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This contest was very last minute, so I'm glad we got a handful of submissions. I apologize for that, and also for being a bit late to posting the results. It was still April 1st for North America when I wrote this, so I'm still safe in my mind. :) We had some interesting mods for this one, which is great! I feel the need to use media to help me tell the tale of each of these mods, so y'all can see what we're dealing with. Let's dive in to the submissions.
MagSul's InversePushPull


One way to pull a prank is to test familiarity. This mod reverses the sounds and HUD animation of the push and pull Force powers. It doesn't sound like the most elaborate prank, but as I was playing to test out the other submissions, I forgot I had this in my base folder, and it did surprise me for a split second.

Ramikad's Chicken-Duck-Woman-Thing


Another good way of "pulling someone's leg" is to show them a creature that has duck legs. The Chicken-Duck-Woman-Thing, as mentioned by Ben Kenobi in the Bushes of Love video:
49 times we fought that beast
Your old man and me
It had a chicken head with duck feet
With a woman's face too

According to Ramikad, what they saw was the lovechild of Tavion and Big Bird. And it is something from nightmares. I'm considering making it the new official JKHub mascot. Very well done, sir.


Noodle's Laugh Animation


What better way to celebrate the holiday of pranks than with laughter? This mod replaces the Fast/Blue style and gun gloat animation with a laughing animation. Animation mods are pretty rare nowadays, so I'm always glad to see those pop up in our contests. The animation is pretty well done, although the animations.cfg was missing the WALK1 animation, so during my entire playthrough of the first two levels, I was entertained by watching Kyle, Jaden, Rosh, and Luke float around instead of walk. That was an added prank, that I can't decide if it was intentional or not! Well played, Noodle.


Darth Futuza's Rosh is He-Man


We all know Rosh is the worst character in Jedi Academy. There are tons of mods out there that attempt at either fixing him, or embracing the fact that he's a meme. This may be a little of both. If you grew up in the late 90's, you probably remember He-Man from the Masters of the Universe, a cartoon about a shirtless, swole dude with bangs. This mod turns Rosh into He-Man. Or, well... More like if Rosh tried to cosplay as He-Man and used a sound board for voice lines from the show. It's kind of fantastic. I had to make a video so you could experience it with me. There are some other small hidden features in the mod than what I show here, but this should give you a good idea of what shenanigans Rosh is up to.

The winner is...


Nice job on your wacky He-Man mod. The skin wasn't great, but the mod as a whole was a hilarious experience. I'd be interested to see what you could do with more time and effort! Congrats and thanks to those that participated! I was glad to see a good variety of mod types in this contest!

By Circa, in Site news,

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