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0. How to install and start jaMME


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System requirements are same as Jedi academy ones.

JA+ and JA++ features support: you will need to put JA+ pk3s that contain /models/players/_humanoid/[_humanoid.gla; animation.cfg; animevents.cfg] for JA+ animation and /gfx/effects/sabers/[RGB...; black...] with /shaders/[sabers.shader; sbRGB.shader] for JA+ sabers to your base folder.

RGB sabers from clientOverride feature for any game mod: same requirement as above but for sabers only.







Download the latest version here: http://jkhub.org/fil...ile/1712-jamme/. Unzip it to your GameData folder or extract anywhere, then create folder base next to folder mme, put in there (base) assets0.pk3, assets1.pk3, assets2.pk3, assets3.pk3 from base from your original game path.

If you did it right, there is a jamme.x86.exe and a launch_jaMME.cmd in your GameData/custom folder and a folder mme. Not so hard to do actually, hehe.

If you want you can read through the other attached files: cvars.txt, cmds.txt and readme.txt. Installation complete.




Running it and loading a demo



You need a demo for this. Note: keep the demo name shortest possible, there have been problems for some users because their demo name was too long. It's something likefoldername+\+demoname.extension must not be longer than 64 characters.

Mme reads demos from the standard demo folder base/demos or mme/demos (including subfolders). So stuff your demo into one of those, you can browse through all subfolders of the mme demos folder in mme itself so you can sort your demos in different folders if you have very many.


To start jaMME, doubleclick launch_jaMME.cmd. JA will start with the mme mod loaded. You can now play a demo and see how it works.


To do so, click on Demos. You're in the demo browser. Find your demo and doubleclick it. The demo will load and play in recorder's pov.




Basic controls and settings



First of all, let's say you only want to record some recorder's pov footage from the demo you loaded. In the other tutorials it's explained how to do cameras and all that funky stuff : )

So, you loaded the demo and it's playing from recorder's pov.


Basic key commands you have now:

C : pause / resume demo playback

Hold Shift + move the mouse : control demo time

Hold Shift + D : move 4 seconds forward in time (you can hold this down)

Hold Shift + A : move 4 seconds back in time (you can hold this down too)


With mov_seekInterval you can define how far forward or back you jump (in seconds) pressing shift + a/d, default value is 4.







Now capturing time. You do not use the cl_avidemo command, it doesn't even work properly in q3mme because it's not useful. Several capturing options there:

Frames per second, motion blur, name and soundcapture.



defines how many screenshots per second are taken while capturing. Any value possible


mov_captureName <name>

defines a name for the screenshots for better overview. Screenies: Name0000001.tga


mme_blurFrames 0-32

defines how many frames are blended together for motion blur


mme_blurOverlap 0-32

defines how many already blurred frames are again blended together or so. Fiddle around with it.


mme_saveWav 1/0

enable / disable sound capturing to a wav file while capturing


I guess as beginner you don't need to set all of these. saveWav is enabled by default, that's enough, blurOverlap.. don't bother with that yet, it's 0 by default, leave that too. Set some blurFrames, every footage looks better with some blur in my opinion. Values from 12-24 give nice motion blur.


You don't have to set mov_captureName and mov_captureFPS yet, you do it when you start recording.


Now stop the demo by pressing C, go to the point in the demo where you want to start capturing by holding shift and using the mouse and/or the A and D keys.

Open the console, type something like this:

/capture <png/tga/jpg/avi> <fps> <name>

Example: /capture tga 30 impressive


Then bind capture stop to any key (/bind F2 "capture stop").

It does not record yet, it starts when you unpause the demo.

Unpause the demo, wait until it's recorded, then press the capture stop key and you're done, the captured screenshots are in a subfolder of mme/capture together with a wave file with the ingame sound in it.



Okay that's it right? Hehe, hope I helped you.

Good luck and have a nice day.


Credits: John "auri" from q3mme crew; original: link.

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