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So I've finally gotten back, after spending most of this month travelling, dealing with life stuff, and filtering sudden ungodly amounts of DDoS attacks on JKA servers I host.

  • Added a note to the 'offtopic' forum's description stating it's not an appropriate place for political discussion (nor is any other forum here)
  • Fix: multiple cosmetic issues in the tutorials section
  • Fix: cosmetic issue in list of forum threads in forum section
  • Fix: cosmetic issue in the list of likes on people's forum profiles
  • Fix: cosmetic issue in 'view new content'
  • Fix: multiple minor cosmetic issues involving incorrectly rounded borders
  • Fix: multiple cosmetic issues when editing your profile settings
  • Fix: cosmetic issue when posting a poll
  • Fix: cosmetic issue when quoting multiple posts using the obscure multiquote function
  • Fix: multiple cosmetic issues throughout the downloads section

Basically just fixing all of the cosmetic issues I can find today. Most of them are things like unreadable/wrongly colored text, but really any minor design thing that looks buggy and wrong and has been there forever.

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  • Replaced the sidebar block in the downloads section containing most downloaded files with a static, human-updated list of popular downloads (of all time). Continued attempts by mod authors to pump up their download counts and get in that sidebar block forced my hand. It'll be replaced with a block of top rated downloads when JKHub 2.0 happens, which will also let us do some cool technical stuff to prevent things like this. Until then though, a static sidebar block.
  • Even more cosmetic fixes in the downloads section
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  • 2 weeks later...

• Moved Star Wars related topics to the new forum, from the past 2 years or so

• Changed the forum icons for subforums to the newer JK logo one seen on the index. How did I miss that..

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  • 4 weeks later...

  • Removed 'active users' block in downloads section because it was resource-heavy and I felt it was largely useless. Planning to replace that with a random files block if I can get it working at some point.
  • Removed 'active users' block in tutorials section for the same reason.
  • Fix: word wrapping in comments in downloads section (it was possible to make your comment go off-page) - thanks @@eezstreet
  • Fix: download counts for files were still (wrongly) displayed in an obscure area in profiles - thanks @@swegmaster
  • Fix: tutorials were sometimes not indexed in the search system (and thus impossible to find)
  • More back-end speedups (where possible, because everything is old and clunky)  
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  • 4 weeks later...
  • Added extensive new traffic filtering on downloads after one of you downloaded the same file over and over to the point of eating up 5 terabytes of my bandwidth in 5 days. That's enough to download every single mod on JKHub 100 times. If you have issues or encounter weird new errors downloading files, please let me know.
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  • 2 weeks later...

Almighty @@Caelum may thou bringth back thee holy picture thread?

Eh, I'm torn. I'm not sure it really has a place with the off-topic forum it lived in being gone. It doesn't really seem like it'd fit in any existing forum section, at least. I don't have very strong opinions on this though, so thoughts welcome; if multiple people want it back I'll probably bring it back.
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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 1 month later...

  • You now need a minimum of 10 posts in other forum sections before you are allowed to post in the mod requests forum
  • Posts you've made in the mod requests forum now no longer count towards your post count (so this affects existing users who only ever posted in mod requests too)
  • The number 10, and this whole thing, is subject to change. It's an experiment to cut down on the spamminess of that forum section. If people think I'm going about it wrong and this is a terrible idea, now would be a good time to provide feedback.
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  • Changed reports: instead of sending a text report, you can now only ping a moderator to look at a post, without inputting text for why you feel the post should be moderated. If you want to do more than that, use PM instead.

    • Because the software JKHub runs on is old, broken, and in dire need of an upgrade, we can no longer read your text reports. I'm purely doing this because it is literally not possible for us to view the text you input now, due to the backend software. It's not that we think text reports shouldn't be a thing. This is me saving you from typing a wall of text we then physically cannot read 

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  • Finished shuffling servery things around; downloads should be back to their usual speeds
  • Files now download from a fancy go.jkhub.org URL instead of an ugly fast.sandboxes.io/~jkhubcdn URL*

* I promise I did other boring servery things besides this too, it's just the only visible change.

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  • 2 weeks later...

  • Fix: bug where forum would sometimes always Capitalize Every Single Word In Your Thread Title Even Though You Didn't Submit It That Way.

EDIT: holy shit this bug was widespread, why didn't anybody tell me?! :lol:

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I...may or may not....have enabled that a few weeks ago....


I was tired of seeing titles in all caps. I don't like being yelled at when read thread titles. :P I didn't think it'd be a broken function that renamed every single title. 


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I...may or may not....have enabled that a few weeks ago....


I was tired of seeing titles in all caps. I don't like being yelled at when read thread titles. :P I didn't think it'd be a broken function that renamed every single title.

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