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User-Submitted News Guidelines

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What is user-submitted news?

In the past, JKHub staff would post news concerning the JKA community at large: for example, interviews, clans doing major events, stories with statistics on JKA player numbers, etc. Unfortunately, we don't have anywhere near the manpower to do that sort of thing as frequently as we'd like, and we didn't manage to cover some major events in JKA land. That's why we're introducing user-submitted news: if you are interested in seeing JKA news on the front page of JKHub, you can now write and submit your very own article. This post will explain how.


How to submit an article

This bit is simple.  Click here to submit an article, or use the 'add article' button on the front page.


Things to consider


Your submission should be newsworthy

That is to say, it should be about a major event in the JKA community, not just something that affects your own clan. The exception to this is interviews and other in-depth JKA-related analyses: if you did an interview with someone well-known, or wrote an in-depth essay, opinion piece, or something similar, we may be interested in that. As rule of the thumb, ask yourself "would a newspaper publish something like this, if they covered JKA?"

Our main concern with this point is advertising pieces. We're not interested in publishing something that is, for example, a thinly veiled clan advertisement.


Some examples:

  • An in-depth analysis of JKA player numbers over time, with fancy graphs and maths, is newsworthy
  • A lengthy opinion piece/essay about a specific aspect of the JKA community is newsworthy (probably)
  • A JKA-wide clan tournament with 100+ participants across many clans is newsworthy
  • A single clan's upcoming tournament is not newsworthy
  • You creating or shutting down a clan or mod is not newsworthy, unless it affects a very large playerbase
  • An in-depth article diving into your overhaul/code mod may be newsworthy, as long as it's well-written from a neutral point of view, and offers more than just an ad. In many cases it might not be, though.
As you can tell, it's not very black-and-white what qualifies as newsworthy.


Your submission should be neutral, well-written, and sufficiently in-depth

Again, ask yourself if a small-time newspaper would be willing to publish it. Because JKHub is neutral in all matters of silly JKA politics, you should probably write your article from a neutral perspective in most cases.


We'll pick and choose submissions

Submitting an article is not a guarantee we will actually run it. Once you've submitted an article, JKHub staff will read it, and decide whether we want to publish it. Unfortunately, we can't just blindly accept all submissions, and we're fairly strict in the quality of what we accept. If you're unsure whether you should submit something at all, consider sending one of us a message about the article you intend to write, and see if we think it's a good fit for us.


After you submit an article, please don't nag us about it. We've received it, and we might approve it (in which case you'll see it appear at some point in the coming weeks/months), or we might not (in which case you'll never see it appear). But please don't hound us about what's going on with your news submission.


We'll edit your submission

By submitting your article, you retain copyright on your article, but you give us full non-rescindable permission to edit and redistribute it as we see fit. More to the point, we'll probably make some edits to your article, such as:

  • Correcting your grammar & spelling
  • Adding to- or removing from parts of your article
  • Editing formatting so your article looks the same way other articles look design-wise
We'll try not to edit your article to the point where you don't recognize it or it says something wildly different, and some articles will see much lighter or heavier editing than others, but don't expect your article to be published the way you submitted it word for word.
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