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  1. I feel like most requests made these days here are just for the sake of requesting, not actually planning on using.

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    2. Wasa


      This is actually an interesting thought, another case scenario is they just might be collectors.

    3. Cerez


      Or simply because it's fun to speak and share their ideas -- without ever seriously taking into account how much time and work it would take to actually make something like what they are requesting...

    4. Ping


      I don't understand requests anyway.

  2. What happened to all the staff? This place is getting messy. :P

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    2. Bek
    3. Circa
    4. Clan FJA

      Clan FJA

      there are fun jokes about the word (Staff / Staff (the saber))

  3. Is the chat font size something that can be changed from the assets, or via code? Can't find it anywhere.

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    2. Daedra


      nope.. still wont send

    3. Circa


      and now? The PM limit for members is a lot lower than staff apparently. :P

    4. Daedra


      Yep worked :D

  4. A word to the wise: we can tell if you falsify your download count for files. So don't do it.

    1. Bek


      What's that about?

    2. JAWSFreelao


      I didn't know that was a thing. That's dumb, lol.

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    2. Circa


      Pure realism has been attempted by some games, yeah. There's a point where it just takes away from the fun factor. I'm thinking of survival games where you have to literally find food and water and sleep regularly or else you become sick and die, PLUS trying to progress in the game's story. There are only a few games like that and it's usually a bonus option rather than default.

    3. Circa


      As far as lightsabers go, I think JKA and JK2 are the only games to get it close. Turning on dismemberment helps with that, but that fact that you can take out a stormtrooper with one swing is pretty accurate, and is why I love SP as much as I do. I shouldn't need to spend a good 5 minutes button mashing the attack button to kill one person. :P

    4. Ping


      I was about to say that JK2 had a good explanation for taking long to kill enemies: The sith in the dark armor wear an anti-lightsaber alloy or whatever it was. But then again, reborns fight in robes and take a while, as do all the bosses. Bushido Blade is good, but wouldn't work in a JKA setting. Also, survival games are fantastic (arma), but again, they're more of a simulation than an action game and wouldn't work very well with SW.

  5. Is it just me or is jk2files.com down completely?

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    2. z3filus


      I've been playing old maps recently and was thankful that maps like, sithcouncil v2 and countryAcademy are uploaded here, among with many other classics :D


    3. McGroose


      Country Academy... so many good memories. :)

    4. Merek


      Seems to be working fine now.

  6. Is there anyone interested in writing articles for JK related topics? Comment if so.

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    2. Clan FJA

      Clan FJA

      maybe people could do some articles about mods : their development, their team, the features of the mod, the good and bad points.

      There are japlus and mbii, but there is a lot of mods (realJedi mod, ForceMod, DarkForceMod, ...)

    3. Ping


      I was planning a series of articles a long time ago before Mog ended up being a massive, inconsiderate dick and deleting my first few ones. I might revisit this idea, now that you mention it.

    4. Nuhallis


      Do some clan/community spot lights o.o

  7. I got lightsaber chopsticks in the mail. I didn't order lightsaber chopsticks.

  8. Mod sharing confirmed for Fallout 4 console version!

  9. Downloads should be restored.

    1. Smoo


      Which ones

    2. Circa


      All the ones.

  10. Files section is undergoing maintenance today. All submissions are on hold until further notice.

    1. Cerez


      A member's day in the spotlight. It's a nice touch. Great work! :)


      One day we'll have to do one with you, too! :D

    2. Ping


      I agree, Circa has been doing admin stuff forever and it would be nice to hear his side of things.

  11. New Battlefront trailer!

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    2. Circa


      More like Clones and Droids

    3. JAWSFreelao


      I watched this in the back of my car while my girlfriend was awkwardly making conversation with my mother. My jaw dropped.

    4. Agent_Ross


      MP only? *dies inside*

  12. UltimateWeapons is now on JKHub. :)

  13. My bosses are being taught to use Blender randomly today. Weird.

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    2. Circa


      I don't know, I only overheard them in the other room. :P

    3. DT85


      Teach them, then ask for a bonus. :D

    4. JAWSFreelao


      You should totally teach them. Ten you will become GOD TO THEM and rule with an iron fist.

  14. Apparently people don't read very well, but JKHub is not going anywhere. Our free web hosting service is gone. That's all.

    1. Rooxon


      haha well it seems some people joined, that's for sure but... imagine if all the guests would join at once. Daaamn. Like, everyone that bought the humble bundle. Crazy stuff, über crazy.. :P

  15. The tutorials system has successfully been updated with lots of bug fixes. Can you people do us a favor and test it?

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    2. Rooxon


      but I went around these problems the last time I edited it simply by not using any tags at all.

    3. Circa


      It was updated like 10 seconds before writing this status.

    4. Rooxon


      oh then I can't help you as I've written that one before that... I'll report next time I do.

  16. Can an fx_runner effect be scaled?

    1. DT85


      Don't think so. You'll have to edit the effect and scale it that way.

    2. Circa


      I was worried that was the case. Okay, thanks!

  17. All JKHub email is down, so if you tried contacting us in the past week, we didn't get it. We apologize.

    1. Artemis


      Wait, wait... sorry for the nub question, but does that affect PMs?

    2. Circa


      Nope. :) Just our individual jkhub.org emails and the contact form.

  18. I could not be more happier of this textured box. My first map. :)http://i.imgur.com/ZRCOK40.png

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    2. Angel Soul

      Angel Soul

      Very nice Circa! :) This reminds me of my old Quake 2 mapping days. :D I was actually making a level which was home of Bananas in Pyjamas. LOL! Never finished though. :D

    3. Ramikad


      Needs more Rend2.

    4. BelugaArts


      Oh how wonderful! You should totally make the biggest map right now! :D


  19. Article regarding the master server is up. Thanks to Caelum and Didz for all they've done. :)http://jkhub.org/page/index.html/_/community-news/master-server-r103

  20. Any mappers interested in making new missions for SP for JK:E?

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    2. z3filus


      I'd love to be a part of this, I've helped out with mapping projects before even by creating just 1 or 2 areas, thus saving time and effort for the actual mapper(s)


    3. MagSul


      Does anyone above happen to have a link to a thorough guide for SP mapping?

    4. Circa


      All the best tutorials are at http://mapping.jkhub.org but I don't think there are any SP specific ones.

  21. I'm going shader crazy here. Do you need a shader for a PNG with a transparent section in it?

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    2. eezstreet


      PNG stuff is double-compressed when put into a PK3, and as a result the load times are doubled since it needs to decompress it twice. You do not need a shader with either TGA or PNG though.

    3. Circa


      I did though. :P Transparency didn't work without a shader.

    4. Boothand


      The alpha channel stuff isn't complicated! Black --opacity--- white. You can set it up with almost two keypresses. Proof:

  22. Expect some little changes here and there around the site. See if you can spot them all. :)

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    2. Omicron


      Why with the formal moderation notices?

    3. Rooxon


      Well if nothing else, doing things "formal" gives a bit of serious air around things, which helps in cases where people don't take things as serious as they schould. I think. :)

    4. Circa


      I do what I want, foo.

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