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Blocky bevel/patch mesh issue.

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Hi guys,

I'm having an issue with curves after compiling my map. When far away from them they appear very angular but when I get closer to them they smoothen out/become more rounded.

I managed to overcome to issue ages ago but for the life of me I cant remember what I did to resolve it 🤔 I'm thinking it was something in the q3map settings.... I'm using Q3Map2GUI

See below the issue I'm facing.


Far away


Close up


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Thank you for your replies guys 🙂

Seems it was the game rather than the compile etc as changing the the r_lodcurveerror improved it 100%. 

discovered it's fine using a windowed mode of vanilla JA, only happened when using OpenJK full screen 1080 which the r_lod fixed.

Thanks again guys, now I can make some decent screen shots 🙂

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r_lodScale from 0 to 20 affects LOD of GLM Models and I don't think misc_model_static or model2 key loaded md3s that have Lodmodels are affected

r_subdivision affects patchcurve detail

r_lodCurveError affects when the LOD from Patches starts to affect them - doesn't affect models or players


If you want you can force patchMeta either by shader, or by entity key or globally during compilation.

If you're making an SP map there is also a way to force the above cvars on a client to change abusing icarus and making potato players have to look at gorgeously high detail curves - so what's your flavor?

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