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Very nice! Looks great!


My question still stands from the Duro model: will you be releasing these models separately?


Oh, sorry I forgot to answer your question. Well as I know we are planning to release some models before our Demo release, but I don't actually know which ones. Only NumberWan knows that)


Looks great, but the pants and boots could use more detail.



Also, what Circa said. :P

Thanks) Yea I think you're right about details) But I'm 3d modeller not 2d artist so this is also going to NumberWan))

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I always wanted to add some creepy aliend to our project, and finally we did that a few years ago. Biths suit perfectly into the story, as well as NPCs in the background.


I spotted them back in Episode IV of course, but they became so popular - I guess - after the release of KOTOR.


I do remember the quest with the Bith scientist as well, whose severed arm we find on Nar Shaddaa in KOTOR 2.

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