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Dioxide's Instagib Tourny

Conan The Librarian

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As copied from our forums, Anyone is welcome of any clan and anyone is willing to have fun with us. If you do not wish to participate, you are more then welcome to watch :).




Yes just as u thought!!! I lordly be toasty will be shouting to other JKA clans to join in on the new DioxiDE brought JKA INSTA TOURNEY!


We never see that side of jka played much anymore so i thought to myself why not?

Head to other clans spread the news we will have a date set-up. NERO get on jkhub and post teh news(As I said, a request).


Some of you may be asking? JUST what is Insta? also known as "Insta-Gib" is a sniper based CTF with fast paced movements usually followed with a emense amount of strafe jumping. Super fun. Super fast. Super you know you want to.


Rules / Regulations.



*Tourney will be bracket based and comprised of 5 man teams.

*Clan v Clan till Final round

*Winner is given the reward of being deemed JKA's finest in Strafe and Guns. (UNTIL THE NEXT ONE!)




*NO aimbotting. If you are caught cheating you and your clan will be disqualified.

*Profanity will not be tolerated. This is a mature event and we expect that much.




These are Subject to change. Given a post or pm to me is given i will add and correct any flaws a person sees fit. I am open to your ideas.


I need a map rotation. ANY and all maps are welcome i will pack them all down in to a .zip and upload to a file sharing site, then place a download link for the maps. If no dl'ed maps are wanted simply pm or post a suggestion to not do so. Base maps are always the best!



GET EXCITED! and tell everyone.



-Toast your buttered dream.


As posted and requested by Toast of DX. However, you can show up any time, and try to enjoy your time there :).



Possible times

Fri Nov 23,2012 EST 7:00am - 12:00am

Sat Nov 24,2012 EST 8:00am - 1:00am


Sun Nov 25,2012 EST ??? what times to you think guys? we need to find a good timing between regions as well.

Map Rotation


Map rotation would be:


Yavin Hilltops (JKA Map)

Coruscant (JKA Map)

ctf_imperial (JK2 Map)


ctf_bespin (JK2 Map)

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