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{JA+ Multiplayer} Weird lag on Macbook Pro 2015.

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Hello all,


I pay for a dedicated server through BlueFangSolutions and have for about a week now. The server is located in Chicago and my friends and I are located in Oregon.


None of us get a super ideal ping, but for me and one friend, we rarely lag at around 75-100 ping.


My girlfriend plays with us and we play on the same internet, while our friend who lives a few miles away plays on his own internet.


So anyway, I haven't had any problems as far as lag goes with the server regardless of having a ping of 75-100. 


My girlfriend on the other hand complains about lag constantly, and in game, I'll see her character running around rooms randomly, into walls, etc - and she says that on her screen she sees herself playing normally and in a completely different area of the map. 


I play on ethernet while she does not because apparently Apple wasn't capable of placing a simple ****ing port on the side somewhere. 


We have decent internet and get about 45 MB/s down and 5 up. 


Any ideas on how to help me figure this out are much appreciated. 


I've tried the basic stuff on her laptop like:


/rate 25000 - /snaps 40 - cl_maxpackets 100



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I mean, wifi will never be as reliable as ethernet. It has nothing to do with the machine she's playing on. I'm assuming other people are connected to the same wifi, or at least other devices, which will cause lag spikes every time someone refreshes a browser or especially if streaming things.


Best advice I have is to do what I do. I have the 2015 MacBook Pro as well, and bought an ethernet adapter. I got one that was built into a USB 3.0 hub that allowed the USB port to not be taken completely, and still gives me 2 extra ports.


Here's the one I have:




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