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EoCIII Crashing

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Whenever I try to play Evolution of Combat III (this version specifically), it crashes with a "jamp.exe has encountered a problem blah blah blah" error within 5 minutes of starting any kind of match. I have not added any custom skins/maps or modified it in any way. I've tried various different game modes with and without bots. Any idea what the problem is?

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I can't help you. I know that EoC III crashs with OpenJK but it is strange that it crashs with jamp.exe.
Move your jampconfig.cfg in an other folder and try again.

However, just wait for EoC IV... or try OJP ! :D

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Hi mate


The crashing problem you speak of is something that plagued EoCIII.


I spent an absolute age trying to find what caused the crash and i also came to the conclusion that a gunner bot is the cause.


From my side i can say this.I went through the code gunner class system with a fine tooth comb, almost to the point of totally rebuilding the gunner class system.

And can say that there is not 1 gunner bot that "does something" code related that causes the crash.Not 1 bot does something different from another gunner bot that could cause the crash.If this was not the case it would mean every gunner bot crashes the mod when they do whatever it is that is causing the crash.


This leads me to believe that there is something in the Botfiles themselves.


I am willing to bet if you check every single .JKB bot file you will find one with an error like this.

	reflex			500
	accuracy		1
	turnspeed		0.01
	turnspeed_combat	0.05
	maxturn			360
	perfectaim		1
	chatability		1
	chatfrequency		3
	hatelevel		3
	camper			0
	saberspecialist		0
	forceinfo		7-2-000000000000000000

Now i don't expect you to check and read and correct every single bot  .jkb file. Thats my fault.But if you do want to stop this crash to screen when a certain gunner bot either spawns in or dies or fires a specific weapon.


Thats where i would start


I do believe this happens when the code reads a certain part of the .jkb file....but i could be wrong.


Hopefully this might help. 


and sorry for the error that i never found :(

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I'm having an issue with multiplayer crashing as well. What's also strange is it will not let me join the game, I can see the bots fighting but thats it. When I click join it just asks me to pick my class, lightsaber etc. Then while attempting to join the game will eventually crash. I get error "CL_ParsePacketEntites: End of Message"


Single player however seems to work fine.

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