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So I've been working on the mods in bits and pieces. Main roadblock I hit coding wise was being unable to figure out how to enable kicking for sabers with a button, and my visual studio debugging stopped working so I kind of need to fix that. So far I haven't done much debugging but if the code puzzles I've been having are any indication I'm going to need it to figure out any other problems I encounter down the road.


@T.Zealot may be joining up with me to help with some coding (I'm hoping :D). Might help things a bit. @@redsaurus has already done a lot for me, so big thank you to him. Sometimes I wonder if I'm ever going to finish this mod, but I don't want all his hard work to go to waste. I haven't even really gotten to actually using some of his code pieces yet like the Inventory menu UI scripts. He coded some things for me though that I would have had a very hard time with, like Force Lightning saber block effects and using the crosshair to aim blaster bolt deflections.


I had planned to release the menu mods and UI as the next feature, but then I started realizing that a lot of my new UI buttons need hard codes to do what I want. That or I could release them with a config system but that's not as nice and is more bound to have problems. Maybe I could just release a stripped down version... and I should just release the WIP version of the bonus missions menu already I guess. It just needs a few quick touch ups.



One thing I am a wee bit disappointed about, is that hardly anyone has given me feedback on my animation and NPCs mini mods. I want community feedback on my ideas and direction for pete's sake! <_<



Dusty, that mofo you know, out.



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Just released one part of the modded menu system. The next few mods I have planned at some point:

  • Menu style mod: Just a few pieces of artwork I'll whip up for splash screens and loading screens. Also it will have a better video for the SP main menu instead of the normal one.
  • Bonus Missions + Menu: A pack of bonus missions made by mappers in the community. So far they are only ones from jk2files.com that I've gotten permission for. There will be a menu where you are briefed on the bonus missions, and depending on the mission, can select your character model and lightsaber (this won't be very in depth though as if you want to change your abilities I figure you can just use cheats).
  • Maybe I'll release some sort of code sample. Not sure what though exactly.
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Oh those bonus missions. I must do that. I've put it off for so long. That should be the next mini-mod.


I've been working on the code and I think I'm making real progress. I've been making some new cvars, maybe you can guess what they're for?

g_char_forcePowerMax, g_char_forceRegen, g_saberForceDrain, g_saberForceDrainAmount, g_saberDamageScale.


Some of it I'm keeping a secret though ;)

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