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Happy new year!


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Happy new year!
I promised a post with fun statistics about JKHub several months ago. First I didn't get around to doing it, and then I didn't want to steal the thunder of the Halloween and Christmas contests, but New Year's Eve seems like the perfect opportunity to post it. Before I move on to all that though: happy new year from all of us JKHub staff people!


So how many people played JKA in 2016?
Honest answer: it's difficult to say. For example, about 412 players are playing as I type this according to Steam, but 123 humans are on a server according to information from the JKHub master server. It's safe to say there are at least 100 people ingame at (almost) any given time though.

A better question to ask is: are there more players or less players? It's a better question because I can actually answer it: the number of JKA players seems to be growing slightly. Here are the number JKA players (including SP) over time according to Steam, over the past 2 years:


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Steam JKA players (incl. SP) over the past 2 years. Source: SteamDB

Can you tell when the EP7 movie was released?


Now, the same data, over about 5 years (starting July 2012):


Posted Image

Steam JKA players over the past ~5 years. Source: Steamcharts

It's incredibly hard to see on that last chart because it's kind of horrible, but average number of ingame players steadily grows from about 150ish players (2012-2013) to over double that (2016), and while the movies clearly help, that growth is happening even if you ignore the movies.


Now, nobody knows how that translates to Multiplayer. Steam players are just one data point, and who knows what percentage of these players are playing Multiplayer? At the very least though, it suggests JKA isn't dying as people often think: it may even be growing a bit.


Site activity
What about JKHub itself? One of the best way to measure it is number of posts. A lot of statistics are subject to bad numbers: both counting number of registrations and number of views include an unknown, but big percentage of automated bots. We're mainly interested in humans.


Excluding today, our forum saw a total of 27346 posts this year. The most active months were January (3440 posts), June (3210) and April (3050). On average, that's roughly 75 posts a day. Note that a 'post' here is defined pretty broadly - I'm pretty sure our forum software counts things like status update replies and file comments as 'posts' too.

Here's how that compares to previous years:
2016: 27,346 posts
2015: 22,945 posts
2014: 10,730 posts

For those interested, here is an obnoxiously large graph charting this out monthly over the past 4 years:


Website activity is definitely still going up each year.

Browsers & OS
So which browsers and operating systems do JKA players use? Again, it's difficult to measure: an unknown percentage of website views are from automated bots, headless browsers, and general non-human scum. The closest approximation I can give is by measuring the browsers & operating systems used specifically to download mods though, leading to the following charts:


Posted Image

Note: 'Mozilla' is not 'Firefox', it's an assortment of misc browsers


Posted Image

Note: really old OSes like Windows 95 are probably spambots spoofing their user agent header rather than people actually using that OS

All in all, it seems like this year has been a great year for both JKA and JKHub in terms of activity. I wish I had even more statistics to share, but unfortunately, I don't, so I'll leave it at this. Looking forward to next year, we hope to release the JKHub 2.0 redesign & modernizations in 2017, and the upcoming month or two will be especially interesting to those of you who want to see more articles and news. :)

For now, happy new year, and don't explode yourselves with fireworks. That would reflect badly on next year's activity statistics.

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