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Installing OpenJK on Mac


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Installing OpenJK on macOS

1. Download SDL2

SDL2 is used by OpenJK on OS X and Linux to handle graphics and input. First you need Homebrew, follow those steps to install it.

2. Install SDL2

Type the following to install SDL2 via Homebrew:

brew install sdl2

3. Download OpenJK

New builds of OpenJK are automatically uploaded here. Download the latest Mac build. The latest build might be quite far down the page, due to nightly builds no longer supporting the Mac builds. Open the disk image.

4. Install OpenJK

Locate your base folder containing the assets .pk3 files. If you are using the Steam or App Store versions of Jedi Academy, this folder will be hidden inside the Jedi Academy application bundle. You can now copy OpenJK and OpenJK SP into the folder containing the base folder.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to have to either have OpenJK in the dock or burrow down into application bundles again, make a new folder somewhere called OpenJK, and copy the base folder into it. Put OpenJK and OpenJK SP into the new OpenJK folder.

5. Open OpenJK

OpenJK isn’t code signed, so you may get a warning when trying to open it.

To get around this, right– or control– click on OpenJK (or OpenJK SP) and click Open. Confirm that you want to open it when asked, and it should launch fine.

In Catalina and above, you may need to open up Settings, go to Security & Privacy, and click Open Anyway at the bottom.

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