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Should we delete the nonsense forum?


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  1. 1. Should we delete the nonsense forum?

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So let's talk about signal:noise ratio. I'm pretty sure this is my third post in a row using the term.


It's essentially this: the amount of on-topic, in-depth, Jedi Knight related posts (signal) versus the amount of off-topic, low-quality, or nonsensical posts (noise). Here's the thing: I'm not on some personal crusade to ban all fun, and I really don't mean to accuse people who enjoy the nonsense forum of anything. But JKHub being a JKA forum, I think most people browse it to see JKA-related discussions. I know that to me personally, basically every post in the 'nonsense' forum is something I skip over and have zero interest in. What I'm asking is:

  • Do you guys feel the same way about these posts?
  • Is a JKA-related forum an appropriate place to post the kind of things found in the nonsense forum section?
  • Would we reduce the number of posts you skip over because they're low-quality or not very interesting by deleting the nonsense forum section?
  • Should we delete it?


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If we get rid of it, people will still post it, but in the off topic section. Or other sections.

An argument can definitely be made for this, and I was sort of waiting for someone to mention it, but I'm not sure it's actually true. I think if we get rid of the nonsense forum, it certainly won't mean an end to posts like that, but it will actually reduce the number of them (particularly if we emphasize the offtopic forum is not the same as the nonsense forum).


I don't know, this may be a terrible idea on my part, but that's why I'm asking. I'm not convinced people would still post it (to the same degree).


EDIT: Also I think I just ninja'd Ping.

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I have never in my entire life even once felt the appeal of posting or reading nonsense-like sections of forums. However, I very much understand why people might like them and why it is important to have one - the most important reason being the one mentioned above by Circa: It keeps the stuff from the nonsense forum away from the other, more interesting forums.


EDIT in response to Caelum's post: I think it's more important to keep the obviously nonsense-esque stuff out of any of the other forums than to keep it down as much as possible. However, given that I do not navigate the forums by means of the forum list at all, but just use the "show new posts" function, a case can be made for reducing nonsense in general over keeping it all together in one forum. I am undecided, but would right now vote for keeping it.

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One thing we could also do is trial it: hide it (but keep all posts in the forum section) for, say, a month or so, and see whether or not it results in nonsense being posted in other forum sections instead? Depends on poll outcome though, so far it looks like a "don't touch the nonsense forum"

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Let's say you have a business.  It's a pretty big business, 50 employees, three floors, 5 bathrooms.  Nice place.  You're tired of people bringing garbage to work, so you decide to get rid of the garbage cans to help discourage garbage.  What happens?

Based on my experience at university when my university moved the location of several garbage cans and reduced the number of them to help make the custodial's job easier by 'consolidating work', the following occurred: More garbage on the floor, garbage cans that were to be found were completely full most of the time, things that were not garbage cans became garbage cans.  eg: there are a couple of mulch cans for some of the university's gardens/grounds that immediately became full of paper, plastic, etc instead of the usual biodegradable leaves and food and dirt they were intended for. 


My conclusion is that it's best to have a place for garbage, it doesn't hurt anyone.

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  • 6 months later...

I feel like we should revisit this, but at the same time, I feel like my hands are completely tied because of this poll and general popular opinion.

  • I am so very very tired of the constant flame wars, political threads, streams of reports, post moderation, and utter vitriol in the Nonsense and Off Topic forums.
  • I'd like to implement a more technical solution for it. I have a number of things in mind, but none of them are possible right now, as they'd all require extensive custom development we just don't have the resources for.
  • I'd really like to at least run an experiment where we see whether, if we hide both forum sections, people will actually just continue to post the same things in other forum sections. I really believe that assumption is not true.
  • I'd like to replace both with a misc star wars related forum section for Star Wars related offtopic stuffs, but not so much real life debates.
  • I don't feel like I can actually run this experiment with a poll so overwhelmingly against this just half a year ago.

Think with me here JKHub. Is this something I should pursue or should I just drop it? Does this poll still reflect how everybody feels, i.e. I shouldn't mess with the nonsense forum (and presumably by extension, off-topic)?

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Regardless though, are we okay with me running an experiment now to hide both and see what actually happens? I know this poll is half a year old, but if so, could we have a few more votes in the poll above? I'd really like to do this, but I don't want to do it while there's twice the votes that explicitly don't want me to touch those forum sections.


Obviously if we try this, I turn out to be wrong, and it does simply spill over to other forum sections, I'll undo the entire experiment.

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The only answer is pudding.


I know it must be a pain to moderate everything that every now and then inevitably goes on in that forum, but heck, it's been since the ancient Greeks and God only knows which other ancient civilization that mankind needs to see blood flowing in an arena filled with gladiators :P

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Does mankind really need internet drama originating on a weekly basis from derailed off-topic/nonsense threads about real life things, on a forum about a Star Wars game though? :P


I sort of shudder to think how many people end up never posting here after seeing the drama that goes on in those two forum sections. I'd decide against ever posting on JKHub if I saw some of the posts in there.

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It's the internet. Take your political debates to reddit and your trolling comments to YouTube.


I was against hiding it before, but it's gotten worse. There are certain people that only post clickbait and trolling comments in there. 


It used to be a fun part of the site to talk about things not related to JKA. I enjoy spam discussions and being an idiot at times. But not like that. And I'm kinda sick of the great number of people ruining it for the rest of us.


I vote we hide both and provide a Star Wars Discussion forum instead. At least that will somewhat limit the flame wars a bit.


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The Nonsense section is a potential hotbed for flame wars and things of that nature, but i still think it serves as a outlet for people just looking to be goofy. Whenever I visit the Hub I always have this tugging feeling of respect towards the moderators for the stuff they have to put up with. It's not easy to read an entire thread and discern who's right and who's wrong; especially if you aren't interested in the thread anyway.


Imo the nonsense section shouldn't exist at all. It should be a thread posted in the OffTopic section, with a sticky that says "ALL NONSENSE GOES HERE!". It's easier to navigate one thread instead of a entire plethora of threads in a section devoted to nonsense. I feel that the OffTopic section really makes the Hub home to me, it's a place for discussion and some bits of randomness/nonsense. Having an Nonsense section seems redundant to me. I also feel that the decision, concerning the two sections, should be to directed towards the moderators. They're the ones that have to read every thread and make sure everything is civil. So what do the mods think? Their decisions will effect the public perception of the Hub for the foreseeable future. 


Do it for the pudding. 

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Because I don't want to keep getting report after report about people posting that stuff, and giving a great big sigh as I go to lock it. Just not worth it. Nobody reads the rules, having them in there won't help. I know this much because we get at least 1 file a week that doesn't have a readme, despite people checking a box as they submit saying they read the rules. Even if we ask if you people if you read the rules, you don't.


Maybe we could try keeping my spam thread for people that literally can't control their urge to post something completely useless. But I'm sure that will end up needing to be locked too.


All in all, I loathe coming to this website these days because I either have 4 PMs in my inbox regarding some kind of drama or someone not upholding the file uploading rules, or there's a bunch of reports regarding a flame war in those forums. It just gets really old. We rarely even need to look at the threads closely because we know it'll end up in locking/hiding them.


Like Caelum said, this is a JK modding site. I'd prefer to be moderating threads that are related to that, not drama about various and random topics that I don't care about.


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