoda was, and do you know why? Because Luke learned from Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi and Yoda - personally, one on one. They would legit continue to counsel him as force ghosts after they had passed away because they cared about him, they invested their knowledge into him and actually depended on him. The entire Star Wars universe depended on him, he literally had the fate of the world on his shoulders, so to speak. But even with all of that pressure, Luke stood resilient, worked to overcome the challenges before him - both external and internal, and learned from those experiences. Also, I don't want to come off too strong here mate but if you don't know jack about Luke's character in the Expanded Universe then how exactly do you figure that you have as informed enough of an opinion to really argue against those types of fans that were disappointed by Luke's appearances in Episodes VII and VIII? You can understand Luke's character at a surface level from his appearances in the original trilogy and form a strong opinion on the matter, absolutely, but to totally exclude everything else from the debate just because Disney has recently discarded those expanded universe stories (spanning all the way from 1978 - 2014) from canon, is just somewhat irresponsible, perhaps even lazy on your part, wouldn't you agree? But I digress, yes, I absolutely do believe that Luke's time on the second Death Star gave him the type of experience and outlook on Jedi/Sith philosophies that would craft him into becoming the wise Jedi Master (and eventually GRAND Master) that we saw in the Expanded Universe. I just think you're downplaying that to an extraordinary degree. On the second Death Star, Luke legitimately redeemed his father, a freaking Dark Lord of the Sith, watched him overthrow the god damn Sith Emperor and return to the light as Anakin Skywalker before passing away in his arms. There is so much complexity to that entire situation, I just cannot even imagine anything more deep than that to largely affect a character like Luke and transform him into an extraordinarily wise individual. Luke's appearances in the Expanded Universe make sense. "Why the sequels don't work? Because they're telling Rey's story, but literally cannot function without the OT. The only way they can make anything original with the ST is by actually throwing away all the OT characters. It's something that they'll try to do with ep9, though they'll probably fail anyway." First of all though, are the new sequels really telling Rey's story? I can't bloody tell. So you tell me, because I hardly know a damn thing about Rey, even after Ep. VIII - and that's not my fault when she doesn't have any character depth mate. And I fundamentally disagree with you by the way, it is absolutely not the case that the only way that the Disney cucks can make anything interesting in this new universe is by throwing away all of the characters from the original trilogy. Absolute rubbish mate. Wanna know how they can do that? By being fucking original mate. So yeah, the reason that they'll probably fail to be original in Ep. IX is not because they are somehow burdened by the prequels (which they completely ignore - the fucking autism of that makes me cringe) or the original trilogy (which is the entire reason why anyone even fucking cares enough to buy a ticket to entertain this shit in the first place), no mate, it is because they are utterly incompetent. "And since when is posting one topic, however controversial, considered spam? Also a question - if Mark Hamill himself disagrees with how his character was played out, why'd he agree to portraying him as such? He's a big celebrity, heck he's Luke Skywalker, surely he could have said something about how he wanted his character to end up, no?" The only reason I called it 'spam' was because I saw you comment on the matter in another topic thread on these forums, which I may have been wrong in calling spam, though it just seemed to me like you were essentially shutting people down who had legitimate criticism for how these new films have handled the original cast of characters as well as the current state of the Star Wars universe in general. If I was wrong in that assessment, then you of course have my sincere apologies. Your last point on Mark Hamill was just, well somewhat ridiculous. It's not up to him how his character is portrayed. When he signed the contract, he has already stated in an interview that he hadn't been shown the script. He just knew that Harrison was returning to his role already and that Carrie would follow suit, so he signed it. What's funny is that Hamill actually did voice his disappointment to Director Rian Johnson about how he was choosing to handle the character of Luke Skywalker in Ep. VIII, but it seems that, at least for the most part, Johnson ignored him and pursued his own vision for the story. That fucking cucklord. In fact, I think there's strong evidence that Hamill had no idea that Luke dies in Ep. VIII until actually seeing the movie - I strongly urge you to look into that on YouTube. All that being said, fair enough?
  4. Oh man it's completely true. Totally devastating. Check these out, some are funny, but that panel in London is very telling of where certain members of the cast stand: Enjoy (with grief), and may the force be with you my friend.
  5. No disrespect, but I honestly think that you're just trying to justify this shit movie to help yourself come to terms with it. I admire that because it's a much harder thing to do than to just shit on the movie, like I am, but you're reaching to establish the outline of your main argument. It's an interesting picture that you've painted for sure. Particularly, the way that you've framed your argument. This isn't the Luke that we know. His character has actually regressed from where he was in Episode V. Yes, V. In Episode VI, he overcame the challenges before him and completed his arc. He overcame his inner conflict - his inner demons and struggles when he rejected the temptation to give in to the dark side which he had always had up until that point. He had finally become a Jedi Knight after that. He completed his character arc. Of course, people's personalities can progress and change over time, and Luke is no exception to that. However, the way that he (and the rest of the original cast of characters) have 'progressed' since Episode VI, is complete and utter nonsense. Sometimes, things just aren't that complicated, and human beings are inherently very keen on spotting irregularities, or those things that just don't make sense - that don't appear right. These characters are nothing like they were before, which is a problem for obvious reasons. Hence why you see so many people having issues with the way that the original cast have been presented. So please, The_Raven, stop spamming your opinion over people's legitimate criticism of the film in an attempt to justify why it had to shit all over the already established canon. Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker himself, disagrees with you. What's funny is that the forums you are making your argument on is provided by JKHub, a site where you can download amazing mods for the Jedi Knight series of games - and in this series of games, we are actually presented with faithful representations of the original cast of characters (such as Luke Skywalker) that demonstrate how these characters would have evolved after the original trilogy. For a more accurate representation of these characters, simply watch the cut scenes for Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy on YouTube. Pay attention to how Luke Skywalker presents himself, his wisdom. Then try and explain to me how so many Star Wars fans and I are misguided with our outrage over The Last Jedi. Good luck mate.
  6. NO SPOILERS: The Last Jedi is the spark, that lit the fire, that destroyed the Star Wars Canon. See what I did there?

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      Still better than how Luke's death was written though.

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      We can all agree on Luke's death and Ben being written better.

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  7. ForceMod III - Return of The Emperor (FM3RE) v2.00 is finally complete and available for download, for more information please check out its official release post here! - https://jkhub.org/topic/9554-fm3re-v200-release/

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      Please enjoy FM3RE v2.00 and may the force be with you.

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      I thought this mod was dead, sweet!

  8. For additional information regarding FM3RE, my clan (VHRG), or ForceMod III in general, please feel free to visit our website @ http://www.phrgempire.com/ If you would like to communicate with me regarding FM3RE (download problems, feedback, etc.), or any other matter, you may do so here on this post or over at VHRG's Forum @ http://s10.zetaboard...G_Empire/index/ FM3RE v2.00 is a complete overhaul of the module and is far larger in scale than any of its previous versions, so if you still have yet to do so, I strongly suggest you give v2.00 a shot Please let me know what you guys think of FM3RE v2.00 and as always, may the force be with you all Blackwyrm
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