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I don't really notice much of a difference with the OJK gamecode and at my resolution settings. (r_mode -1, r_customWidth 1440, r_customHeight 900, r_fullscreen 0)  Monitor is 1680x1050.


Spacing looks a bit better I guess.


It's a good thing that you don't notice the difference ;)


@@Didz so any font mod will be affected by this fix then?


Yep. This doesn't affect the console font and notify font though, because that's drawn using its own method.

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Tweaked the setForce* cmds so they display correct limits for all and descriptions for the JKA added powers.
setForceAll <no args> looks like this:

Current forceHeal level is 3
Usage: setForceHeal <level> (0 - 3)
Current forceJump level is 3
Usage: setForceJump <level> (0 - 3)
Current forceSpeed level is 3
Usage: setForceSpeed <level> (0 - 3)
Current forcePush level is 3
Usage: setForcePush <level> (0 - 3)
Current forcePull level is 3
Usage: setForcePull <level> (0 - 3)
Current forceMindTrick level is 4
Usage: setForceMindTrick <level> (0 - 4)
Current forceGrip level is 3
Usage: setForceGrip <level> (0 - 3)
Current forceLightning level is 3
Usage: setForceLightning <level> (0 - 3)
Current saberThrow level is 3
Usage: setSaberThrow <level> (0 - 3)
Current saberDefense level is 3
Usage: setSaberDefense <level> (0 - 3)
Current saberOffense level is 7
Usage: setSaberOffense <level> (0 - 7)
Current forceRage level is 3
Usage: setForceRage <level> (0 - 3)
Current forceProtect level is 3
Usage: setForceProtect <level> (0 - 3)
Current forceAbsorb level is 3
Usage: setForceAbsorb <level> (0 - 3)
Current forceDrain level is 3
Usage: setForceDrain <level> (0 - 3)
Current forceSight level is 3
Usage: setForceSight <level> (0 - 3)


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Adding toggleallowvote cmd similar to toggleuserinfovalidation added by @@Raz0r.


Output of all votes enabled when just doing \toggleallowvote :


0-9 being possible values to enter for toggling. [X] means its enabled [ ] means disabled.

 0 [X] capturelimit
 1 [X] clientkick
 2 [X] fraglimit
 3 [X] g_doWarmup
 4 [X] g_gametype
 5 [X] kick
 6 [X] map
 7 [X] map_restart
 8 [X] nextmap
 9 [X] timelimit

Note that if you have been using OpenJK's mod code, that your g_allowVote should not be set to just 1 as it was before to allow voting generally unless you only want capturelimit.  -1 or 1023 will be all values now. (-1 is new default)

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