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Editing Playermodel, Force Stats, and Playerteam on a Singleplayer Custom Map

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Hello! I am extremely new to making custom singleplayer maps in GTKRadiant for Jedi Academy. So excuse me if this is really easy, but I can't seem to find anything online about how you would do this. Basically, I am messing around creating a test singleplayer map and I want to automatically run a few cheat codes (or do the equivalent) right when the map loads up and is ready to play. Here is what I want:

setforceall 1

playermodel stormtrooper

playerteam enemy

So the player starts out as a stormtrooper, with a few force powers (instead of the default none) and on the enemy's team. Does anyone know how I would do that? (Or edit these stats for the map in GTKRadiant?) Thanks!

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You can give the info_player_start a spawnscript, and use BehavED from the SDK to write a script that changes the player's team and force powers, but I'm not so sure about the player model. It can be changed via script, but I think the model breaks when reloading the game?

If I remember correctly, using console commands is the more reliable way to change the player model. The only officially supported way of executing console commands that I'm aware of is through menus. So you could modify the "New Game" menu to load your map and set the player model instead of showing the character creation screen.

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