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The blue is difficult to read. Nice overall though.

Agreed. Perhaps they could change it to white?

Also I think perhaps the next/exit buttons on the bottom could use a better font perhaps as they look a bit similar to JA's. 


But I do like the background and the colors you used. It looks good.

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The background is not just a picture, it's the 3d model of holoprojector, which is originally seen in the menus of Dark Forces II. Olgo wanted to link DP more to the old good games, including the DF video games, which had simple, but quite stylish designs, especially in 2d graphics. We've decided to follow the traditions of those wonderful games and thus have created a model for the old good look.

I am glad, I've had a chance to work on this model myself, texturing it, while Olgo created the holoprojector from scratch.

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