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Chloe's WIP Thread - Jedi: Rising Order

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After many years of downloading Jedi Academy mods, I've finally decided to start making my own! Right now I'm working on a UI overhaul that I'm tentatively calling Jedi: Rising Order. The aim is to modernise the UI and bring it more in line with what it would look like if Jedi Academy was released in the current canon, similar to the Jedi: Fallen Order/Survivor games. 


So far I've released a splash screen replacer as a teaser, before moving on to the much bigger task of remaking all of the menus. 


Download link for the splash screen: 


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Thank you both, I appreciate the feedback!

June Update:

Since my last post I've been working on redesigning the menus. At the moment, these are just mockup designs and not functional, so I'm unsure how feasible they actually are to achieve at the moment. Any feedback would be appreciated! The main menu layout is mostly done too, however I'm still working on a background illustration that's taking longer than I'd like (painting Jedi Temple brickwork is tedious haha), so didn't make it into the June update.















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Have you started looking in how the menus are build in JKA and what options can be used? There should be plenty of knowledge floating around the modding teams for Movie Duels and Galactic Legacy, as these mods have altered menus a lot. There is also the good old JK2 HD Menu revamp that could serve as a first glance at how things are done. Though JKA will have some differences for sure.

I hope you don't lose motivation for this - it's a big task but one that can make a big difference hopefully.

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