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  1. Wait guys... I'm using openJK, a version Scooper sent me.. And I have made over 300 NPC's and still no crash?! this problem is pretty much solved!
  2. The mod has already been written by Scooper thanks anyways guys.
  3. Hey there.. If anyone has ever created NPC's for JA before, they would have noticed that after creating too many, an error pops up saying something a long the lines of '' .npc extensions are too large!" I was wondering if there is any modification that can be done to fix this limit and raise it? I would really like to be able to create more than 30+ NPC's without this error stopping me. Thanks
  4. Do you think you could build this for me? since I have little to no idea of anything you just said due to my skills as a coder being none existent. It would be incredibly helpful of you.
  5. Hello there. I need a modification for the base SP game of JKA. I'll try and explain the request the best I can. -Friendly NPC's are set to default to follow you as soon as you come within a certain distance. I want this to be set too not follow by default and stay put. Then when I press the use key on the NPC, it will follow me and will stop when I press use on him again. -I want the same thing to work for neutral NPC's. Side request: -I want to be able to change the targeted NPC's team by pressing a binded key. The 4 teams are, free, neuatral, enemy and friendly. I am willing to pay
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