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The Path Of Lana

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Hello there !




One year ago, I made a little mod of four maps. It portrays Lana, a character from Epic Challenge Mod III et IV, and takes place in an alternative post-ROTJ timeline.

I can build pretty good stories in my native language. But in English, I keep it simple.


"Jedi Temple is in trouble. Due to the collateral damages of several missions, Luke Skywalker and his disciples have been forced by the Senate to move to another planet, under the control of the corrupted Galactic Republic. A lot of Jedi left the Order, decieved by the events. One of them, Lana, took the path of the mercenaries. During a routine mission, she discovers the secret plot of a senator, who plans to take control of the Republic by reassembling old Battle Droids from the Clone Wars..."


The mod explores unknown planets, and areas such as a Battle Droid facility, an old mystical temple, a private securised house and the new Jedi Temple.


I don't know If I will finish the mod (cinematics, voiceovers and those kind of stuffs), but the maps are finished. So, If you think it's worth the work, feel free to tell me !



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2 hours ago, Citrom said:

Would not mind playing just the maps, even without story stuff.

I thought just this way. If I do not finish it, I can release the maps. They work fine.


I also composed the soundtracks. 


Here, two of them :





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On 7/14/2021 at 8:09 PM, Circa said:

This is awesome, can't wait to play it! A more Star Wars focused mod with Epic Challenge-style levels is something I'm totally into.

Thank you for this kind reaction !

It encourages me to go on. I have plenty of works to do, and I will try to finish this mod when it will be done.

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