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Just recently set up my own server to play with friends and I had some questions about the server commands. I will include my server.cfg at the end for clarification. 

I want to add dismemberment, and believe I have done so. What steps would my friends need to take to see it on their side? Also I want to ensure that all FFA maps will cycle if the cycle command is set to 1. Also I would like to add 3-4 difficult bots to our server. I know you need to set a min bot command, but our player count changes a lot and I want a static number of bots. Is this possible? Also how would I add in custom maps in such a way that my friends can download them upon joining the match? Thanks everyone.

seta sv_maxclients 32
seta g_inactivity 0
sv_maxRate 10000
set g_allowvote 1
set timelimit 15
set capturelimit 20
set g_autoMapCycle 1

seta g_dismember 100
seta cg_dismember 2
seta broadsword 1

seta bot_minplayers 6

map mp/ffa1


Also I do want to the bots to be more difficult than they currently are. Additionally, any helpful or fun settings are much appreciated.

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