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We're being watched...

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Don't know why they're making a big fuss. The sites aren't even competing. Maybe we should offer to add them to the bar haha.


I used to use JKHub.net back in the day when I was playing JK2. Great site - hopefully they'll realize the name is not something to fight over, especially since we service two different (albeit related) communities.

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Thing is, JKHub.org isn't 'new', it was only recently launched and much planning went into it.

They can't claim copyright over the JKHub name legally, and it's not like JKHub.org is pretending to be them.


They can cry foul, but no one cares.

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I can see their reasons for questioning that name but in no way do I understand the fuss, to be completely honest.


Considering the amount of work that's "apparently" (And I say apparently only because I was informed prior to the opening), gone into making this site a success over the past year plus, this site has had obviously no intention of rivaling this other "JKHub.net", if at all even been aware of it and the truth is that as fitting a name as "JKHub" is, it's not exactly the most rare of names out there, so it's not surprising that two groups have used it for the same or likely reasons.


A complete coincidence, to my knowledge, I would hope that if they feel there is any reason for conflict, disagreement or otherwise, that they might come to the Administrators here and mutually discuss whatever it is they're feeling. The fact is however that they have no grounds to stand on, It's already been stated that the name JKHub hasn't been claimed legally as copyrighted and unless they've been provoked by members of this site, which I'm absolutely confident that they have not and will not be, there is really no issue here other than a little resentment over the name.


Personally, JKHub.org is much more appealing. ;)



Kieran Orion.


((Bare in mind that I am a casual member and not part of the Team here, my views are strictly personal and not to be used as a biased approach to or from this site)).

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Yeah like I said, the communities we each cater to are different but related. Their site is for JK and MotS. We're for JK2 and JK3. In fact having the names being so close can only help us both. I'd honestly have no objection to considering having their site linked in the JKHub network bar if it'll make them feel better about the situation, although I'm not sure what @@Caelum would think about that. I'm sure there are still loads of people who play JK and MotS and realistically if I ever pick them up again, which does happen usually once every year or two, I know I'll be making a visit to them for some downloads.


Absolutely no need for either group to be feeling threatened by the other.

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One of them is among us apparently from reading that thread O.o

It's true tho, the only people who can legally claim anything (albeit a name or otherwise) from the Star Wars series as a whole, are LucasArts and whatever companies they used to make said content, in this case Raven.



Meh, I say let them steam about it. Ignore the issue and they'll get bored of raging and go away.

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This is an open and public site, Infiltrating wasn't exactly the word that came to mind from my perspective though I do know what you mean, I'm sure they're just checking the place out, probably trying to determine whether or not this site was made/inspired in any way by their own.


I don't think we're in the wrong here, this is a community giving website with a coincidental name.


Their posts suggest that they're a little "up in arms" about the whole ordeal though I wouldn't give it to much worry or attention.

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This is an open and public site, Infiltrating wasn't exactly the word that came to mind from my perspective though I do know what you mean, I'm sure they're just checking the place out, probably trying to determine whether or not this site was made/inspired in any way by their own.

lol we were inspired by jk3files if anything.
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Hello everyone, I am Zero Raven from JKHub.net

First off may I say congratulations on the successful launching of your site. With Massassi being as slow to respond, and generally dead as it has become, it is wonderful to see another site opening to take over the mantle for JO/JA games and mods.


May I make a few comments though.


1:. Please note that the expressive opinions of a few of the HUB members, does NOT reflect our feelings as a whole.

2:. I do not believe the JKHUB name is copyrighted but that cannot be confimred until contact can be had with the original JKhub.net creator.

3:. I see no issue with having 2 sites with the similar name, i just hope we can all accept the confusion if someone types .net instead of .org and vice versa.


Lets all coexist and enjoy our games shall we?


Have a pleasant evening gents, and seeing as how I enjoy JO/JA also, I'm sure you'll be seeing me around more often.



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Check out some of my previous works:
JK Hub - [Editor: Zero Raven]

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I agree completely ZeroRaven. Thank you for the very thoughtful and polite response.


We would be just as happy to have your community members join us and use our services just as I'm sure your community would be more than happy to have our community members participate there. I know I for one will definitely be making the rounds of you guys and Massassi the next time I install the classics. :)

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By the way I am Kamon, the guy who created the thread :P


I apologize if this created some confusion.


Most comments there was for fun, just to tell ^^


I hope you do succeed with this website.




A funny fact. In the week you opened the site we were just discussing if JKHub.net would allow the levels of Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast :D

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Ah good, so no hard feelings then! There was never any intention of copying. I didn't even know about jkhub.net! Maybe add links to both sites to promote eachother? :)


Maybe, but we have to speak with our administrators first :)

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