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About Duros.


This alien was, perhaps, among the first, that we'd decided to include into our modification. The decision was made upon seeing these humanoids in other Star Wars sources, especially in KOTOR, where they had one of the most prominent roles so far. I also consider Duros to be quite fascinating and somehow charismatic villains.


You might have noticed, that we pay a lot of attention to RPG elements in our mod, though the genuine action element also remains. This means, that most NPCs can be either neutral characters or adversaries, and this applies to Duros as well.


I created several skins, including different skin colors to differentiate the Duros species in the game. 


I guess, it will make the whole action much better if among the already familiar thugs like rodians, grans, weequays and trandoshans you'll suddenly encounter new mercenaries. 

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